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Reminded again on Friday, that even though we look at someone and believe they are perfect, have it all together, etc…they are just as real as I am.

Past pain, heartaches, mistakes.

I seem to think that only those closest to me have gone thru tons of crap…it’s just because that’s what I see, hear or have gone through with them.

When you don’t take the time to hear or see another persons inner world, you don’t realize they are human too.

Some of us want to be invisible, or superheroes. Some of us just want to be liked by everyone. Some people are just so in tune with their own soul that they aren’t bothered by the little things and don’t need any of those extra ways to cope. They own who they are and their beliefs.

I want that for myself. I will find that. I will become that. It’s time for momma to become Steph now. And be at peace with that. Accepting each of my strengths and weakness.

Weakness: I am a people pleaser. But I can’t be everything to everyone. This has to change. If you like me now for who I am then I would hope you’ll continue to like me. If you don’t like who I become, it’s ok. You don’t have to.

I was challenged (asked to actually) to do a little homework. Homework that will (is, because I’m doing it) help me find myself.  It is going to help me let go of people and things that don’t fill my comfort and necessary needs.   How scary.  But fear is what is keeping me in this place I’m in, and that is not acceptable.

I’ve lived through so many horrible things, lived through them…lived through them.   What can I go through in my future that I won’t be able to live through again?  Besides death, and that is inevitable.

Expect change in me.   Accept it, embrace it, or don’t.   Its time to see myself and those around me as real people, and how they fit into my life.