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Some Secrets are sooooo Hard to Keep – Part 1

Impatiently Waiting – Part 2

Now it’s party time!    We made it into the counseling office just in time.   The Dark Knight had been called out of his class by both the counseling office and the attendance office.   And when he walked in he was completely in shock (happy shock though) and the only words he could say were “Um, does my mom know you’re here?” and he gave big hugs to all of us.    Way cool!!!!

DSC_4799 What a cutie huh?   Hard to believe he turned 18 on last Sunday.   He’s a great young man, we are so proud of him.

We took him for a quick lunch then back for a meeting he had, and when he finally was done with school stuff we loaded him and Sailor Girl in the car and headed off to see her horse, Beauty.  (I have tons more pictures from the stables but I know I need to save space for the party!)

DSC_4827 We stopped at the store, grabbed some much needed supplies for the b-day dinner, several containers of ice-cream!  YUM!

Their home is beautiful and nested down in sort of a gorge type area.  Lots of trees surrounding it.

DSC_4843DSC_4845DSC_4846DSC_4851     DSC_4849 DSC_4850 Ah…berries, I’m thinking blackberries…don’t they look yummy???  I had been complaining about wanting to stop to pick some, all the way from the store to the house, because the bushes were everywhere…and they kept telling me that there weren’t any…LIARS!   These however were JUST BARELY out of my reach in the back yard! *sigh*

Time to head in.   Time for Hubby to see The Dark Knight’s Mom for the first time in 7 years.  Not just see her, but spend the evening with her and a bunch of people from their years together.    A little un-nerving, to say the least, for all of us.

DSC_4842We were warmly welcomed in and got the teenager tour (quick).  This room we were particularly interested in, because it was nothing like we’d ever seen.  WOW!   BabyAm will get a bit more grace I’m sure from now on from Dad.  LOL – Can you imagine?  And the rest of the house looked just the opposite! 

DSC_4856 DSC_4855Scary!  Be careful, you could get lost (or eaten alive) in there!

I’m just going to post some party pictures, it’s so hard for me to tell you who all these people are and how they fit in to The Dark Knight’s life.   Everyone was very nice, very accommodating and fun to visit with.

I know he’s sittin here thinkin…let’s just ease into this evening.   My parents are all here, friends and family are starting to arrive and I need to just “chill” for a bit.DSC_4831  Colorful pens and paper set out to write “words of wisdom” on for The Dark Knight.


Does she look like she’s got some serious words of wisdom, or what?

DSC_4832Yep, The Dark Knight thinks “Or what”!  LOL


DSC_4884 DSC_4854 DSC_4862 DSC_4864DSC_4881 DSC_4882 DSC_4883 DSC_4889 DSC_4904 DSC_4925 DSC_4929 DSC_4932 DSC_4936 DSC_4941

Happy 18th Birthday Dark Knight!!!!! DSC_4943DSC_4945 DSC_4983

I kinda look like I have the “bossy cow” look goin on.
I wonder what I was talkin about…DSC_5000 I can however say, that when someone cooks for me,
my instinct (Thanks Mom) is to help clean up!

  Guess this next one could be considered helping clean up too?
In her defense…those were the best mashed baked potatoes I’ve ever had!

DSC_5003  DSC_5013DSC_5011This is the shield that The Dark Knight asked for on his birthday list that we got him.  It is  custom made funky thing.   It’s strange to us…BUT he was jacked!   We made him promise to show us his progress on it.  It’s basically a blank canvas (obviously) and he has already designed his crests.   DSC_5023

This last one is one for the scrapbook! 
None of us ever thought we would see this picture! 
It really is a great one!

Wish we could have gotten a picture of the 6 of us!
Maybe at Graduation!DSC_4871

Just so you know, I have one more post left of this trip…its on our way home.   We made a special stop and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Don’t forget to come back.

Some Secrets Are Sooooo Hard to Keep – Part 1

Welcome to Part 2!

We got into Seattle very late (ok 1:30am) and dropped into bed.   We made plans to have breakfast with Hubby’s Sis at the restaurant on-site.   We met in the lobby of the the Hotel, and headed off.   Here is where I asked Hubby to write about our experience (so I could focus on getting this post done – or maybe it’s because I’m lazy I’m not sure which)

Positively the WORST breakfast ever.

