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A new found fun product!   My friend Kk introduced these to me a couple months ago. 


I finally bought some of my own because the night she gave me one; I just kept brushing and brushing.   I was having some serious fun brushing my teeth.

Then…I had to share the wealth!  Here’s Mrs. Potts one night while we were scrapbooking!   Isn’t she cute? 


When I took that picture, she said…”this is blog worthy!”…I agreed!

Nope, I am not getting paid to say any of this nice stuff about this product, though it would be wonderful if someone wanted to send me a check!  LOL

My husband sent me this picture today, via email.  

His subject line read:  “What’s wrong with this picture?”  And attached THIS.

007 Night in the Honda

Mind you, it was “007 Night” with the AXiD Girls.   I’m not sure exactly what they did other than go downtown, all dressed in black and play some –possibly more adult –version (if there is such a thing) of Hide ‘n’ Seek.  

We count 8.  But there could be others.  I’m sure you can tell who’s driving?!?  OMG.

I must admit however; I did know (sort of) because BabyAm was telling me about the evening; that at one time during the evening “we had the car piled full of girls”…and I told her in no uncertain terms “do not not tell me any more, just know that it is illegal and NEVER do it again.”   She understood (I’m sure by the tone of my voice) and vowed that would be the last time.

She has Facebook to thank for the above picture (she did NOT post it).  Now Dad has seen it.  Thankfully, I used one of my “Get out of Jail – FREE” cards with him today, since I knew and just accidentally on purpose forgot to tell him about any of it.  I understood the little chit-chat he had with me, and vowed that would be the last time.

Facebook knows when you are sleeping,
it knows when you’re awake,
it knows if you’ve been bad or good…


What a can of worms this will open!  You just wait and see.

Headless Mom tagged me on Saturday for The Completely Honest meme.  I should have known she would tag me…to be completely honest (lol)…because I just have not been posting enough on a regular basis, and this is her way of being sneaky and getting me back to what’s important.  *giggle giggle*

I didn’t really jump on this meme too quickly for a number of reasons.  The main one was time.  I just have not had time.  But another was because I wanted to take a look back and see what kinds of things everyone else shared.  I am kind of a cheater like that.

I guess I’m supposed to list off 10 things about me that I have NEVER told anyone, except maybe my Hubby.  And also be completely honest about them…then tag 7 people.   Both I think are going to be tough.

  1. I know that my way of parenting is not everyone else’s way…but I really wish it was, because some people (and their kids) just piss me off.  Self-Centered Much? 
  2. I love that Hubby works for himself, but sometimes I wish I could intervene and “tell off” (and not in a very nice way) a few of his clients that purposely take advantage of him.
  3. I fight my addictive personality and additionally am so very thankful that I didn’t follow the wrong path years ago when I had the chance.
  4. I hate men who don’t take full responsibility for taking care of (in every way), and are an integral part of raising their daughters.  I think there is a special place in hell for them.  I am angry that my ex-husband doesn’t help in any way, taking care of BabyAm…and because we make too much money for financial aid, we have to pay for college 100% while her step-sister is going to the same college with aid.  Additionally, college pisses me off because middle class parents don’t qualify, and are also the ones who work NOT to have debt (student loans)…urg!
  5. I struggle with my sailor mouth minute by minute.  I wish I would have paid more attention in school so I could cuss someone out with intelligence instead of being vulgar and offensive.  And express my frustrations without being foul.
  6. I am realizing how much things change within our lives and our health as we get older.   I know that (almost) 40 is not old…BUT, I am already afraid of the changes I see happening…forgetfulness, achy, eyesight changing constantly (instead of every year), parental role reversal; not having Mommy take care of me…but now the tables are turned and I am taking care of Mommy (when she needs it). 
  7. I have at least 30 of these 35 Symptoms, and it’s really bothering me.  I haven’t been for a regular checkup in at least 5 years, and I am afraid to go because I don’t want to hear either of these two things.  (No you’re not going through this early, or yes you’re going through this early.)  Just fix it already!
  8. The insomnia that I am experiencing is enough to make me scream.  I would except I’d wake up the rest of the house. They say that insomnia is one of the side effects of quitting smoking…it’s been 114 days.   No patches or anything for at least 60 of those days.  (by the way it’s 2:47am at this moment)
  9. I know that it’s time for us to downsize into a smaller house.  That’s a tough realization.  Partially because I hate to admit it, but I do NOT enjoy trying to keep it clean/picked up…whatever!  And partially because I know we don’t need this much room…our baby is now rarely home, sometimes I think she just needs a place to shower and crash for a few hours.
  10. And now, for that special treat…

can-o-wormsAlthough I am terrified at what my Mom and the rest of my family might think…I absolutely want to cover both my arms in “sleeve” tattoos (sooner, not later!)

