I thought I’d give you a little bit of background on My Homies, so if ever you are confused, you can come here and get a refresher course!

In our house:

  • Steph – Thats ME!
  • Hubby – My handsome sweet hubby, who spoils me and loves me for who I am.

Our Kids:

  • BabyAm – My beautiful drug addicted daughter, who I am terrified to lose in every sense of the word…
    • Clean and sober since 12-21-12    WOOHOOO!
  • The Dark Knight – My oldest handsome Step-Son, who graduated college in “The Rainy City”…
  • Freckles –  My adorable and adventurous youngest Step-Son, in college up North with his beautiful girlfriend in the mountains…

Our Family:

  • CJ – Short for Cemetery Junkie, she’s my Momma, and she loves lookin for dead people!
  • Belly Dump –  My step-dad, he drives a Belly Dump (among other things) so it seemed fitting!
  • My Uncle –  Awe, he looks like a Mean Ole Grumpy Bear, but really he’s a Teddy Bear!
  • Auntie G –  My Uncles wife, she doesn’t like being called my Aunt, that’s why I have to call her that!  She’s from the Phillipines, and is a total sweetheart!  (Great Cook too!)
  • The Penguins – Hubby’s Parents, they also live in the “Rainy City” and come to visit us two/three times a year!

Our “IRL” Friends:

  • JoJo – My dear friend of about 9 years, my ex-next door neighbor, scrapbookin buddy and all things “escaping reality” friend!
  • Mrs. Potts – This lady is such a down to earth, warm person.   We became friends at a perfect time in our lives, and I am so glad we met!  She introduced me to so many wonderful people and to her love of tea!
  • KK – My best friend. We went to High School together, partied together and found a ton of trouble together!  Just like Thelma and Louise…without driving off the cliff!  KK has terminal cancer…breast, lung and brain…
    • GI Jane (BabyAm’s Twin!—I swear they could be twin sisters, and they weren’t even raised together) – She’s really KK’s daughter who’s in the Army! She just had a beautiful little guy the end of December 2014.
  • I still need to add to this list… Particularly one of my rocks…she knows who she is, but I need an alias for her.