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My bloggy friends have previously mentioned this, now it’s my turn!  This movie “Fireproof” is a must see!   You will never look at your marriage, or your relationships the same way again. 


We just finished watching it (Me, Hubby, BabyAm and Belt Buckle) and we all really enjoyed it.   I know the kids did, they just didn’t show it outward.   I know they both learned a TON!

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is married, anyone who is engaged, and anyone who is in a serious relationship.   Wow!

Thanks to my friends who promoted it (you know who you are!), making it stick in my mind.  We now own it, and I’ll be recommending (and loaning) it to all our friends.

She lives!  She breathes!  She blogs!

Here’s a quick update about what’s been going on here…

Belt Buckle and BabyAm had semester finals…so we had quite a few CRAM sessions, that lasted into the nights.


Thankfully, they each only have one more set of finals to take this year, and we have about 3 1/2 months before that happens again.  

Then comes BabyAm’s SAT test.   We had put it off 3 times for different reasons…but this time she finally made it.   She does feel like she did pretty good.   She said the tests were very simillar to the practice tests in her Study Book, which is nice.

We also have been having fun planning a trip for me and my my friend “KK”* (who’s daughter (GI Jane*) is in Boot Camp) to go to South Carolina to watch her graduate the middle of February!   We have re-arranged our trip a little, so that we can fly into Atlanta, and drive to SC…so we can see the area!   Then spend family day and Graduation day there, and then drive back to Atlanta where we can see some sights for 2 days before flying home!   One of the sites we want to see is the Georgia Aquarium!  What a blast!   So, the planning of this has been taking all my time at the computer, if you can imagine.  (Let me know if you’re a reader from Atlanta…or have been there and think there is somewhere we should see while there)


We also just recently found out that The Dark Knight wants to come back for his ENTIRE spring break!   Too cool for us!!!!  We are all very excited!  He is bringing his girlfriend (****) with him, which will be nice.  We are excited to meet her.  Freckles will also be here for 1/2 of his spring break, its the same week.   Sadly their spring breaks fall the week AFTER BabyAm and Belt Buckles break…but that’s ok, it’ll give them some time to sight see, etc.

This weekend, after making all the flight arrangements for the kids to come, we decided that we needed to figure out sleeping arrangements!   We have two bedrooms upstairs  (BabyAms and a Spare room) with a Jack/Jill bathroom between them.   A bathroom in the hallway and a bonus room.  So we…did some re-arranging!   We bought a day bed, with a trundle and sheet/comforer sets that match the spare room.   We put them in the Bonus Room.   Now we have room for all 4 kids!   BabyAm will stay in her room (since she has school), The Dark Knight and Freckles will stay in the newly renovated (and super cool) bonus room that looks like a hotel room…and **** (we will get her a nick-name asap!) will stay in the spare room, and have some extra privacy.   We are so excited!

I also am in the process of making arrangements to have family pictures taken.  This will be the first time we will have all 3 kids in the same place at the same time to be able to have professional photos taken.   They’ve been together before about 6 years ago, but we weren’t able to get professional family pics then.  So this is going to be a great visit!

That’s all the time I have for now…but I should be posting some more pictures up soon! 

*KK is how she will be referred to from here on out.  :)  KK and I went to High School together and are really two peas in a pod.   Like Thelma and Louise, only without driving off the cliff at the end!

*GI Jane – KK’s beautiful daughter, and BabyAm’s unbiological twin sister!  LOL  I swear to you, they are so much alike it’s scary!

I’ve been hiding out the past couple weeks.  


Needed a blogging break.  Hope you all forgive me and understand.  
Nothing bad is happening, nothing sad is happening…
just really needed to focus on some stuff around the house…

And of course, scrapbooking.

I miss all of you,
and will catch up soon,
both reading and blogging!

Just a quick set of pics…from Last Friday’s Adventure!

New Year!  New Hair!