*important side note:  bills, child support, college, sorority etc…all get paid before the tattoos get done…please DO NOT be mistaken here!

I can’t not believe I actually was able to come up with 10 very honest things about me, it did take a good amount of time and effort, so finally…I get to tag 7 people.

I don’t have too many faithful followers that I’m aware of…but the few that I know do read me and I am now tagging are:

  1. Mrs. Potts @ Confessions of a Tea Snob because I need to teach her how to link to things and this would be as good of a time as any.  She might have a few things she’d like to share. And she’s been trying to blog more lately…so she needs a little encouragement I think.
  2. Deb @ Just Breathe because she seems to have fun with Meme’s and I like that she and Skye are always sharing fun things!  Why not share a few more? 
  3. Carol Anne @ Soapboxville because she is already as honest as they come, and I enjoy hearing her perspective on everything.
  4. My friend Kristen @ New Journey because I want her to make her blog public (you might not be able to go there yet), so that you all can see her darling new little one…ok, she’s not little anymore.  AND because she is so “scary honest” anyway.  I’m dyin to hear her 10 things!
  5. Ok, so I double tag Kelly @ Something Funny Happened Today, because she has double tagged me before…AND she’s still not completed her tag from Headless Mom!  Come on Kelly, you are WAY behind.  September…really? 
  6. Melissa @ Spoiled Mommy because she’s been such fun to get to know.  I know how busy she’s been with the new business and all…so I’m not sure if she’ll wanna participate.
  7. And lastly but of course not least…my sweet friend in Chile who has not blogged regularly in quite some time…Leslie @ Got Kids Need Valium.  


****Out of Blogging Order****

Should have blogged THIS post before I blogged this other one.
Oh well.

Friday (October 9th) was a pretty fun day, hangin with my Mom.  We went headstone hunting.  She’s a genealogist and also takes pictures of headstones for others that have requested them; most of which are genealogists or family members in other states.   (Find-A-Grave)  Mom had the day off, so that was exactly what we did…

In addition to headstones, I took (all but one of) these pictures, they are just beautiful and peaceful.  They are pictures from a couple different cemeteries.  

DSC_5276 The one above is the edge of a cemetery above this pasture of cows.  It is said to be a haunted cemetery.  Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the cemetery itself, but found this one on the web, too bad it’s being taken from a car.  The actual cemetery is, however, ONLY really as big as you can see in the picture below.

joplin Cemetery

We also hit a much much larger cemetery.  I love this one, it’s just so peaceful and serene.   It’s one of those places you just want to take a book, relax under a tree and possibly read out loud, because you know that everyone will be listening intently.   They have all been alone for so long…


Alright back to the actual thrill of visiting cemeteries; there is a freaky picture I took, but I don’t want to post it, or share the story with you all just yet.  I actually am doing something (totally out of character for me) with it.  I’ll keep you posted as the details change.

But here’s one headstone that caught my eye.  Touches my heart I think; a little extra than they normally do.


Right smack dab in the middle of a fairly new area of the cemetery was this old round wooden headstone, with just a little plaque on it.  No writing that you could see any longer, just a lonely looking marker.

We also asked the Sexton a few questions about the Mausoleum that is on the grounds.   Questions like; Why would someone choose a Mausoleum instead of a regular ground burial?   She told us that it was something only the very wealthy could afford to purchase back then.   It was a sign of prestige; being buried in marble above ground, rather than in “turf”, underground.  Interesting information.  Then, she handed us the key.   Have you ever been inside of a Mausoleum before?  We had not.   It’s just beautiful.   



