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…Title stolen from a Great Friend to be named later
…(Thank you Great Friend, I know it is out of love!)

When you were growing up, did you stand by the phone in the kitchen (because there were no such things as cordless phones then) with all the telephone numbers pushed except the last one (because you HAD to wait until the very precise second to push it) because you were desperately trying to win some kind of radio contest???  Tickets to see Twisted Sister, a backstage pass to meet Rick Springfield, or even just lunch at the local deli?  

Yep!  Me too!   Only now it’s MUCH easier!  (Oh the joys of technology!) 

Well sit back and relax because I’m going to tell you a little story about just how easy it can be to win…IF and only IF you are as pathetic as I am.  (And thankfully I am not the only one, so it’s much easier to swallow!)

All you have to do is have a niche when it comes to what they’re looking for (and follow the rules)…CHECK!


The kids are growing up and you are alone in the house. 
Mix 106 and Kate want to help you Cut The Cord! 

If your child is going off to kindergarten or college
email Kate and tell her why you are having trouble cutting the cord
and why a night out might help you LET GO!  

Kate will take you in style on Saturday, August 29th in a Limousine,
to dinner, and then out partying at all the downtown hot spots. 

Or if you know of a girlfriend who fits this description
of having trouble letting go, NOMINATE HER TODAY!
You could be the friend she brings along!

All entries must be submitted by Wednesday August 26th at 5pm
Four moms will be chosen and each one can bring a friend!!!

Hurry and email Kate today!

Oh man!  When you have the niche (like me) and you can follow the rules…WHY would you NOT enter???  I don’t know either…so I got to writing!

Some names were changed to protect the innocent.  (Ok, not really…innocence would be bliss at this point)

Kate –

I can not believe my life is actually a contest.   Who (in their right mind) would want to win something for this daily hysteria?  

My Dad called me just a few minutes ago, and could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard.  He’d heard the radio commercial for this contest and instantly broke out in hysterics.   My mom had been telling him that I had an anxiety attack yesterday because I’m not ready to let go yet. 

This is where you might want to either hit the ladies room, or grab the tissue.  I’m not sure which would be better.  

BabyAm is my “only” daughter.  She is beautiful, 17, she graduated a year early, and she just started college yesterday.   That in itself is enough (for me) to understand why I’m having trouble cutting the cord, right?! 

What you are about to read is no joke, I made myself sick yesterday, it just got worse and worse as the day went on.   To be honest, I have too many issues with letting go to even name them all here, so I’ll just give you a taste. 

I’m am embarrassed to say that she took drivers-ed – 2 summers ago!   And on Friday, yes…the last business day before college started, she took her driving skills test (passed with flying colors) and got her actual drivers license!   I know, you’re wondering…what kind of a mother is this woman?   I have panic attacks when I’m riding in vehicles with anyone, so I have had a really hard time teaching her to drive our 5-speed Honda.   And in pure “Mother Form”, I put this off until the very last minute, and I am sure she was terrified that her “Mommy” would be driving her to college…the poor thing.   

Thankfully, after a couple errands (with phone calls at each stop/start location) over the weekend, she was ready to venture out into the real world where stupid people drive like maniacs, cutting each other off, tailgating, and then honk at new drivers for accidentally stalling their car.  I think here is where I’m supposed to mention that I followed her to school, and as she pulled into the parking lot with her permit showing perfectly in her window…the attendant waved her in.   I however, got stopped given the third degree and finally after telling my pathetic story I got to watch her park, reminded her to roll up the windows, lock the car, have a good day then I kissed her goodbye and drove away like the loser I am.  

You would think this story would end here…it doesn’t.   I was broken hearted that she didn’t call and talk to me for the entire hour between classes, because she had met a friend (…really?  Where does this leave me…the Mom?), and she called me as she was walking to class (only because she “had to”, I’m sure).   

My husband and I watched her little ICON on our BlackBerry’s Google Maps (Latitude) as she made her way home, refreshing often.   This was only after being without her for a total of 4.5 hours.   Pathetic.   She arrived safely back in the comfort of her mother’s loving (fanatical) arms only to make a sandwich, talk about her day and head back down to her night class.  Then…her dad mentioned checking the gas gauge!  No!   I had to accompany her out there, sure enough…almost empty.   She assured me she could fill the tank herself, and drove out of the driveway.  

Panic set in.   Does she know how to pump gas?  Does she know what side the gas tank is on?  Does she know how to use her debit card in the pump?   Will she remember to put the cap back on?   What if she is late to class?  What if she’s in such a hurry to get to class after taking sooooo long to pump gas, that she gets in an accident, she’s only had her license for 3 days…OMG, she’s all alone out there, pumping gas…why didn’t I teach her how to do this before?  Again…what kind of Mother am I? 

Class was from 6-9pm.   As each hour went by, my headache pounded harder, the lump in my throat got bigger, all I wanted to do was cry and throw up.   What if she got followed out of her classroom, to the parking lot…did she have her pepper-spray?  

I will tell you from the bottom of my heart the minute she walked in the door SAFE and in ONE piece…I instantly started feeling better.   I just needed my little girl to be home.   Can’t I just send her back to Kindergarten where she actually NEEDS me to do things for her?  

Today…she only had one class, first thing in the morning.  She was home before I noticed she was gone.   I’m great today.   She’s doing homework, I’m sitting next to her scrapbooking.  Just like yesterday never happened.  Until tomorrow when it starts all over, and she gets a flat tire. 