The morning of the 23rd of September, 2009 we were staying at the Red Lion Bellevue and decided to meet my sister for breakfast.  Since we all were going to be in a bit of a hurry that morning, we decided to meet in the hotel’s attached “restaurant”.  Jonah’s has to be positively the worst breakfast I have had in a hotel in years.  Though we don’t travel extensively, I have traveled 5 or 10 times in the last couple of years for business and have had breakfast at everything from a Super 8 to a Marriott and most in between.

Upon entering Jonah’s, we were greeted from across the room with “do you want the buffet or something from the menu”, we decided to go with the buffet because it would be something easy and quick.  The buffet food was luke warm at best, oatmeal was lumpy, fruit was not really cold, eggs were runny, meat was, well…questionable.  It was just that, a typical LOW END breakfast buffet that, even though it was only 7 AM, could have been sitting there for hours.  Someone does not know how to run a chafing dish or ice bucket.  Every single “Free” breakfast buffet that we have come across in hotels we have stayed at as been head and shoulders above this one.

Our only interaction with the “waiter” was that he brought a coffee pot to the table and dropped it off, then he brought our check.  This guy does pretty well for himself because he gets to add a mandatory 20 percent gratuity to everyone’s bill….  With that said, for four of us, the terrible breakfast buffet was $74.00.  NEVER NEVER AGAIN. 

And now as I do a little bit of researching, here is someone else’s observation.  Wish we would have know before we went there!

I don’t know why I’m posting these pictures, but for some reason I just was a little unsettled about seeing these two things as we were pulling out of the parking lot.


Next we headed off to Battery Acid Park, I for some reason can’t remember it’s real name which is actually Gas Works Park.  LOL

DSC_4734 DSC_4731 DSC_4733 DSC_4742 DSC_4736 DSC_4738 DSC_4740 DSC_4741

The changing colors of the trees are just amazing!  I could have spent hours there just trying to capture the colors perfectly.  Pretty place.  Very quick stop.  We had some other fun places to visit.

What would a trip to Seattle be without a trip down “Memory Lane”?   You know, Hubby grew up in the area…he took us to his old Apartment (Duplex) on Capital Hill!   It’s cute huh?

DSC_4744 DSC_4746

The outside pictures help us to understand these inside pictures we were so kindly given by one of Hubby’s roommates!   I love these pictures!

Apt4 Apt1 Apt2 Apt3

Sorry, couldn’t help myself with the blast from the past!  Let’s head back to present day.

The next site on our list before heading to surprise the B-day Boy, was we had to go by the University of Washington.   BabyAm plans to go to medical school and this one is the closest to home!     School doesn’t start until THIS Monday, so we had it all to ourselves…almost.   What a beautiful campus.   Here see for yourself. 

DSC_4710 DSC_4665 DSC_4669 DSC_4706

This picture below cracks me up.   Dad and Daughter “gotta support the team”…
but WRONG college.  I’m surprised they didn’t get beat up! 


You think we would miss the chance to drive up and down (several times) Greek Row ?   DSC_4712DSC_4717

NICE!   Oh man…this is scary!

Since BabyAm was invited to be (and accepted) a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, a picture of the sorority house was a MUST… 

DSC_4722DSC_4718DSC_4723 DSC_4725

…plus a few others, I wonder why!?


Alright we need to head to the other side of the lake, on the floating bridge so we can make our 12:30pm surprise happen…(Picking up The Dark Knight from school)

DSC_4760DSC_4761DSC_4763DSC_4780DSC_4773 DSC_4781

We still had a couple more minutes before  arriving at the school, so we decided on one more stop, Marsh Park.

DSC_4798 DSC_4782 DSC_4785 DSC_4788 DSC_4793 DSC_4796

You’re dying for B-day party pictures aren’t you?   
Well…here’s a sneak preview just for shoe!

 lots of shoes

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon.  I won’t however be publishing it until after Wednesday evening.   (Ok, I’m slow it’s Friday now and some of this reads in the past, and some of it reads like it’s just now happening.   sorry, I don’t have it in me to make sure it’s all one way or the other.  LOL – Lazy!)

A few weeks ago we were all so very excited to receive an email from The Dark Knight’s mom, inviting us to dinner at their house on the night of the 23rd (in Seattle) to celebrate his, dare I say, 18th birthday dinner with them and several other special guests that have been a part of his life; that he is not expecting either.   We couldn’t wait to get our plans in order! 

