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For the last 8 out of 10 years (approx) Hubby and I have listened to the police scanner at night.   Well, lately we have changed our pace a bit, we have either chosen silence, or some relaxing music.   I choose the same music all the time, so I have to let him choose once in awhile.  

Last night I made a mistake.   Have any of you ever done that?

Hubby said “what do you wanna listen to”…and my response?  “Anything”.    What was I thinking? 

I know!  Something like Enya, Chris Botti, John Rich…something relaxing. 

This is the song he put on (the video is kinda funny too though)…he was waiting, just waiting…for me to pop a vein.  (which I finally did, after I heard what it was) 

“Um, can we try something else?”  Ok, no veins were popped in the process of going to bed, but can you imagine, that is just what a loving wife wants to hear as she’s closing her eyes for the night…HELLO!  I think NOT! 

someone, please….help me….(lol)

We have a winner!  


Congrats to CJ (My Mommy)!!!!  Check out her answer in the comments of this post (30 Cents).  She’s funny!  I only wish I some wonderful prize to give her, like millions of dollars!   A wonderful prize…hummm?  Oh ya!  She’s got me!  LOLOLOL

The question:  Two coins equal 30 cents, one of them is not a nickel.  What are the two coins?

The answer:   A quarter and a nickel.

You ask:   Why Steph, when you said that one of them was not a nickel?   How can that be?  

And I say:  Because although one of them wasn’t a nickel (the quarter), the other one was!

…get your kids with this one…LOL

Two coins equal 30 cents, one of them is not a nickel.  What are the two coins?

The “little bump” I went to the Doc for yesterday was actually a cyst that turned into an abcess.  Don’t know what caused it, don’t really care.  I just hope I never get another one.   It seemed HUGE, and it hurt like the dickens! (remember hearing your Mom say that?…Never thought I would!—who/what  is the dickens anyway?)

This is what I saw…


They gave me a numbing shot, lanced it, and bandaged me up.   Gave me a couple Rx’s and sent me on my way!   Yah, thanks for the fun time Doc…NOT!  LOL

I’ve got a busy day today, and I just am not moving to0 quickly.   Ever have one of those days?    I have a list.   If you’ve been here (reading/lurking) long, you know I’m the queen of lists!  

Here’s my list for today!  In no particular order.

  1. The Doc – Just to have a little bump checked out, nothing major.
  2. Costco – I know…not good!
  3. Wal-Mart – To return some stuff.
  4. Goodwill – To drop off two full boxes full of clothes!  YAY!
  5. Barnes and Noble – To pick up a book for BabyAm’s English Class, she likes to read ahead.
  6. To my friend (ex-sister-in-laws) – To drop off a CD of pics I took of my niece on Prom Night.
  7. Figure out/Make Dinner
  8. Go to the Gym
  9. Finish the Laundry
  10. Catch up on replying to emails/commenting on blogs
  11. Pack my scrapbooking bag for tomorrow night w/JoJo
  12. Stuff Graduation Announcements

How’s that for a list?   It’s 11:00am…oh, and I need to shower first!  

I hope I get them all done today!
Wish me luck!

How do you deal with stress?  


Do you work out?  Eat?  Drink?  Something else?

Are there different levels of stress? 

What causes you the most stress? 
Your kids, spouse, job…etc.?

I’ve just been thinking about this,
and wonder about the way others think.

Today was a day of projects.   First thing this morning while I went to borrow Belly Dump’s truck (which I absolutely love by the way), Hubby was starting on his first project:


Step 1:   Dig grass.

He dug out the grass in this spot, it doesn’t get ANY sun, but it does get water, which means…squish, squish, squish!  And he had the perfect solution!  

When I got home, the carpet cleaners had arrived (which is wonderful) and we decided to get the whole shabang…carpets, and furniture both done!   Hubby couldn’t go any further until after I got back so he had started on his next project.   Spraying weeds!


I should mention, it was a  BEAUTIFUL day!  Obviously the trees are blooming, the grass is getting greener, and spring has sprung!

Step 2:  Get Rock.

Hubby and BabyAm headed to get the little bit of rock we needed for Hubby’s project.  They returned with this:


You did read the words above “little bit” of rock we needed right?   Yah.   1/2 a yard of rock.   They claim they could not buy just a 1/4 yard…sure!   A likely story.

Step 3:  Weed Cloth.

Weed cloth, doubled.  He’s making double sure that no grass grows here any more. 


