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Just a quick note to let you all know how sorry I am for being a blogging slacker!

First off we are finally moving. You have heard me mention dowsizing a bit, and we are actually moving into “The Family Home”. We are so excited!!!!

I have been spending sooooo much time packing that I haven’t had time for much else. Now that is only partially true because I have found time to read about a dozen or so magazines about storage and redecorating. See…I am THAT excited!

Additionally, on Monday the 8th, I managed to sprain my ankle. I jumped off my moms new backyard deck…I thought it was about 6 inches, Hubby says it was 24 inches. (misc pix attached)

The ER doc said she was surprised that it wasn’t broken by the look of it. I suppose I am lucky in that respect. I, however, am not one who enjoys sittin on my butt…unless it’s on MY terms. Two weeks in a splint (Aircast), first week no weight bearing And the second week walk a little on it but don’t over do it. Lol, I already over did it so I’m a couple days behind.

***note to self:
You are NOT 20 years old anymore!!!

Wednesday—carpet cleaners and house cleaner will be working on our NEW house.

Thursday—movers arrive at 8:30 am

Friday—house cleaner will clean OLD house


Monday—carpet cleaners will finish up the process, and clean the OLD house.

Whew! I think I need a break!

Must try and sleep…early morning coming!

Why would your doctor prescribe you medication to take at night, if one of the main side effects is insomnia?


Why do we add people we used to just “know” to our Facebook friends, when we weren’t really even friends back in “the day”?   Because we are nosey?  


Why do they want to be our Facebook friend?   Because THEY are nosey? 


How come “getting on in our years” brings aches and pains?  Haven’t we been through enough?


Why do I still get “zits” and I’m almost 40?  Shouldn’t that be something special for the youngsters hitting puberty?


What causes one to be anxious? 


Why is a happy medium, so hard to find?


With all the technology and knowledge available, why hasn’t a cure for the common cold been invented, and even more so…what about a pill that increases your metabolism, aides in digestion, enhances motivation, and decreases food intake that is safe and effective in people who are overweight?


Two thirty eight A.M…