I must tell you that, we originally didn’t want to tell anyone we were coming…my husbands side of the family because this is such a whirlwind trip (and was it ever!) that we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not being able to stop and see them.   However, we knew we needed to tell them (it would be rude if we didn’t)…and we sure are going to do what we can to at least have a cup of coffee while we’re there. (Remind me to tell you about the $70 buffet breakfast we had while there with Hubby’s Sis)

If BabyAm didn’t have college classes we were working around, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there is just no way to make this work during the week without her missing some classes and other activities (Reminder number two—where we went while in Seattle that relates to school and activities).   College just stinks all the way around.   It’s getting in the way of lots of fun with the family…LOL.  Just kidding.

So here we are on the road to Seattle.   Oregon farm country at this moment, which is like being no-where to be honest.   Just sagebrush, little foothills and hay fields.   Ooooh, so much fun.

Quick stop at the scenic overlook!



I told you they had a bunch of hayfields-then I saw this!  I wasn’t lying!


Hubby’s such a cutie! 


Oh my gosh you would not believe the black cows!   Millions of them!  I wish I could have gotten a picture of them…  I didn’t have any idea that cows could be so racist.   There are only a VERY FEW brown cows in the mix.  And it was so sad, we just past a fence with about 9 black ones just standing next to each other staring out like they wanted/needed to be adopted.  Heartbreaking.

Here’s an interesting piece of information; we just past the 45th parallel – halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.  Just outside of North Powder Oregon, on I84. – (However in my research for a nice little link about it, some say it is actually not 1/2 way between them…and it does make sense, I’m not sure who explains it better though.)

Listening to SIRIUS Radio – “80’s on 8” – lots of one hit wonders!   ‘Til Tuesday (Voices Carry)…oh and now we are blessed with Rick Springfield…sing it with me! 

I’!…You’!  I’!…You’!

Only 45 more miles until we stop for dinner, then we’ll be about 1/2 way.   We are going to eat at a favorite of my Penguin In-Laws called something like Miss Patti’s.  


Guess they make their own potato chips and they come out nice and hot with your meal.   Sounds yummy huh?   (we didn’t see anything on the menu about chips, maybe it was because it was dinner time?)

miss pattis menuIt must have been an off night for them…because my personal favorite out of everything (service, salad-bar, presentation, taste etc.) was the coffee.  Seriously, I got a to-go cup it was that.good.

We also took a quick stop for a photo-op of another favorite of my Penguin Mom-In-Law…MOST every time they come to see us they stop here to see if she can find any wonderful bargains.  The Pendleton Woolen Mill.

DSC_4597DSC_4596 DSC_4598DSC_4600

And BabyAm captured a beautiful picture of the sun setting as we were leaving.


Ok, gotta tell ya all something kind of funny.   Hubby insisted we get a new bug deflector for the car before our trip.  I can tell you right now that though I am sure it is working…it’s not working perfectly because, the biggest baddest full of gushy goo bugs have hit our windshield…more than once.  GROSS!

Example 1  bugs 2

Example 2 bugs 1

…and all my instincts they return, the grand facade so soon will burn, without a noise without my pride I reach out from the inside…in your eyes, the light the heat, (your eyes) I am complete… Peter Gabriel (In Your Eyes)

While I’m busy typing away, Hubby is driving, and BabyAm…she’s nesting in the backseat with her Romance Novel…trying to ignore the “name that tune” game that is going on in the front seat.   She’s precious isn’t she?

babyam reading

Elevation 4193 Blue Mountain Summit!!!  Pretty!  Too bad the mountains really don’t look blue.  But it’s so beautiful.

I must confess, though this is going to be a wonderful (but quick trip) one of the of the hardest things about is…I had to leave my darling little 4-legged boys.  They needed a short trip to see if they could handle being away from all of us (yah, right…more like us away from them, but seriously they haven’t been without all of us EVER, in 3 years) so we asked around and found somewhere where we think they’ll be happy.   They can have their own bedding, their own toys, personal playtime (one on one)…a thing called a bizzie bone that is a special mixture of treats frozen inside a kong…and it’s about an 8 x 8 room, with a little toddler bed in the room…well you can just see for yourself.  It’s called the BSU Suite!