However what you really can’t see, is that his ear is to his shoulder.   He is multi-tasking!   Talking on the phone, trying to help someone with a computer problem.   He can’t help himself.

Meanwhile, inside the house, this is happening:


Well, it doesn’t look busy, but that is because I made sure not to get anyone else in the picture.   Upstairs had been finished, and most of the downstairs, so now it was time for them to start working on the furniture.

Now that I saw that the inside was under control, I had to go back and check on Hubby.  You know, see if he was really doing what he was supposed to.  Because, on the weekends…I crack my whip around here!

Step 4:  Shovel

Looks fun huh?  I don’t think it was, I heard him grunting alot.  He said it took him 4 cart loads…


I am sure that borrowing CJ’s little green bucket cart really helped Hubby with his mission.  I don’t know how he would have been able to finish in one day if he had to fill/dump his hat instead.

Step 5:  Dump and level.

I’m thinking this was the easiest part, but of course anything has got to be easier than documenting someone else working.  (he he he)


All that hard work did pay off however because the last step is the best step of all!

Step 6:  Stand back and look at the perfection!


Man he did a great job.  I have the bestest Hubby in the world!   He’s such a good helper!  

After all that hard work, he finished unloading the rock into our front rock gardens.  I can’t believe he was able to use all that rock.   Everything looks so nice!  Thanks HUNNY!

And as I sit here and type this tonight, I have to tell you how good it feels to have a clean house.   Clean carpets on my bare feet…it’s amazing!

**if you’re wondering if I did anything at all today besides take pictures, yes…I did.   Nothing worth discussing, or documenting though, I save that for the tough jobs!

I think some things were deliverd to the wrong house by mistake yesterday…Cap and Gown?  Graduation Announcements?   Really, who would need such stuff…

There is no way it could be us,
because our little girl is just still teeny-tiny!


See?  Absolutely too young to be graduating…right?!?

Not only did the kids make it through the day, after giving their presentations (which by the way we will not know if they passed for at least a week, or more)…BUT tonight we also got one more necessary thing accomplished!

THE FINAL & ONLY PROM DRESS, has been picked out (after so many were tried on)…it has been paid for (Thanks to my wonderful Mommy-CJ, and Belly Dump—sweet of them huh?), and it has also been brought home (and hopefully hung up).  

We also got BabyAm some cute black wedges (shoes) to go with it.  (She’ll be able to wear them with Jeans too!) Now all we have left is the jewelry!   Thankfully we have a couple weeks.   Prom is May 2nd. 

Wish I could give you a sneak peek…but I can’t! – We did get it at Macy’s though, and got a super deal, seriously!  WooHooo!!!!!!  It’s an amazing dress, very flattering and very cleopatra chic.  

I however am exhausted after this evening.  I’m fighting a headache, and drinking tea…bed is next.

OH!  Before I forget, have you ever been “86’d” from a dress shop?   Well, I have, if you can believe it?!   I’m still in denial about the whole thing.  So, we went into this dress shop in the mall.   It’s all beautiful beaded Indian (India) dresses (Prom, Wedding, etc…)  Anyway, the owner of the place, after BabyAm tried on several dresses, (in his accent) basically said this to us;  “You no try on anymore dresses, you pick from what you have”…I said, “She can’t try on anymore dresses?” and he responded “No, you pick from what you have”…I don’t believe it.   That store had dresses priced from $100 up to $2000+, and  he didn’t want our money????   Ok, whatever dude.

Some people!

Ok, this horrible Senior Project is almost over.   The kids left a few minutes ago to be a bit early (ok, alot early) for their presentations.   Belt Buckle’s is on Minimum Wage.  BabyAm’s is on Child Labor.  Both boring subjects if you ask me.  

After a very long semester of this multiple page report, powerpoint presentation, and speech…I’m so glad to see it come to an end.   It’s actually 25% of their final grade, in two subjects…and they MUST pass in order to graduate.  Nice.

Today the 9th through the 11th grades are out of school, and the Seniors present all day to a panel of 3 teachers, each with their own time slot.   I can’t wait for it to be completely over.

Professionalism is a requirement, and appropriate dress.  Here they are, just as they left.   Beautiful couple huh?


Just so you all understand…I was only allowed ONE picture by Belt Buckle…but I snapped two quickly.   I am sure we won’t see him in a suit and tie very often, so I just HAD to do it!  Thankfully they both turned out and hopefully they both get extra points for how great they look!