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This day, was the end of the our visit with The Dark Knight.   Very sad day to be quite honest.  We all got used to him being here.   Maybe we’ll get to have him back again soon…even if only for another couple days.  

We took some family pictures, I can’t wait to scrapbook them!  I wish that Freckles could have been here with us so he could be in them, and we’d have our ENTIRE family in one room again…hopefully that will happen soon too.  Hubby and I seriously are considering trying to PhotoShop him into these.  Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Remember there is never a dull moment around here! 


We have one on board at least….with this next one.


They did it!  Yay!


Like Father, Like Son!  For sure!


I don’t believe this…TEXTING?  During Pictures???  HELLO!


Look alike much???  Um, YA! 
I think it’s the hair!


Aweee, can we keep him…PLEASE???


And finally…Us, minus Freckles…


See I think we could photoshop him (Freckles) in there, don’t you?

Off to the airport the handsome men went;
If you ask me, it was 3 1/2 days well spent!
Though many hard times have past with these two;
I pray this visit has made them anew!
A new family start we want to begin;
In hopes that with time, happiness will win!

I’m not even close to done catching you all up, so if you’re bored already from Pre-Christmas Break, CB Part 1, or CB Part 2…come back and visit next week, cuz Christmas Break is all you’re getting for awhile.  :) 

NOW,  for those of you who are wanting all the scoop on the Teenager Torment at the T’s Household….stick around!

The 23rd was our last full day with The Dark Knight.  I know, he just got here!  And now he’s gotta go back?   (Sad Steph-Mommy here)… The kids stayed up all night, once again and then got to sleep in again.   I’m glad they got the opportunity to SHARE stuff, and know the other person wouldn’t stab them in the back, or tell their secrets to anyone else, because they don’t live in the same place, and don’t have the same friends.  I think it was a mutual confidence. 

With all the snow, and slick roads we really didn’t spend too much time outside.   But here are a few pictures of the kids (can I still call them that?  And what about the bald one, is he still a kid too?) at various times of the day and night.






That’s one of my favorite pics!  Above!

That evening, BabyAm and I were invited over to My Uncle and (Auntie) G’s house, it was her “Happy Birthday”!!!!!  

Isn’t she beautiful?????


And she said she didn’t want us to bring anything, this I am sure, is why:


WONDERFUL Filipino Food!  She cooked all day!
On her birthday!

I can’t tell you the names of everything but I do know most.  Ready?

 Sticky Rice




Leche Flan


Pan Sit




And Filipino Spaghetti and Meatballs


These two are different pasta salads…not sure what they’re called tho.



We ate, and ate, and ate…then we got to bring some home…it was awesome!

One more post to go left of the Beginning of Christmas Break…
Can you handle it?   Or maybe, can “I” handle it?

I’m exhausted now,
so I might need some encouragement!

Hubby had to actually do a little work the morning of the 22nd, and he left early.   The kids were obviously still in bed, since they did NOT go to bed until MORNING.   The Dark Knight actually said that he heard his dad shower and leave at 6:30 am…then went back to sleep.   Oh my!

Anyway, I walked outside to see all the snow that had fell the night before to see this:


What a cool sight!   The neighbor ladies had gotten a new snow blower a few days before and they were excited to play with their new toy!   And I knew Hubby would be jacked that he wouldn’t have to do it!   Sweet huh?   They are really super people. 

Thankfully my Hubby had already picked up dinner the day before, so the rest of the day (after the kids got up) we just hung out and visited until it was time to start dinner.   We invited Belt Buckle over, so we had 3 teenagers (ok, 5 if you count us) and a 6.5 lb Seasoned Prime Rib!  Yum!   We didn’t know that teenage boys could “pack it away” like that!  Holy Cow!   Would you believe me if I told you that both boys each ate 3 Prime Rib steaks!?!  I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.   Wow, where did it all go?  Amazing!

Would you believe Santa came early, and in the evening too?  He must have known that The Dark Knight was leaving on Christmas Eve.  I might have given him a little indication though, shhh don’t tell.  


What a wonderful evening!  
Watching the kids open presents, smiling, laughing and kickin back was so neat.  


This was our first Christmas with The Dark Knight, since Hubby and I have been married in 9.5 years.   And this was his first visit to our home to boot!   (I might have forgotten to mention that before)  It was awesome! 

And after a little help from Big Brother…


the Terrible Two were ready to “Rock and Roll, all Night”….and they did!


I don’t have more pictures because I was too busy video taping them.  
I’ll have to get those posted, they’re too funny!


