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Well, well, well.   It seems that I have a lot of sucking up to do.   *tisk, tisk, tisk* 

Side Note:  (Sadly it’s going to have to wait until after this weekend…sorry Kelly…lol)

Soooo I got a note the other day on one of my blog posts from Kelly (Something Funny Happened Today) letting me know that I had been tagged.   I didn’t however know that she DOUBLE tagged me.  And better yet WHY she double tagged me.    But I knew I had it coming.  I’ve been pretty AWOL lately.   I don’t know exactly what my issue is, but I’ll tell you I do miss my friends and catching up…(so I’ll take care of that).

Kelly you are so sweet to me…thank you.  What a thug I am.   Tagged and an award too???   Geeze!  I sooo do not deserve this award right now while I’m in my blog-funk.


Where was I?  Oh yea!   Tagged.   I started working on the below list.  5 Obsessions.  I know I have more than 5, but these were hard to come up with…weird.   As I was working on them, I talked to Headless Mom on the phone this morning (She’s coming here!!!!  But that is another post all together…several posts!)…and told her what I was doing.  She said that Kelly double tagged me because she tagged me TWO WEEKS AGO and I had not done it.  OMG, I wasn’t even paying attention.  What kind of friend am I? 

So…without further a-do…

I present you my “5 Obsessions”.

  1. BlackBerry – There is nothing I can say I am more obsessed about than my BlackBerry Bold.  It has everything on it I need except for food (and it does kind of have that too).   BlackBerry Instant Messaging, Texting,  Email, Visual Voicemail, My Calendar, Camera, WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Itunes, Food Network, Google Maps/Latitude, The Weather Network.    OMG, did I just tell you all that?   (This has to count for the other 5, seriously…this is a huge obsession disaster if you ask me.)
  2. BabyAm – If the technology was not there at my fingertips, I’d have to say that my next obsession would be BabyAm.   And like Kelly and her obsession with Cleaning…those who know me IRL will now be spitting their coffee out their nose, because they know this is true.   I do not want her to have to go through all the BS that I had to go through in life…make the same mistakes, date the same kind of guys, get married too young…etc.  I just want her to have all the knowledge I THOUGHT I had before she finally decides she’s had enough of me (us) and moves out!  That will be a horrible day.
  3. Tea – This is purely by accident.   Every day (wait, I’ll be right back, it’s time now!),ok I’m back…Every day I have a “MUST HAVE TEA” moment…and it can’t be just any ol’ tea.  It has to be a “proper cup”, made just like Mrs. Potts would make it.  J  She knows how to make it just perfect…oh, and with a biscuit or a scone…even better!  
  4. Scrapbooking and (when possible) Genealogy – I love the time I get to spend with my friends making cards and scrapbooking.  My friend JoJo and I have been going once a week for at least a year now to work on our scrapbooks.   I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something.   And as for the Genealogy stuff…I enjoy it too, but it requires much more concentration and I haven’t had too much of that lately.  LOL – Winter is approaching, so I’ll probably get back into the swing of things soon!
  5. Books – Reading the back of them.   I could spend hours in the bookstore, in the 2nd hand stores (book section), yard sales…right by the box-o-books.   Conventions, yep…those too!  I have every BEST intention of reading each and every one of the books I buy…and I think if Hubby had his way, he would make our house a NO BOOK BUYING zone.   I don’t read much for pleasure…I just find that if I sit down with a book I get nothing done…so I buy them, because someday I might have nothing else to do. (Yeah, right!)

I haven’t been blogging much lately and haven’t been reading many blogs but I promise to get back to it soon.   Sooooooo, I’d like to reserve the right to pass this wonderful award on at a later date.   I like being a rebel, so if this is against the World Blogging Award rules…I will accept my punishment like a man.  LOLOLOL

Thanks again Headless Mom and Kelly (Something Funny Happened Today)…you guys are two of the greatest gals!   I’m so lucky to have found you both!

WOW!   Did you notice my new award on my sidebar?  
You didn’t, really?   I’m not shy…Here it is!!!!

It’s Beautiful!   It’s Amazing!  It’s sooooo coool!

Thing is, I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary to get it, but obviously Spoiled Mommy thought differently.   She gave me this award!   Pretty cool huh?

So she happened on my blog one day, (which I’m so thankful for), and left me some sweet coments and we began emailing.   She had some questions about blogging (and she still does, as do I still have some)…and I just did what any of you out there would have done (right?)…I answered her questions as best I could and gave her some encouragement!  That’s all!    I didn’t think I was being nice, I thought I was just being me.

Now, she encourages me!  She always has a smile in her words, her font, and her pictures.  I love that!   So, to my amazing new bloggy friend, Melissa….THANK YOU!   This award is totally cool!

Since there are no rules…(that we know of)…I’m just going to hang on to it, hold it, look at it until I’m cross-eyed, and then someday I’ll pass it on to some unsuspecting bloggy buddy! 

Until then…I guess Nice Matters My Friend!

My sweet friend Leslie, from a kajillion miles away (Got Kids, Need Valium), bestowed this great award on me the other day, and I couldn’t be more excited!   We could totally be friends IRL – Ok, well even though we’ve never met, she’s the bomb!   Thank you so much Les!  :)  I will wear it with pride!   




But along with it, I am to name 6 things that make me happy, and then pass it along (that’s what I needed to really think about).   Finally here are those things (in random order): 

  1. Holding a baby, and rocking him/her to sleep
  2. Sleeping in
  3. Spending quality time with my family
  4. Seeing my husband and daughter smile/laugh
  5. A clean house, and no laundry to do
  6. When money’s coming in, and the bills are paid!

And I am going to share this totally cool award with my friend Spoiled Mommy of My Life, My Story.  She’s a new blogger (but she can’t have that title much longer, cuz she’s doing so great fittin in).   She always makes me smile, and I have enjoyed reading her blog very much.


She’s real, and she’s funny.   And I only wish I could explain things the way she does…I always feel like I’m right there with her!   Enjoy, my Spoiled Mommy Friend!   Now hurry, go see what she’s up to today, and give her some comment love!