DSC_5305 cropped

DSC_5301 brightened   DSC_5303 cropped


DSC_5307 fixed

Amazing isn’t it?   It is chilly inside, but not a scary chilly.  It was so peaceful.  And even though I could see only myself and my mom…neither of us felt alone.   We talked about how it might be possible that all those people came out at night, and just danced…it’s such a beautiful place why not enjoy it?  I hope they actually ARE dancing!

The plots were sold out in 1931, 11 years after they built it.  Even though there are no plots left for purchase there are still a few that are still empty.  

I really need your help! 

I need to find out which Wal-Mart carries this mirror! 



*giggle giggle…thanks Mom!

What a great Saturday today was for me!  (even though its after midnight, and now Sunday) I love days that just make me happy all the way around!

All morning long we slaved (ok Hubby slaved and I supervised) over the yard decorations.   We added to our collection, didn’t use a few things we normally use, and decided to think about some other things we just didn’t feel right about.   We also shook it up a bit and are trying something new.   Hint:  A shovel is part of it.  LOL

I took a few pictures today but we might need to add a few more finishing touches tomorrow.  So sadly I’m going to wait to post those.  

As for tonight, it was a blast!  I probably had more fun tonight than I have had in years going out with friends (ok, well maybe not more fun, but different fun—SCARY fun!)    *Our friends need names…I’ll get back to you with those*  We started off with dinner, we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries!   Yum!   Oh, and the Cajun fries are to die for!

I printed off a handful of different haunted house info sheets, (times/where/cost etc.) and brought them with us to dinner so we could choose what we wanted to do.  We all decided on a Haunted House that you had to sign a waiver to get into.  Too funny!   Of course if you have to sign a waiver; it must be good, right?   It was in a paintball building…and yes it was good.  It was fun!   And when we were done, we realized it was still WAY TO EARLY to go home…so we headed out to the country for more screaming excitement!

I have been learning that sometimes you have to work with what you have.  In this instance, I only had Hubby’s Camera Phone to work with.   Not the most clear, nor the most pretty…but something none-the-less.

field of screams pic

Corn Maze + Haunted House = Field of Screams

And that it was.   I am sure that you all heard me screaming at the top of my lungs tonight from so very far away…Canada, California, Colorado, the Moon.   Yes it was me, and I’m already paying dearly for it.   My throat is killing me.   Figures!  Nothing fun comes without a price.

Nothing like having a creepy school bus inside the corn maze, with fog coming out of it, and as you walk by it the door opens, and the bus driver scares the crap right out of you…and then when you are trying to run past the front of the bus he turns on his lights and honks the horn at you…OH. MY. GOSH. DID. I. JUST. WET. MY. PANTS?  LOL

Here is a picture of Hubby and I, just before the regular corn maze (not haunted).  

ma and pa kettle

We learned about pigs…How many toes do pigs have?    Are pigs used for any type of medicines?  Interesting stuff I tell you!

And our sweet friends that were kind enough to hang with us for the evening.   I think next time they’ll want to go somewhere quiet…or they’ll bring ear plugs.  

kettle neighbors

I need to get myself to bed.  BabyAm is still up studying.  Hubby and Humphrey Bogart are in bed snoring, and me and Tommy Lee are in the recliner (blogging) with a little bit of a headache, tired feet and droopy eyes.  

Thanks everyone for a lovely day!!!

We are fast approaching my favorite holiday…and this weekend will bring so much excitement for me (decorating).   I wish I had a never-ending bank account so that I could just keep adding and adding to my spook-fever fun!

I had my years of “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” smiling pumpkins and black cats in festive hats.  I’m soooo done with that!


Now that BabyAm is grown (aka no more little kids at home) and she doesn’t even hang out on Halloween anymore…I can decorate how I want.   Hubby has been so obligatory and helpful!!!  I think he has just as much fun as I do, he just doesn’t admit it as openly.   I have to admit though, some of my friends and family do not completely understand my fascination with Halloween and all the ghoulish parts of it.   It’s ok though, I hope they still love me no matter.

This weekend the coffin gets dusted off and brought out along with the bones, the skulls, the spiders (a million other fun things)…


…and the newest addition to my freak-show…but you’ll have to wait to see it!  I will post pictures by Sunday I hope!

We are also going to hang out with some friends of ours on Saturday night.  We are going to visit a fun haunted house or two, and a field of screams!   Nothing like a great adult night of terror! 



