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We are fast approaching my favorite holiday…and this weekend will bring so much excitement for me (decorating).   I wish I had a never-ending bank account so that I could just keep adding and adding to my spook-fever fun!

I had my years of “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” smiling pumpkins and black cats in festive hats.  I’m soooo done with that!


Now that BabyAm is grown (aka no more little kids at home) and she doesn’t even hang out on Halloween anymore…I can decorate how I want.   Hubby has been so obligatory and helpful!!!  I think he has just as much fun as I do, he just doesn’t admit it as openly.   I have to admit though, some of my friends and family do not completely understand my fascination with Halloween and all the ghoulish parts of it.   It’s ok though, I hope they still love me no matter.

This weekend the coffin gets dusted off and brought out along with the bones, the skulls, the spiders (a million other fun things)…


…and the newest addition to my freak-show…but you’ll have to wait to see it!  I will post pictures by Sunday I hope!

We are also going to hang out with some friends of ours on Saturday night.  We are going to visit a fun haunted house or two, and a field of screams!   Nothing like a great adult night of terror! 



What is your favorite holiday, and why?

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Hope everyone had a happy and SAFE Halloween out there!
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