***Things have changed around here, but I thought I’d leave this portion up, because this is how some things are, somethings used to be other things are just not as “Happy go lucky” as they were…they are downright heartbreaking.***

Happily married to my darling hubby for over 15wonderful years, and mom to one beautiful daughter (BabyAm), and two handsome step-sons (The Dark Knight and Freckles).

We also have 2 adorable male Boston Terriers (Humphrey Bogart) and (Tommy Lee) who are both neutered, and are almost 8 years old.   They are our babies.

I am an over thinker.  I struggle to focus.  I leave many projects unfinished.   Honestly, I fit the typical Gemini sun sign perfectly.

I believe that everyone should strive to be their own person, and live life to it’s fullest.  Life is too short to have regrets.  I know that everything I have done, everything I’ve been through, and everything that I let into my future is for a reason, and makes me who I am today.

I am not religious, as defined.  I have lost a ton of faith over the years and I’m struggling to find my spirituality, whatever that is.  It’s ok.

Genealogy, scrap-booking and now shooting are a few of my favorite things to do.   None of them are something that I enjoy doing alone though.  I’d rather have someone to visit with, who’s company I enjoy.

Hubby and I are in transition to an Empty Nest, which is weird in every sense of the word.  I wish this was a smooth and easy transition…but no!  This too, shall pass.