The Dark Knight got Guitar Hero Aerosmith (for the Wii), and BabyAm got Guitar Hero III (for the Wii) from Santa, if it’s not obvious enough!    What was he thinking anyway….remember those words, please.  I’m sure they’ll come up again. *sigh*

Boy, I’ve still got plenty more to say…
so, don’t go too far away! 

That rhyme was dedicated to Spoiled Mommy!
Even though it was dumb.  LOL

A long long time ago (not really), in a land far far away (yeah, whatever), lived a handsome young prince who we will call “The Dark Knight” from this point forward.  He is a very tall 6’2″, has beautiful sparkling eyes, he is very kind hearted and has a charming smile.   Did I mention he has “pink” hair?   He is the oldest of the 3 teenagers in our blended family, and we have not had the pleasure of his company in many years, until now (the 21st through the 24th).

The weather was not cooperating with us, and dumped on us, a ton of snow!  We were expecting “The Dark Knight” to arrive on Sunday the 21st, however all the flights out of his hometown were either cancelled or delayed.  We were on pins and needles, praying he would make it here, that day…and SAFE!  Late was fine, but we really didn’t want to miss out on this visit.  (Nope that’s not a deer, it’s Bristol, our neighbors Doberman, he’s a sweetie!)


Hooray!  His flight finally got in the air…and within a little over an hour was safely claiming his luggage!  (We found out later that the flights after his were all cancelled because the airport ran out of de-icer.)  When he got in the house he scooped up BabyAm (his only sister) and gave her hugs!  She was surprised, and happy!


So there he is my friends, the OLDEST of the teenagers, “The Dark Night”.   Handsome isn’t he?  I told you!    And, to our surprise, 6’2″ looks a lot different (TALLER) in person!!!! OMG, he is taller than his Dad!  By a MILE! 

We were so excited to have him here!   We all went out to a nice dinner at The Texas Roadhouse, and spent some time visiting, all of us getting to know each other again and laughing a lot.   After dinner, BabyAm and I went to do a little grocery shopping and left the guys to themselves to have some alone time and get reaquainted.  They really needed that time together.

The teenagers stayed up until 5:30 am (I think that’s about right) visiting about everything from friends, to parents, to life and looking at pictures.   You’d think they hadn’t seen each other in almost 6 years!   They hadn’t!   And they picked up right where they left off!


The above last picture did NOT get added to this post without a TON of TEARS….I am so glad no one is home but me right now.  What a bawl-baby!   Cute though, huh?    (We miss you already “Dark Knight” come back soon!)

In order to really catch you up, I have to go back to the 18th, that’s when I primarily quit writing (even though there are a few posts, they don’t contain much info.   So, after staying up so late with Hubby, being a Good-Helper I fell asleep in the chair and managed to get a little behind in starting my busy day.

I rushed to drop off the Boys to the Vet, for their shots and check-ups.  They love riding in the car (truck too, but the car seems to be more fun).


When we arrived and while I was filling out paperwork, they took Humphrey back first.   Then the assistant came running out to me telling me that he’d just had a seizure but that the Doctor was right there and going through it with him!  OMG!  He’s not had a seizure since April, when we put him on the Phenobarbitol!   (That post will catch my new friends up)  You guessed it, instant tears…Momma was not doing good.   He came out of it quickly she said and that he would be fine.   (I knew that, however it didn’t make me feel anybetter leaving my baby/babies after that trauma.) *sigh*

So with the nice slick roads and snow we were so blessed with, I left bawling to start my errands.


My first stop, I fell getting back into the car, hands and knees first.   (My knee’s still kind of ache).  I was honestly fine, but my pride was VERY hurt.   Who knows who saw me, and I was covered in white powder (snow).  NICE.

Off to drop off some stuff to CJ (my Mom) at work…there, I managed to loose my car keys.   After some frantic searching.  I finally found them.   In my back pocket no less!  What idiot puts their keys in their back pocket anyway!

What is with all the bad luck I was having?  Oh but WAIT!   There is more   Yep!  While I was headed home, I got another call from the Vet…would you believe that Humphrey had another Seizure while at the Vet’s office?    My heart (in addition to my previously mentioned pride) were both broken.  Poor little guy!   She decided to “up” his meds to 3x a day instead of only 2x.  

In the midst of all this, BabyAm sent me a message from school “This is our education at work”…NICE huh?  What is wrong with this picture?


Later that evening, after picking up the boys from the Vet and running Christmas Errands…I had lots of this to do:


I handled it well because I ate these: (Which everyone probably missed out on, Hubby got them for me at the Chevron Gas Station-LOL) – They are the BOMB!