Dogs BSU Suite

Spoiled huh?  OMGosh I know.  Please don’t hate me because I’m an over the top momma.  I can’t help myself.  I know I’ll be bawling by nights end.  But I’m not going to tell anyone about that. 

Now that you’ve gotten the first part of the trip…I’ll get the second half finished up for you.  It’s the best part!   Please come back!

…A rant from a wife and mom on the edge…

Alright my friends, we have a first here.  An anonymous post.  Sometimes we need to vent and get things off our chest so that we can help to heal.   I know I have felt the need to vent, and even some of the things that our fellow blogger buddy below has felt.   This is an older post for her, she just wasn’t ready to share it until now.   Please feel free to leave her comments, and lots of encouragement too.

I’ve had it so far that I’m writing and posting about this.  It’s not often that I rant about my life but I’m done. Today? I’m done.

I am so tired of doing this parenting-taking care of the house-cleaning-chores-paying the bills-stuff by myself. I have been at the school 3 of 4 days this week, planned all of the meals (save for one because WE WERE GONE FROM 3:45 UNTIL 8PM, dammit), done laundry, bathed the children, done homework with them, and gotten them to bed all by myself. You? On the couch. Going golfing? Oh, and call me with a phone number that I need?

No. No to all of it. I’m done this week.

I’m tired of budgeting. I’m tired of sweating when the bills are coming due and wondering where the money is coming from. I’m tired of doing all of the things that we used to share that now fall on my plate. You sit on the damn couch, watching the flipping golf channel or watching some stupid reality show. You leave trash all over the counters and argue with me why I put things away ‘where they don’t belong’. Um, doesn’t trash belong in the trash? Pot, meet kettle.

I’m tired of being the bad guy when it comes to chores and homework and food. The holiday weekend? A movie and 36 holes of golf for you and the boys. Me? Laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping. You asked what I was doing? Yea, taking care of all the stuff that HAS to be done but never getting to the stuff I want to do.

I know you work hard. But so do I and there is a ton of stuff around here that needs attention that I can’t do by myself. Changing out plugs and light switches? I’d electrocute myself. Ask you to do it and I’m still waiting-6 years later.

The new chore lists for the kids are a help to some degree but most of it I either have to tell them to do (yes including the 18yo. that I’m certain knows how to read) or teach them, which, if you haven’t noticed, takes more time than doing it myself. I think that this is why the oldest is getting on my last nerve-we’ve never required anything of her and she’s getting really good at delivering up to those expectations.

As our son is so fond of saying "I’m tired of it."

Just so tired of it.

Friends if you need to get something off your chest anonymously please let me know – I’m happy to let you vent here.

Last week while my Mother-in-Law was here (The Penguins)…she introduced me to a new “just as addicting” form of CRACK, that you actually chew instead of snort, smoke, or whatever

…and it can be purchased at Costco no-less!


Thanks Mom for twisting my arm, putting them in our cart and forcing me to buy them, LOL – Just kidding…but really, did you have to mention them to begin with?  Or at least taken them home with YOU instead of leaving them here with me, I have NO will power!

In our house we are starting to learn some new words.   Well, we do know the words, but we didn’t realize the new definitions over the past years.

Sisterhood 7pm = Now Means:  Meet in pre arranged location, head to another location via Carpool…and HANG OUT!   For instance Sisterhood #1 – Watch Dirty Dancing as a tribute to Patrick Swayze with 16+ other girls while being packed into a small living room of a Duplex.  FUN!!!!!


BSU Football Social 6pm = Now means:  Meet at pre arranged location, head to Frat house via Carpool to meet with a another Frat House, and another Sorority (4 groups total) to watch BSU (Kick some serious Booty) Football game together.    In my day (though I wasn’t a Sorority Sister) that meant FRAT PARTY 6pm BYOB!  Wonderful.


I am sure we’ll be adding to this list, but for now we’ll just dwell on this second one, and see what pictures BabyAm comes home with after the game tonight.   I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.   This should be an interesting evening eh?  

I’m still thinkin I like “Sisterhood” nights better.  LOL

Maybe I should have titled it:  Things that make you go…WHAT????

Wednesday night while scrapbooking with JoJo, the lady working there and I were having quite the laughing fest.   She mentioned to me a website that had her smacking her hand on the table, wondering if she was going to pee her pants or not.

Before I share with you I have a couple things to say.

