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Well we made it through the weekend, the birthday weekend that is. BabyAm did not have a “Birthday”, it was a “Birthweekend”. It was fun for all of us I think.

I have a ton of pictures to post, and a few fun items to note, but tonight…I’m exhausted and just need to get a little shut-eye.

I will catch you all up (hopefully) tomorrow.

If your baby turns 18, and you don’t want her to…is she still your baby?

She was only 5 pounds 15 ounces…so tiny, so fragile, so bald.   I was so excited for her to be born, I didn’t want to wait even one more day but she was going through a little bit of distress and the doctor was concerned so when she decided that she really WAS ready to come, I was overjoyed.

Watching this little tiny, precious, spunky person; grow into a beautiful, smart, and funny young lady has been another true blessing.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Daughter.

Welcome to adulthood

Life is not always fair, but it is a gift.

Respect it.  Embrace it.  Treasure it.

We love you!

I’m angry.

I hate cancer!

I hate that my BF had cancer.

I  hate seeing her go through this.

I hate cancer!

I hate statistics.

I hate that she got more shitty news today.

I hate that I don’t know how to help her.

I hate that I can’t be there for her 24/7.

I hate cancer!

Just a few things I thought I’d share…

The End.

I’m sure my mom moved outta this house because the oven was broken.   I am SURE of it.

Every time we turned on the oven, we could smell something…almost like the house was on fire.   Seriously.

We decided to call and find out the truth, did Mom really move out because the oven was broken?   And did she know that the house was going to burn down the next time we turned it on to bake dinner?

She swore she “cleaned it” before she moved and she said she rarely used it.  We have only used it a time or two but each time…the smell…

She did say though, if in fact it was going to catch on fire to grab our external hard drive, and wait an hour before calling the fire department.  LOL

We asked her if maybe she touched the element with something (cheese maybe?)…she assured us that she had not.   Graham decided to take a look at the elements…clear.   He then took out the racks, and to his surprise…in the back, on the bottom…

Or what is left of one anyway…

oops…he was the last one to make pancakes!!!  (we put them on a PC stone, and put them in the oven until everything else is done, and we’re ready to eat)   I thought I was going to wet my pants, and my mom (on the other end of the phone) was already on her way to the bathroom.    It was just too funny (Yes, you had to be there!) because we had given Mom such a bad time about the stove/oven…and it was not her fault at all…

I still like this thought though…If all else fails, just blame Mom!!!!!

I walked out of the fabric store the other day, to see a little girl watching this:

I called Hubby, he said “What are you doing just standing there?  They’re going to crap on my car!”  I assured him that was NOT the case.   Snapped the picture above and got into the car.  $hit!  Literally.


Ever wondered why Dinosaurs became extinct?  Here’s your answer.

Really?   We need to spring forward this weekend?   It snowed here last night.   Pathetic.

I am not happy about this one bit.   It is beautiful while it’s coming down, and at 2am it absolutely WAS beautiful.  However, I was hoping to wake up with it completely melted.

Was I asking for too much?   Yeah, I thought so.   At least the sun is shining, and the sky is blue.

Now, if the wind would go away, it’s so cold!

**Update on KK**….Her surgery went perfectly.  She is doing so good, she hurts mostly under her arm, which is expected.   If you haven’t visited her blog, I totally suggest you do.  We got some great pictures on Surgery day, and she is just such a positive ray of sunshine for all of us who are worried about her.

We now have a team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, here on the 8th of May…so I’ll get some information posted on that soon.    As a team we’re trying to raise $500 but my team doesn’t know that yet either.   LOL

Sooooo, I’d like to take a minute and offer up a very special “Pink Ribbon”.

Last Thursday, my BFF from High School, KK, found out that she has Breast Cancer.   It’s been a really tough 10 days.   I love her, and I’m so very heart broken for her.   I do know however that I will be beside her EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY.

If you want to take a little peek into her world, I am sure she won’t mind.   She asked me to create her a blog to document her journey.   While it still needs some work and fine tuning, it is live.   Karen’s Kommandoes

OH!  And for the record…
YES, I will be shaving my head!  (Heck, I’m almost there now!)

Thought I’d try this, to help get back into the swing of thing
…I miss blogging.

Thanks Supah Mommy!
Wonder if this will help me.   I just haven’t MADE the time to post.