And Blackberry Instant Messaged Leslie @ Got Kids Need Valium for awhile.  Sending her funky pictures like this:


And this:


This year everyone got a Rubic’s Cube, last year I think they were Easy Buttons.  My Uncle started this Weird Gift thing one year by wrapping up old 8 track tapes (because he didn’t know what to do with them, so he gave them as gifts) so of course when I get the chance and find something odd…I have to follow suit!  

Don’t go far, there are several more posts and lots of pictures coming!

Borrowed from


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
by Jason L.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

no devices were running, not even my mouse!

The blizzard had swept through the town an ice shower,

it had thrashed, it had crashed, we had all lost our power!

I was sitting there weeping with my mind full of dread,

when a great revelation popped in my head!

My BlackBerry, my BlackBerry…on 24/7,

it was my salvation, my new glimpse of heaven!

I leaped from my chair with a great sense of joy,

Christmas may be for children, but I had my toy!

With instant push email, a browser, and flash,

it was the most prized possession of my electronic stash!

My eyes lit up brightly as they fell down upon it,

I know it’s an object, but I always did fawn it!

When, what to my glimmering sight should appear,

an email, a text, my eye shed a tear!

My night was not ruined, my nightmare deflected,

I knew in a moment, I was always connected!

I unwrapped my “sword” from its tight leather sheath,

and I whistled, and shouted, and gritted my teeth!

“I love you! I love you! My glorious BlackBerry!

I love you! I love you! My Christmas is merry!”

Open browser, open menu, and enter address,

to, joyous, God bless!”

The page began loading, the bar filled with blue,

I was filled with excitement knowing not what to do!

Like the Garden of Eden or lands milk and honey,

CrackBerry was my paradise, treasures greater than money!

With forums, and blogs, and up-to-date news,

it serves every person from Christians to Jews!

No matter what your religion or winter tradition, brings all to fruition!

With tons of free goodies like ringtones and themes, is more than it seems!

A central help center when your service is stopping,

or a bountiful warehouse for holiday shopping!

Wallpapers, skins, and cases to carry,

chargers, and cradles, and Bluetooths, how merry!

Forget hand-sewn sweaters, no fruitcakes, no more,

Don’t need two front teeth just the Crackberry store!

After hours of surfing that wonderful site,

I bade my farewell and said my goodnight!

Put on my pajamas and I crept into bed,

while visions of BlackBerrys danced through my head!

I pulled up the covers and drifted to sleep,

praying the heavens my smartphone to keep!

A last roaming thought of my BlackBerry chum,

I knew in the night Kris Kringle would come!

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

and filled all the stockings then turned with a jerk!

Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling came a noise from his sleigh,

I woke up quite suddenly and heard Santa say,

“Yes Mrs. Claus I’ll be home around dawn,
and please stop worrying, my GPS’s on!”

And away Santa flew like the down of a thistle,

but I heard him exclaim, and his BlackBerry whistle,

“Even Santa’s connected and always doth carry,
not magic, not Rudolph, but his faithful BlackBerry!”


Merry Christmas Everyone!

PS…Leslie, can you relate now?

PSS…I have SO much to catch you up on! I can’t wait!

*Long, but great ending* 

Wednesday afternoon Hubby had a client’s server crash, and crash hard.   It was about 3pm.   It happened while he was there, so instead of heading out to his next stop, he stayed.   

BabyAm and I took him some dinner, he was preparing for a late night.   CJ (Mom) came over and she used my oven to make sweet treats for Belly Dump (Dad) since their kitchen has been out of commission.    We visited and had a nice time hangin out.   When she left though, I did a few things around the house, BabyAm headed to bed and when midnight came, I really decided that I needed to go help Hubby…I was up, and he was still going to be quite awhile there.  

Now, I know perfectly well that I can’t do too much to help, but I can do little things like login/logoff , install printers, copy data, that kind of stuff.   I knew I could be a good helper.   I stopped on the way and got some snacks and some coffee for us.  He was happy to see a helper.  I think.   LOL

So, I was able to do all of the above listed stuff for him but I’m not sure how much time I really saved him.   Finally it was time to head into the server room (where all the phones, locks and computers are all hooked up—-wires everywhere).   I was looking around, checking things out, like I normally do but this time I had to find out where the beeping noise was coming from.  I’d heard it before, but never looked for it.   It was about 3am in the morning and constant beeping was NOT on my high priorities of sounds to hear.   LOL.

OMG – I found it! – “Honey!  I found it”


Ugly little box!  So I looked at the front screen…


It says “In Bypass Mode – Press Any Key” – so I asked Hubby if I could press “Any Key”…Wouldn’t you?  If it would make the beeping stop…right?  He told me SURE.  Thank heaven  that noise was driving me nuts!!!!!