  1. If you are offended by language – DO NOT VISIT this site.  There’s not a lot but it does have a few offensive things mixed in.
  2. If you think that these people are being judged by their financial status, think again.  I am not financially strained and I do shop at Wal-Mart too.
  3. If you really think about it, in order to get these pictures the people taking them have to shop there too! 
  4. I suggest hitting the bathroom before clicking the link, and if you are at work…well maybe you should wait until you get home, so you don’t get busted by laughing.
  5. Last but not least…some day one of US could end up on this site, so you might wanna check back often!  Ok, I could end up there…and if you want to catch that picture of me sporting my 70’s attire and moon boots…you’ll want to check back.So without further a-do, I introduce you to The People of Wal-Mart.


Enjoy my friends…I know we did!

And just so you you don’t wonder if I’m just being rude or stuck up…this next cartoon picture must have actually been based on me.  Seriously…how did they know?

So me

…it’s very sad that tonight I’m going to have to show my family where we have kept the toilet paper for the past 2 years…somehow when the roll is gone, no one is able to find a replacement roll except me.

Today I will forgive them…
they both had rough days.


Tomorrow though…
forgiveness is still undetermined.

After 5 days of Recruitment Events (Rush Week)…my little girl is now officially in a Sorority!   How exciting!

Not a big Greek system here yet, so no Sorority House (whew!) but tons of events and lots of fun…along with meeting new people and having unlimited opportunities!

Thankfully the group of gals she hung with most of the week also got into AZD.



Poster Child Post #1 can be found Here…are you all caught up?  Good!  Let’s get this party started!

Out of 72 Entries, and the 60 that were actually eligible…I was a WINNER!   (and 10 people nominated me–yes 10!)  I told you that there were no other Mothers out there quite as pathetic as I am.   Ok, well a couple because they won too!   (Thanks Lisa and Tara!)

I had a small issue though.  I needed to take a friend.   I love all my friends here in town, but most of them have smaller children, or they aren’t big into bar-hopping or hanging with people they don’t know…so I struggled.  I didn’t want to make any of my friends feel uncomfortable…so I decided to ask a total stranger instead!

Seriously, I don’t make a habit of things like this however, I was sure that my very first bloggy friend would have a blast going with me.   If we could only get her here!   After many emails and phone calls…it actually happened!   Headless Mom was coming to “Cut the Cord” with me!  I can’t tell you how exciting this was for me!   Her family was so gracious in letting and helping her come!

Impatiently waiting for H.M at the airport…

waiting small

Rather than give you the play-by-play I’ll just share pictures!  (Though the pictures may portray another story, the truth is we did NOT get drunk…it’s called “pacing yourselves” for the young ones who haven’t learned those words yet…LOL…right HM?)

We be chillin…

Headless Legs small

Our Pre-limo Cocktail…

Headless Drinks Small

New “IRL” Headless Friends…

Headless Friends Small

The Limo Arrives…

Limo Small

Champaign all around…

Headless Kate

Headless Arrival at dinner…

Headless Group Smokey Small

During dinner cocktail…

Headless dinner

One of us is drinking water…it wasn’t me!

headless hannahs

Ummm…Watermelon Shots – Too bad they weren’t ours though!
They were just pretty!

Watermelon Small

Copper Camels…you’re so smoooooooooth!


Pick your poison…which one is mine?

Cheers 2 Small

Washington Apple Shots…Nasty!!
Headless Mom secretly passed her’s to the table behind us.
She was SMART!  YUCK!

Washington Apples

Seriously 3 more bottles of Champagne?

More Champagne Small

OMG, we are soooo old…don’t these girls have mothers?
Or better yet mirrors?

headless youngsters

We better toast to “maturity”…

Cheers Small

 Headless dancing…yeah, that’s some maturity for ya!

Headless Dancing Small

Are we too old for this?

Headless Dancing 2 small

Too bad Kelly couldn’t come too…
let’s send her a late night email!
Cuz the “toes” knows!

Toes for Kelly Small

The night is almost over, last bar stop =WATER!

Water small

A great big thank you to my friends and family that nominated me.   And to Headless Mom, many big thank you’s and hugs for being completely Spontaneous (this is how I became the Poster Child and a “Murderer”…please go read her post it’s a riot) and coming to share in an evening of fun with me! 

You are an amazing friend!  I miss you already!