Thanks for being my Photographer BabyAm!


Found this in the current issue of Skin & Ink (Featuring our Tattoo Artist)
Decided “THIS WAS IT!”

Hubby swore that I wouldn’t do it.   A little loving push.  
I’ve been threatening WILD and BRIGHT for years,
and each time when I get to the salon, I chicken out.   

This time I knew it was the right time.  
Especially after he jokingly told me to “Grow some balls”…funny huh?

Here we go!


The flash got me, I wasn’t trying to hide and I wasn’t angry!  LOL

Skip through all the tin-foil, the eyebrow coloring, and the waxing…
And head straight to the cut, this is some of my hair…


this was what it looked like all cut off!


Look at those big curls! 


And…outside in the light! 
It was windy and overcast too…but WOW!


It will brighten up, instead of fade…which is very cool!
And a facial picture will come
eventually for those of you who have asked.

Please, I beg of you…don’t comment if you hate it.

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I forgot to mention in my previous post, a few things that happened.  The first one was that while Hubby (BabyAm and Belt Buckle too) were gone to pick up Freckles, that I was making a special quick trip to the Vet.   Not for Humphrey Bogart this time though, it was for Tommy Lee.    He’d been throwing up (among other things), and had a really red and hot ear which concerned me.  

I tried taking him in the truck with me alone, but he would have NO part of that.   His brother had to come or he was going to pop a vein.  So I piled them both in (upset mind you cuz my baby was sick) and off we headed through the pathetic un-plowed snowy roads.   When we got to the Vet, my parents met me there to help out with Humphrey, sadly they braved those roads for nothing, across town…because I had to leave him there.   OMG, I hate leaving my babies there.  I like the vets, but hate leaving the boys anywhere.

The second thing I failed to mention was that when the family got home from their snowy drive, something I totally did not expect happened to me.  A big bear hug from Freckles!  That was the best way to start his visit!  I wish someone could have captured that in a picture.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I did get quite a few more than normal durning this visit…even if he was trying to make Tommy bark at him, I’ll take anything I can get!)

After picking up Tommy from the Vet ($200 later, with Medicine in tow and x-rays that found nothing abnormal), we decided it was time to open presents.   It was so much fun the first four times that we wanted to do it again!  :)  


That is a face of a young man (My Tea Drinkin Buddy) who doesn’t know what he’s holding.  It’s a tea bag squeezer.  The fancy schmancy tea bags we like, don’t have the string on them so this little gaget makes it much easier to remove the tea bags from your tea mug!   He also got a box of that fancy special tea, a package of individually wrapped Walkers Shortbread Fingers to dip in it, and his very own Bone China Tea Mugs (Dad found those, with some help from Mrs. Potts, and he totally scored!)  He’s set until spring I think.  I also sent him home with a couple bottles of Tejava that he didn’t know he had until he got home and was unpacking! 

We already knew what Freckles big present was from his parents in the mountains, so we added to his madness down here.  He got a Wii (well, like us, his family did)!


Yes, that is yet ANOTHER Guitar Hero…only this one is World Tour, with a Guitar.   We must have been drinking heavily when we decided that ALL the kids needed to be part of this CRAZE.    For those of you who don’t know, the World Tour is simillar to Rock Band (but only for the Wii).   You can add another guitar, drums, and a microphone.   Yeah, that’s a scary thought, huh?

Now, the face you’re about to see…I’m not quite sure what it’s all about but because this family is really facially challenged, I thought I’d add it in here just for fun. 


Just as Freckles is opening this box,
he was saying quietly, but out loud  “Sweet!”


Just what he wanted!  His favorite color, and with SKULLS on it! 
A 4×4 helmet!  His was too small, and this one fit JUST RIGHT!


Little did he know that this helmet would be our favorite way to tease him the entire time he was here.  Please don’t think we picked on him just to pick on him…he deserves every bit of it…cuz he get’s all of us too!  


