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When they arent nightmares or Daymares, then they are EXTREMELY VIVID.

3 for 3

One about someone (I’ve known since 1st grade) who was moving pretty far away.  And me needing to say goodbye.

One about GI Jane, her adorable new little guy and me being there as grandma because KK couldn’t.

And last night, after all the horrible visions of sadness I had during the day…I dreamed of me and KK having an amazing time (she was not as sick) laughing and having fun, out causing a ruckus.   I didn’t want to wake up.

I need more of those that aren’t.

Recently, KK moved out into the country…well 25 minutes from town which does sort of constitute the country around here.   They are on 11 acres!

They invited us out there to celebrate Kool-aid’s birthday.   We couldn’t wait!   Both KK and I felt so excited to see one another again, that it was almost like Christmas Eve.   It’s been THAT long!

Barns, horse stalls (and a horse named Honey), an arena, and tons of farming land.   The house is amazing, and GI Jane has her own attached apartment out there which is nice as well.  Kool-aid can just run to his little 6 year old’s ever-lovin content, pretty much not get into too much trouble, and just be a BOY.

I loved it out there, so peaceful…quiet, serene.   I must admit I’m a little jealous but honestly I think I’m a city girl.  I think I would love to visit more often and soak up some of that wonderfulness she has out there, but I like being close to things…why?  I have no idea.

I was sitting on the love seat next to her, and she started moving around.  I thought maybe my foot was in her way (as I was sitting on one leg)…but she said no, and ended up moving so she was resting up against me.   Just like old times.   I really miss her.

Cancer takes a toll on everyone.   It sucks.   It’s taken over a year for her and I to find our “normal” again.   And I’m not sure that either of us have found what that means completely.    I know I’m getting closer, and I can see she is, just in her smile…we’ll get there.

Until then, I have this picture to remind me what a wonderful friend I have in her and that the bond we have is so completely different than what some might imagine.

                          I love you KK!


It’s all fun and games until someone…

  • looses an eye?
  • falls down the stairs?
  • has hair coming back in GREY?


My hair is coming back in VERY dark. Scary dark. (The pictures below don’t show it though) I really had no idea. I’m not sure why it’s bothering me so much. I seriously don’t believe the crap about Blondes having more fun, so what’s the problem here people???

I was sittin on the love-seat a week or so ago and Hubby jokingly (really he was joking) said that from where he was standing, I looked like an old man from behind… COME ON!

Say it isn’t so…this is what he saw…well from the top anyway…

It is so, isn’t it…?

And then last night, he took a couple picture of my head again…
only this time to show me that the Old Man he saw before,
might just be table condiments.

Salt an’ Peppa! AHHHH!!!!

I complain, whine and moan, but nothing can compare to what KK is going through.   Last night GI Jane’s Facebook said that Momma had a couple bald patches…which sucks.  The doctor told her that it wouldn’t be long after starting Chemo  about 12-18 days, and today is day 12.   Man its so strange how they can be right on the nose with crap like this.

Please keep KK and her family in your prayers, this journey for them is just beginning and it’s going to be a very long one.   Yesterday the announcement was reported (finally in the media) that GI Jane leaves for Iraq in September.   This totally could not have come at a worse time.  Thankfully KK has a great support team and GI Jane knows we’ll take great care of her Momma.

*according to our President’s campaign, he was going to have the troops ALL out of Iraq by May

Barack Obama will work with military commanders on the ground in Iraq and in consultation with the Iraqi government to end the war safely and responsibly within 16 months.

This is a direct quote from the Obama Campaign Website under “Ending the War Responsibly”

…ya we’ll just add that one to the long list of broken promises*

And lastly, there is no nice way to say this but, for those of you who know me personally, I am not a lover of political discussions and I know you will understand where I am coming from and is not meant for you.  This is my blog, and if you want to have any sort of political conversation with me, or leave me nasty comments because of the above quote…don’t bother, I will delete them.

Just a quick post to say KK and I made it back safe and sound
(at midnight Sunday night) from Atlanta,
and South Carolina to see GI Jane (KK’s daughter)
graduate from boot camp. 


We had a wonderful trip, five days of “Big-Girl-Mom Vacation”, something neither of us have ever had, nor had we been to the South!!   Last night I finished getting our last few days of pictures posted.   (I don’t know how I’m going to scrapbook them all!??!!)