I think that I could use this night out with You (Mix 106) and “The Girls” to help me cut the cord.  I need it to remind me that I’m still young, I’ve taught her well and I should trust that she is very capable and also that if my best friend from high school can send her beautiful, only daughter off to the Army (without following her) then I should be able to “cut the cord” too. 

Please tell me there is someone out there worse than I am? 


Humiliated, I enter this “Cut the Cord” contest, nominating myself…because I absolutely NEED to LET GO!!  

OMG, did I just share that with you all???  Wow.  

I passed this entry around (before actually sending it in) to a couple friends to see if they thought I could win…DUH!   And then there were a few that wanted to nominate me…that’s scary!  Even scarier?   When you’re stupid enough to email it out to a few friends so that they could nominate you as well—-and I’m not even going to ask you to imagine how creepy it is to actually push the send button, emailing it to someone who could make it public!  (OMG, I’m going to do that too!)

After this disaster…What could my next post be about?   Stay tuned!

Well, well, well.   It seems that I have a lot of sucking up to do.   *tisk, tisk, tisk* 

Side Note:  (Sadly it’s going to have to wait until after this weekend…sorry Kelly…lol)

Soooo I got a note the other day on one of my blog posts from Kelly (Something Funny Happened Today) letting me know that I had been tagged.   I didn’t however know that she DOUBLE tagged me.  And better yet WHY she double tagged me.    But I knew I had it coming.  I’ve been pretty AWOL lately.   I don’t know exactly what my issue is, but I’ll tell you I do miss my friends and catching up…(so I’ll take care of that).

Kelly you are so sweet to me…thank you.  What a thug I am.   Tagged and an award too???   Geeze!  I sooo do not deserve this award right now while I’m in my blog-funk.


Where was I?  Oh yea!   Tagged.   I started working on the below list.  5 Obsessions.  I know I have more than 5, but these were hard to come up with…weird.   As I was working on them, I talked to Headless Mom on the phone this morning (She’s coming here!!!!  But that is another post all together…several posts!)…and told her what I was doing.  She said that Kelly double tagged me because she tagged me TWO WEEKS AGO and I had not done it.  OMG, I wasn’t even paying attention.  What kind of friend am I? 

So…without further a-do…

I present you my “5 Obsessions”.

  1. BlackBerry – There is nothing I can say I am more obsessed about than my BlackBerry Bold.  It has everything on it I need except for food (and it does kind of have that too).   BlackBerry Instant Messaging, Texting,  Email, Visual Voicemail, My Calendar, Camera, WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Itunes, Food Network, Google Maps/Latitude, The Weather Network.    OMG, did I just tell you all that?   (This has to count for the other 5, seriously…this is a huge obsession disaster if you ask me.)
  2. BabyAm – If the technology was not there at my fingertips, I’d have to say that my next obsession would be BabyAm.   And like Kelly and her obsession with Cleaning…those who know me IRL will now be spitting their coffee out their nose, because they know this is true.   I do not want her to have to go through all the BS that I had to go through in life…make the same mistakes, date the same kind of guys, get married too young…etc.  I just want her to have all the knowledge I THOUGHT I had before she finally decides she’s had enough of me (us) and moves out!  That will be a horrible day.
  3. Tea – This is purely by accident.   Every day (wait, I’ll be right back, it’s time now!),ok I’m back…Every day I have a “MUST HAVE TEA” moment…and it can’t be just any ol’ tea.  It has to be a “proper cup”, made just like Mrs. Potts would make it.  J  She knows how to make it just perfect…oh, and with a biscuit or a scone…even better!  
  4. Scrapbooking and (when possible) Genealogy – I love the time I get to spend with my friends making cards and scrapbooking.  My friend JoJo and I have been going once a week for at least a year now to work on our scrapbooks.   I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something.   And as for the Genealogy stuff…I enjoy it too, but it requires much more concentration and I haven’t had too much of that lately.  LOL – Winter is approaching, so I’ll probably get back into the swing of things soon!
  5. Books – Reading the back of them.   I could spend hours in the bookstore, in the 2nd hand stores (book section), yard sales…right by the box-o-books.   Conventions, yep…those too!  I have every BEST intention of reading each and every one of the books I buy…and I think if Hubby had his way, he would make our house a NO BOOK BUYING zone.   I don’t read much for pleasure…I just find that if I sit down with a book I get nothing done…so I buy them, because someday I might have nothing else to do. (Yeah, right!)

I haven’t been blogging much lately and haven’t been reading many blogs but I promise to get back to it soon.   Sooooooo, I’d like to reserve the right to pass this wonderful award on at a later date.   I like being a rebel, so if this is against the World Blogging Award rules…I will accept my punishment like a man.  LOLOLOL

Thanks again Headless Mom and Kelly (Something Funny Happened Today)…you guys are two of the greatest gals!   I’m so lucky to have found you both!

Some things are just sour.

*Some People

When life gives you lemons…grab the salt and tequila!!

Agree? Any other *sour things/people you’d like to get off your chest?

Wonderful News!
Hubby and I have been smoke free for 40 days!!!! Not one puff even!!!!

Very exciting news…last time we only lasted 14 days, so we have almost tripled the time!

These are my stats only:
40 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes and 15 seconds smoke free.
811 cigarettes not smoked.
$177.60 and 6 days, 4 hours of your life saved.
Your quit date: 6/27/2009 2:00:00 AM