What is your favorite holiday, and why?


Actually it is…

Time Smoke-Free: 101 days, 21 hours, 3 minutes and 8 seconds

Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2038

Lifetime Saved:  15 days, 13 hours

Money Saved: $448.44

I have to tell you that BabyAm is doing a great job at getting the driving issues out of the way quickly!   I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  But at any rate, she is definitely her mothers daughter.  No doubt about it.

In my many many years of driving, I feel like I’ve had it all happen to me.   From flat tires, speeding tickets, heater cores going out all the way to other things like dropping a drive line in the middle of the road and rear-ending a lady who was on her way to a funeral (she was driving a Cadillac) and we can’t forget locking the keys in a running car, in my driveway, that I was test driving. *sigh*

So, I must give a little grace to the little girl.  Don’t  you think?  OH how hard it is though.  She’s been driving for 7 weeks! 

First, she was in a little fender/bender (literally) in the college parking lot.  couldn’t really tell who’s fault it was…and this guy also had the same insurance we do…which would just slam us…so he and Hubby shook on it, and it was over.  Hubby did what he could for the car, and it doesn’t look too bad.  It could look way way way worse!

Fast forward to yesterday.  She went to breakfast with a Sorority Sister, when she arrived, she locked and shut the doors.   Good girl!!!!!   When she came out after breakfast she saw that she had left her keys in the ignition…and they were locked inside the car…oops!


Then she called me because she didn’t have her AAA card with her…since she wasn’t buying she left her purse in the car.   You see her AAA card was in her wallet, that was in her purse, that was now locked inside her car, along with her keys.   (That reminds me, I need to tell her about BooMama and her purses that have been stolen out of her car…purse S!   Ladies don’t leave your purse in the car, I need to be more mindful of that myself.)

Anyway, last night, I was visiting with Hubby and told him that these things usually come in 3’s and that I was now just waiting for a ticket.   Now I quickly knocked on wood…and giggled because she thankfully drives pretty slow and seems to be careful.   I reminded myself that she is not me.  Thank goodness, poor kid!

Today…I had to go by her old High School because the college never received her final transcript.  I then hand delivered it to the college.  BabyAm was in between classes so I took her to lunch and we discussed “lights on when it’s raining” and I told her that yes you should have them on; BUT that she needs to make sure and turn them off.  She said that she did, but me talking about it made her 2nd guess herself.   I took her back to class.   Do you see where this is going? 

I got the call an hour later.   I couldn’t call AAA again. I just couldn’t do it.  I know that is what we pay for, but…I still have SOME pride.  LOL   Mind you, Hubby is out of town, and won’t be home until midnight tonight…(so the lucky guy missed both little “accidents”).

BabyAm wasted no time in heading to the campus library, she had things to do before her night class (that’s why she was coming home)…so I didn’t want to have her come all the way back down to help me, unless I really needed her. Then it hit me…I had just hung up with Belly Dump (my dad) and realized that he was out and about, so I called and asked him if he wanted to come down and help a “grand-daughter” out this time…he said yes.  

While waiting…I decided to try and jump the car myself.   I seriously could not believe that I was going to do this.  I pulled into the parking lot and luckily there was space on both sides of the car.  

I unlocked the car with the spare key that I found yesterday afternoon (after the AAA locksmith got us outta the jam in the morning), and got out the jumper cables (from the trunk).   jumper_cables

Then I went to work on my project.  I looked like a woman on a mission.  I got some seriously strange looks from students, probably professors and also from people I couldn’t tell which they were.  No one of course offered to help though.  BUT, that’s ok!  I did it myself!!!  All by myself!   *pat, pat*

So, she gets outta class again in less than an hour.  I’m hoping that she doesn’t have to call me to come back.  I let it run for quite awhile, so I think I’m ok.

Please please please don’t think I’m down on BabyAm…I am not.  She makes me laugh.   She’s learning so much about life, in just these past 7 weeks…all of it has really been a blessing in disguise.

I’d love to hear your driving stories!   BabyAm probably would at this point too!


Can you name that decade?


*Small Print:  Due to college tuition, and sorority dues, I am afraid there will be no prize at this time.  LOL  Sorry!