You can see them HERE.


You’ll see pictures of us at:

·         The Blue Willow Inn, on our way to SC, it’s in Social Circle, GA   (Good ole, southern cookin!)

Our first SWEET TEA experience!

·         Burger King, that was if you can believe it…OUT OF STRAWS!!!!  I took a picture of the sign!

·         Fort Jackson (the largest “Basic Training” military base) on Family day, and also Graduation Day.

Museum pictures too!   

·         At the Waffle House (we need those here in Idaho!!!) YUM!

·         At Applebee’s (we had the best dessert, Maple Butter Blondie…)

·         At a painted building downtown in Columbia called “Tunnel Vision

·         Some of our drive from SC to GA, the trees down the middle of the interstate, very cool!

·         At the 1810 Country Inn and Winery, in Thomson, Georgia (that has been closed for over a year, but the people who bought it gave us a tour.  It’s now owned by a pastor of a Church called the Vine….oh what a story behind this one!)

·         At the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA (we saw a Monk, and got to go inside the Abbey, and the gift shop)

·         Pictures from our balcony in Atlanta 21 story’s up, and all over in the Hotel  (at Dinner, the different levels, the elevator area, the cool elevators) – we got such a great deal to stay here…but it’s not always greener on the other side.  LOL

·         The Georgia Aquarium

·         And a few pictures of downtown Atlanta, as well as the airport.


We had so much fun, and it was such a joy to see GI Jane graduate.  She is an amazing and beautiful young lady.   She’s in Texas now (She left Saturday morning) at Advanced Individual Training (Medic and Flight School).   Please keep her in your prayers!


I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to blog all the stuff I want to about our trip, so if you have any questions, or want to know about something specific…holler!  It will help me get it all out!   Here’s the first batch from my sweet friend Leslie at Got Kids Need Valium my answers are in blue.

 *** Q and A ***

Out of straws?? Yes, the idiots…how do you be out of straws, why can’t you have someone run to walmart and buy some?  What recall??  I think someone’s covering their butt to be honest…recall?…everyone else had straws!


What’s the butt pic about? Lol  GI Jane was talkin about how all the workouts and marching and pushups etc, finally gave her the butt she never had…and it’s cute! 

Mmmmm bbq, looks good! How old is the new private? She’ll be 20 in May What is she called? She is Private First Class, and a “Soldier”  Army is Soldier.   Navy is Seaman, Marines is Marine)  I know air force peeps are airmen. 


That museum looks really cool. Even though it was small it was definitely cool!   


Ooh, love the pic in front of the tank. Fun huh?

Eddie viewed these with me, he wants the tank. I’m right on that.  If you get him one, you have to get me one! 



Ok, those were some old houses. The houses on the property were slave quarters, now turned into guest houses, since it was a Bed and Breakfast up until he bought it.


And wild looking tree, ah!  The tree has a story behind it, it’s at the Vineyard that is now owned by the Church Pastor.   His mom had a vision of that tree 13 years ago.  She had prints made of the vision, and t-shirts and everything.  Called it the Tree of Life.   With the fence and the opening and everything…and he showed us the picture on his phone she texted him, while he was standing there looking at it.    When we saw it, it was the first time she had seen it too….his parents had just arrived from Jacksonville FL – He took the time to tour us, when his parents had just gotten there, and he invited us to stay the night in one of the little guest houses…for free!  We didn’t, I’d already paid for the hotel in Atlanta.   AND he gave me a PRICELESS (because it’s not made anymore) bottle of wine!!!!! GAVE!!!!!! 


The church one you emailed me.  That was the Monastery it was fun, just different.  Almost eerie.  Very hard to  explain.  Roman Catholic, pretty…but sorta secretive eerie.    Very peaceful other than that.  


How many army peeps graduated?? 1029 or something very close.   (In the auditorium) formation looks tight. They had to do the graduations in groups.  Originally it was supposed to be outside with everyone, marching, cannons (I think) etc.   However it was a very cold windy morning, and they decided that 24 minutes was too long to be outside for us civilians…so it was a cluster to be honest.   Alpha and Bravo first, then Charlie and GI Jane in the Auditorium)   


That wall painting is cool (tunnel vision) I’m so glad we got to go see it.   It wasn’t anything spectacular, just something different! 


