I am so interested to know who of her “friends” were really there for BabyAm when she was at her lowest. I would like to know who of her “friends” profess they support her and how her recovery comes first but still find it necessary to drunk text her. I know of 4 that checked on her, one out of state, one that stole her underwear and violated the privacy of her phone, another who isn’t doing so well either and then one that has shown he too…is a tool.

Interested to know how someone she cared about could put her in a potentially life altering position by taking her back to a place with so many triggers, used her and tossed her in the trash.

Interested to know why would anyone do those things to someone who is obviously vulnerable and in need of being supported and loved for who she is and where she is, without ANY temptations including but not limited to drugs…alcohol…or sex.

Interested to know why some of our friends have drifted and or are hiding from us. Do they think we have something they or their children can catch? Idiots. It’s not the common cold or a rash. It’s addiction. What are YOU ADDICTED TO? Porn? Oreos? Control?

People suck.


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  • Headless Mom says:

    Sorry I missed this with all of the traveling.

    yes, some people suck but I have a feeling that they are her age and have NO CLUE that what they are doing isn’t good for her. That age kid is all about ‘me’ and only very few really ‘get it’. She needs positive friends that are either: in the same place that she is, or don’t do those things so they won’t put her in any kind of triggering situation.

    It still sucks though. ((hugs))

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