Facially challenged, I wasn’t kidding!

Sunday proved to be another day of rest UNTIL just before dinner time.  Freckles and Dad decided they had a mission to attend to.  BabyAm (the Boston Boys) and I joined in the fun.   Mind you, this is the first weekend after Christmas, so everyone and like us (their dogs) were out shopping, exchanging and spending!   What a zoo!

This mission, entailed places like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, but none of those places had what they were looking for and finally we ended up at…Game Crazy, where the box was put into our truck.  Any guesses as to what the mission was for?   


Yep – the whole kit and caboodle, Rock Band-The Complete Set. 
Dear Lord, please help us all!  Just kidding! 

So with some of the cash, gift cards and a little help from Dad, Freckles decided this is what he wanted to buy!   I have to admit, it is pretty cool!   I even…shhh…attempted to play the guitar but managed to get Boo’d off the stage.   I didn’t do too well.   I tried though.  Thank goodness the only picture BabyAm got was a TERRIBLE camera phone picture that you could barely make me out in.   Wooo Hooo! 

 Here’s a picture of the kids  (LOL) playing World Tour that night!


We finished up the evening by adding friends and family to our new Facebook accounts, and chatting with our Sorority Sister (she’s actually our neice, and the kids’ cousin but she needed a nick name!)   Hubby got out the camera, set it on the timer and got a picture of us for her.  NICE isn’t it?  


Can you say losers?  We won’t be offended!

And YES, those are Guitar Hero fleece pants the guys are wearing!  
BabyAm got Playboy Bunny (they didn’t have snow bunny),
Belt Buckle (not pictured) got Camo,
and I got Pillsbury Dough Boy (Girl!)

Thanks CJ and Belly Dump!  (Grammy & Papa)

Saturday morning, bright and early, Hubby headed out the door to go pick up Freckles (half way).   He took along two helpers to keep him awake, and for company on the slow snowy drive just over 100 miles North into the mountains.   He took BabyAm and Belt Buckle.   They slept almost the whole way there…big help huh?

On the way he stopped to take a break from all the wonderful drivers idiots that were also taking the drive on the slick and barely visable canyon roads.  These pictures were a few taken of  his early morning view in Smith’s Ferry (about 50 miles from town).




Whew!  They safely made it to get Freckles…
He looks sleepy huh?  And I’m thinkin he needs a little haircut?



The weather still hasn’t lightened up by the time they’re 1/2 way home.
But the view is so beautiful.


And even though Freckles and Belt Buckle had only JUST met…
They knew EXACTLY who their Target was to be!



Or maybe she fell.  I can’t be too sure, you know how boys are!
Whatever the case, she really got in touch with her inner Snow Bunny.

Then when Hubby finally got home, and after a much needed rest,
He had this to deal with…


You’ve gotta be kidding me!?


Glad I’m not the only one out here!


Can you believe this crap?


Ok, better get back to work before my wife see’s me slacking off!

Like I said before, Santa managed to get down the chimney pipe of our Gas Stove, which was nice of him, since I’m sure everyone here has been borderline naughty at some point.  

I’m not going to mention any names…lol.


He did bring lots of fun things though! 
Regardless of her serious face, she WAS excited!


Like those for BabyAm and the Family…and…these for Dad.


Why he’s wearing all of them, I have no idea.  Strange Guy!


This is my Uncle, and seriously you had to be there for this gift!  :) 


And CJ asked for a shirt from Santa telling everyone that she’s the MOM!
So she got one!


Auntie G is fitting right in with this family!


Inside that big box for Hubby were some of these…


This way he’ll stop advertising for other clients! 

 And Belly Dump got this cool “Do-Rag” to wear while riding his HOG!


If you would like to see all the pictures from Christmas Day, click here!
Freckles…You’re NEXT!