Who was driving and taking pics? KK was driving, 99% of the time.   I don’t do well in unfamiliar areas.  And she made fun of me, cuz I drove us out of the airport for about 12 miles…and drove like I was from the sticks.  She said “girlfriend, you gotta learn to drive like you’re from here because if you don’t, you’re going to get run over”…   So I mostly took the pictures, after that first 12 miles.


Cool hotel. The hotel was amazing!!!!   Did u eat at the restaurant with the big aquarium? Yes, and my hamburger was $15 and my Pomegranate Martini was $12.   Our total bill for 2 people with one drink (each), and an ice tea…two salads, a chicken sandwich and a burger…  $77 – OMG!  


I love your hair. Really.  Thank you.   I am finally getting used to it, but it’s starting to fade, and not into the bright pretty pink it was supposed to be…it’s almost an orange.  :( And the gray, oh the gray is shining through on top.   I noticed it in the funky hotel bathroom lights.   My hair gal is off on Maternity leave…so I’m essentially screwed.  But thank you.  :)


The Georgia Aquarium must have been nice. I love seeing all the sea life. Tampa has a really nice aquarium too.  It was nice.  I have been to the San Francisco one as well, and for whatever reason, though this one was fun…I wasn’t AS impressed as I thought I would be, and it’s supposed to be the biggest one.


Oooh jelly fish! (Speaking of which, my Hubby got stung by a jellyfish when he took one of his trips) ouch.   Oh my gosh!  How can something so beautiful be so mean?????  


That license plate suitcase is neat. (Kinda cheesy but hey…it was something I’d never seen!)  Oooh subway… I’ve ridden that one there! We are such losers….when we first arrived in Atlanta we didn’t take the tram thing to our luggage, we walked about ½ way to the baggage claim, and then realized we should have taken the tram….so we finally got on!   Then heading home it was the first thing we did!  Lesson learned!J  I wish everyone could have gone with me!!!!


Oh, I am so glad you guys had a good time. And even more happy that you are home safe. What a cool trip! Thanks so much for sharing these with me.  Thanks for letting me.


—-Thanks Leslie for the fun questions and comments! :) 

You’re next!!!!!  Ask Away! 



We’re exhausted so this is the consistancy of my post…
we spent the entire day (Family Day) on base…
these were taken inside the Museum.



Doesn’t look like we are having any fun, does it?

I just can’t tell you how excited I am to go on my “Road Trip” with my BFF!  
This is what we will look like…dang, I should have rented the convertible!!!
We are going to look soooo HOT  stupid in that Dodge Caravan!!!


I am slowly getting stuff together, but all the important arrangements have been made.  

The flight reservations, check.  
The car rental, LOL – check. 
The hotel in Columbia, check. 
The hotel in Atlanta, check.

We still need to get tickets to the Georgia Aquarium.  But we want to combine it with something else, like the World of Coca-Cola, or the Atlanta Zoo, we just haven’t decided which other “thing” we want to try and do.  I think we might be able to stop on our way to Columbia in Social Circle , GA and eat SUPPER (lol) at the Blue Williow Inn.  So I need to make dinner reservations for there too I think.

I’ve been looking at all the little towns on the way from Atlanta to Columbia trying to find little fun quick things to do.  Markets, plantations, a Monestary…etc.   I even found a swamp!  Blue Heron, otters and alligators – OH MY!

I found a couple places to eat near our hotel in Atlanta.  This one has the most hysterical verbage on their site!  (But please don’t click that link if you’re offended by foul language.  It cuts right to the chase.)

While we are in Columbia, we hopefully get to keep GI Jane for the rest of the day after her graduation (not sure if I mentioned that before), and so we’ll probably go to a nice dinner…poor girl’s been eatin’ military food for quite some time…we are soooo excited to see her, she’s only 19 and she’s a tough little bugger.  Pretty too.  She asked her mom to pack her a suitcase with stuff from home, make up…hair stuff…favorite jeans, etc.  Guess she gets to take it with her to Advanced Training!  She is so happy she get’s to look like a FEMALE again!  It’s the little things, really that we sometimes take for granted.

Pointers from anyone in heading to the South?  :)