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This should be a Wordless Wednesday post…but as usual,
I’m a day late and a dollar short.


And there are only 3 humans in our house hold.   Sick isn’t it. 

I’m very proud to say that our baby girl, is finally a High School Graduate.   Friday the 29th will be the commencement ceremony, and then it’ll all be just a memory.

The next day, Saturday, we’ll be having an open house for her, and so we have lots and lots to get done before then.   I just wanted to share with you how proud we are of her, what a wonderful and rewarding accomplishment!

We are so excited for her!  She goes to College Orientation mid June, for a couple days.   During those couple days she’ll be rooming with a stranger in the dorms (though she’ll be staying at home this first year), and then she’ll be registering for her classes. 

amber drape senior 25 percent

Congrats BabyAm!!!

We love you!!!! – Love Mom and Dad!

I am going to be taking a blogging break.

OMG!  I’m famous!

Well, I’m not famous…
but my arm is!

Yesterday I was sitting outside on the porch, thumbing through a tattoo magazine (that I had JUST bought), when I looked into the upper left hand corner and saw…MY ARM!


I screamed “OMG!  I’m in this magazine!” at the top of my lungs!   Would you believe, no one came running.

BabyAm was in the living room, she’s fighting an ear infection/cold…and Hubby was in the garage with his head under the hood of the SUV checking the oil.    So!  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to tell them both.

Here it is, the June 2009 Issue of Tattoo Magazine!


I had to go and buy a few more.
Ok, so I bought 5 more copies!

LOL – Wouldn’t you?   YES!  You would!

We also took my copy and had Darcy (our Tattooist) at Chalice Tattoo sign it for me.  She’s the bomb!