For all of my bloggy friends, my family and especially Freckles…I’m working on my blog posts from Christmas Day on!   I’ve not forgotten, and I have alot of fun pictures and stories to share!

I will tell you this much…SANTA CAME AGAIN, and this time he ate the cookies and drank the milk I left for him! 


Please be patient, I’m working on them!  
Got lots of pictures to resize and insert!

I saw this license plate the other day.   I could not figure out why in the world would want this advertised on their car…interesting vanity plate, I’d say.


Then I asked myself, could it mean:

Whatever the reason…I still don’t get it.  Any of those reasons!  Do you?

On Christmas Eve, Hubby and I wanted to treat BabyAm, Belt Buckle and his parents to one of our favorite dinner places.   Somewhere that they (Belt Buckle and his parents) had never been before, and something that we thought they would enjoy.  The Melting Pot (Fondue)

Because there are so many cute pictures of BabyAm and Belt Buckle, I’m going to be randomly dropping them into this post.   Because I can, cuz I’m the Mom and this is my blog!  

We had made reservations several days in advance, chosen our courses already (so everything was taken care of when we arrived), and “helped out” with a little dessert excitement.

Belt Buckle was the only one who was a little concerned.   I think he was concerned there wouldn’t be enough food at first, and that he wouldn’t get full.   Surprisingly even though he said he didn’t like onions, he ate the cheese fondue that had the scallions in it more often than the one that didn’t.   We dipped fresh veggies, 3 kinds of breads and apples in the cheese.  And he loved it. 


Then came “funky salads” and they didn’t have Thousand Island dressing.  (Too funny!)   He was sure he was not going to like this strange salad that was put in front of him, but it was gone, lighting fast!  His mom whispered to me that he wouldn’t  have eaten it if he didn’t like it. 


Empty salad plates aside, next was the main course.  Lobster tails, shrimp, salmon, pork tenderloin, filet mignon, chicken and spinach ravioli.  In addition to plates full of more veggies.   Just like the cheese, everyone picked a favorite (of the two boiling broth bowls, and enjoyed every single bite.   Belt Buckle did a great job of stealing everyone’s salmon, and then when everyone else couldn’t eat another bite…he managed to make sure there was nothing left uneaten.  *UPDATED TO ADD:  I forgot to mention that he repeatedly said, “I’m so full…I’m so full…”  Cute huh, for him to be so concerned, and realize OMG, there is so much food!


Finally our beautiful dessert plates arrived along with two different kinds of chocolate fondue.  My favorite part!  This time, I have to say BabyAm and Belt Buckle’s dessert plate had a little something special with it.



Here’s a few photos that followed the arrival of the desert plates, they speak for themselves!  And the only thing I can say, is that it was the sweetest thing I have seen in a very long time.   It was a perfect ending to a wonderful evening with friends and family!






AMAZING isn’t it?  Wow does it sparkle!
(Good thing she got her nails done earlier in the morning!) 

So, if you have never had fondue,
you are missing out on a little bit of heaven!
(Even without the surprise at the end)

After dinner, we headed back here to exchange gifts. BabyAm bought Belt Buckle a Leatherman, and had his name and 2008 engraved on the blade, made him his very own fleece blanket, made him home-made chocolate chip cookies and pajama pants.  We got him a new hard-shell CD case for his truck (among a few other miscellaneous things) and had some pictures made of BabyAm that he picked out, and framed for him.   His parents bought her a beautiful necklace and sweater vest.   If you’d like to see all the pictures from the evening, please click here!

I still had to give Santa directions to the house, explain to him how to get down our skinny gas stove pipe, and bake cookies (just kidding) to leave for him.  Actually I left him a few of BabyAm’s homemade ones, I didn’t have it in me.


I think my morning finally WRAPPED UP around 3:30 am.   I was sure hoping to sleep in, however with family coming over at noon the next day, I knew it would just be a short nap.   And I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought, so I dropped into bed and was asleep before ever hitting the pillow.