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So far this week I’ve been able to watch the sun come up twice! 

Shhh…(don’t tell ANYONE, but I sort of enjoyed it!)

You see on Monday we tried something new.   Getting up at the  butt-crack of dawn to go to the gym…and if you can imagine, it was for a 5:30 spinning class!


Unreal!  I even took my “gel” seat cover…it didn’t help much.  I truly believe that it is a fun class, but I’m not sure if I would prefer to be awake for it, or just sweat while sleep-pedaling.  Just kidding, there is no possible way to sleep!  

So anyway, after waking up this morning at 4:30, heading out for class at 5:10, dying for an hour…(thank goodness I’ve got 32 days smoke free behind me), and getting back to the house by 6:45…I was able to quickly shower and grab a cup of JOE and enjoy the beautiful sunrise, yet again.  Really nice.

Now, don’t hold your breath…I have no idea if it will happen again.  It’s been taking me two days to even be able to sit down without making obsene noises…but it has been a good challenge for me, all the way around.

*Important Note*
Spinning brings a whole new meaning to the words “Pain in the Butt”.   Litterally.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture of the boys.  They absolutely love laying in the sun, but it seems they finally found the perfect spot to catch some rays…and it’s comfy too!.  Wish there was room for me to cuddle with them!

Backyard Buddies small

Humphrey Bogart (left) & Tommy Lee (right)

Strange name for this post I know, however I wanted you to all know what a “Lucky Fella” Freckles is.

Lucky he had headed back to the hills when I found this…

cupboard small

Need a closer look? 
Not sure exactly what it is?  Here…here’s a close up!

Bowl Small

Yes!  It’s a bowl and silverware under the sink cupboard in the vanity area of the spare room…the little stinker!  

I also found other strange things behind and under tables…for example; wadded up paper with what looked to be “song lyrics” written on them that he didn’t feel could be HITS, I’m guessin he’s gonna be the next Bono *grin*, some tissues and Rice Krispie wrappers.  

I swear I heard “Freckles, why don’t you go up and clean your room, it’s lookin a bit messy?”

…boys will be boys!  
What a Lucky Fella!

My new Helmet BLING!
Too much fun!
I’m sure this is my personality, don’t you agree?

 helmet bling small 3

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Sometimes I get so frustrated with our state…here is just another example of what someone believes is justice. 

I can not believe that this is a real/true article. 

Former Sheriff’s Deputy charged with Sexual battery of a 16-year-old girl and procuring prostitution…and gets away with it (basically).  Read about it here.

I however think it’s absurd.  Really.

So…for my Non-Facebook friends…

In June 0n the 11th, Hubby and I had our 10 year anniversary.  We wanted to wait until all the teenagers were out of school to renew our vows so that we could make sure everyone who wanted to come, could—which meant late June.   So we had to pick a “neutral” date as best we could…so our decision was the 11th of July.   A month later.  It was a also a Saturday which helped immensely.

We decided on a Luau (Catered)…and we had a few surprises up our sleeve.   I could go on and on about that day, but right now I just want to share a couple (lol) pictures. 


The Dark Knight got to come…sort-of!  LOL 
We missed him so much (even though he was here a week prior)
that we had to “create” his presence. 


My parents had hand made “REAL” lei’s made for us…they were amazing!


Though they weren’t able to attend the ceremony…
Humphrey and Tommy were dressed for the occasion too!


ELVIS showed up to marry us!!!!  We wanted to renew our vows in Vegas, with Elvis…
but we also wanted everyone else to be there too…SURPRISE! 

Viva Las Vegas!
The best of both worlds!   He rocked!


Those are the faces of “10 wonderful years”…and still strong!


The food was TO DIE FOR…seriously!


No one knew about this beautiful hat but ME!   Seeing everyones face…priceless!


If we would have had a contest…(we should have)
My sister-in-law would have won…HANDS DOWN!!!
Look at her go!


Very few left without a special Photo Op…or in some cases…
The opportunity to try new things…(I’m tellin ya, the Hat was a Hit!)


He’s cute huh?

Would you believe that between Freckles, and BabyAm…they took over 700 pictures of the day.  Oh, sorry…that was on just ONE of the cameras…wow.  It was quite the chore to weed through them…but they did so good at capturing details that could have otherwise gone un-noticed…












And then when it was all said and done…we were dead dog tired.  


That’s me…and Tommy Lee…taking a much needed break.

Wonderful day!  Wonderful party!  Wonderful friends and family! 
Wonderful 10 years!

I should have posted this long ago…(this was May 29th, 2009)
but there have been so many things going on!

Isn’t she beautiful?


Congrats honey!  You earned this!!!! (And early too!)
My baby is headed to college…

So today sucked. Migraines suck.

Good things happeded and I couldn’t really enjoy them.

* BabyAm got home from camping.
* We had a b-day party to attend, with heavenly food.
* Hubby made me breakfast, that included BACON!

Could it be getting off cigarettes? Maybe.
Could it be sleepin funny? Maybe.
Could it be the heat? Maybe.
Could it be the corn pollen from the field behind us? Maybe.

It could be any number of things, or all of them. All I know is that I am praying it is completely gone by morning.

Hubby gave me a shot tonight and so I am feeling a great deal better…let’s hope 100% soon!

Night friends!
Wordpress for Blackberry Rocks!!

Holy Cow!!! I just downloaded WordPress for Blackberry!!! Works great so far and soooooo easy!

I might start blogging again!!!