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Soooo.  Don’t you hate it when you go to the Doctor and you receive the answer you needed…but you don’t “get” it.

Horrible Picture Quality...sorry!

Today, I got the answer I’ve needed for the past 2.5 years.  Am I allergic to Shellfish?  Just Crustaceans?   Just Mollusks?

I guess I’m one of the difficult ones because my tests came back negative for allergies to either.  But that doesn’t explain why I get so sick when I eat them.

Doc said that he sees someone like me about every other month, that has the same symptoms as I do, who indeed think they are also allergic.   But thankfully it’s only an Intolerance, not an Allergy (as defined).

He did recommend that I start slowly…and stay away from the Mollusks.   I know what happens when I eat them so I’m nervous to even try because speaking from experience, the after effects SUCK!  But I really want seafood.  I’ve only had it 3 times in the past 2.5 years…and I miss it!

Tough day.   Glad I’m not allergic, sad that it still doesn’t explain why I can’t tolerate something that I love so much.   If this was all in my head, why wouldn’t I be saying I was allergic to something like LIVER, or BRUSSEL SPROUTS?

I guess I’ll just hope and pray for the best.

Start this small enough?

Forgo the Clams...really?  As I was searching for seafood pics, to post above…90% of the pictures had Clams in them…man, it’s like EVERYONE is trying to torture me today.

And be thankful that I won’t die if I eat them again.

Good news?   You be the judge.  *Sigh*

I’m not feeling so good…

*Special Thanks to Headless Mom!!!!

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