So, I pushed “Any Key”, ok all of them…several times…andthe beeping stopped; the ugly box turned off!   That was easy!


He was right in the middle of installing a 2nd Network Card (that should have already been in the server but the idiot before him (who got fired) didn’t use two…probably why the crash) when he realized that HE was now running on battery, on the server! 

Uh Oh!

I’m such a good helper that I managed to turn the battery backup off  to the whole building, which included the door locking software (that Hubby hasn’t ever had to worry about to this point) and the phone system, not to mention the computer system.  NICE.  So, when I told him that the light was OFF NOW, on this Ugly Box, he started lookin for power…Serious Uh Oh!

Would you believe he was patient, calm and didn’t yell at me…when I KNEW HE WAS FREAKING OUT.  What a guy!   He unplugged and replugged in the Ugly Box, and POOF!  POWER again!!!! 


So my friends, be careful when trying to be a good helper…especially when you have no idea what you’re doing!  I felt terrible, but we were able to joke about it.  

Shortly after that (at 5am) he sent me home.   I think he’d had enough of my helpfulness.  LOL  I think he got home around 7:30am, with 2 of their computers that needed rebuilt and then took those back around 11:00…poor guy – by the time he got some sleep (only a couple hours) it had been almost 35 hours without sleep.

Last night, the Vice President of the company asked Hubby if he would mind taking a look at his laptop sometime this weekend, and was being very vague about what was wrong with it.   We stopped in there last night to check it out.  This is what he found…


18 Year Old Macallan Scotch
And a note of Thanks and Merry Christmas!  
It was made 2 years before BabyAm was born!!!  
Hubby loves good Scotch!!

I already knew…he he he…they called me to find out what kind to get! 

See, I really am a good helper!

Thought I’d play along today, because I actually have a pic that says exactly what I need it to say…which is;



Yes, you saw that correctly.   10.2 degrees.   That was this morning at just about 7:30.   Wonderful weather we’re having!  At the time of this post it was 19.9…I’m practicing to be an ice cube.

For more Wordless Wednesday fun, visit Spoiled Mommy, 5 Minutes for Mom and Wordless Wednesday!

I am sure some of you have thought of sending your (aging) parents to a “home”.   Well, I have for many years reassured my mom that I would let her live with me, instead of sending her to a home.   Yesterday I asked myself, “Steph, are you SURE you don’t want to send her to a “home”…I think it’s time”…

I went to my mom’s house, to check on her watch her dogs for a couple hours, so she could go hang out with people more exciting to work for a few hours.  

To my surprise a very scary wonderful aroma was coming from one of the rooms upstairs.   Yes, upstairs.   It smelled like…are you ready for this?  Dinner!   When you’re parents are aging and you smell dinner coming from upstairs, don’t you think you should go check it out?   Ya, that’s why I went up there, like any good daughter would do, I was deeply concerned.  She has been known to do some crazy things, so I needed to make sure she wasn’t trying to have a chili cookoff in her bathtub. 

Nope!  There was no chili in her bathtub, but there was however…THIS!


What in the world?  Yes my dear bloggy friends, that is a ROAST in a CROCKPOT, in the BATHROOM!   I can’t believe my eyes…and so I looked around to see if I was missing something, and sure enough, I was!


The condiments!   Right there next to the toothbrushes!   

You guys think I’m kidding, I know you do!   I however am definately not.   Now you know why I was asking myself if I was crazy for wanting to bring her to MY home, and not just place her in “A” Home.   Do I really want to wonder what crazy cooking crisis I might have if she comes home with me…I should leave that to the professionals, don’t you think?

So my friends, I have to ask for your opinion:   Now be fair, and choose your option before reading any further, because those are the rules it’s more fun that way!

[polldaddy poll=1204502]

Now that you’ve made your decision.  
I’ll let you in on a little teeny, tiny secret.  


She’s having her kitchen cupboards remodeled, so her entire kitchen is located in some other part of the house, and this was where she decided to cook dinner.   She’s gotta feed her and her hubby!  Right?

Feel free to say hello to my mom everyone!  She’s not too crazy….yet!

One of Hubby’s clients has a nice Christmas Party each year.   All sorts of fun themes.  This year  (Sunday night) was a black and white theme.   One guy was even in a black robe with black and white jammies.   Funny!   We however dressed up.  (Sorry for the funky camera pics, I need to change some settings)


Not only do they feed us a very nice dinner, along with a nice sized bar,
(I had White Russians) but they have drawings for fun prizes, 
and awards for different things like highest sales, etc.  


Additionally for the past two years they have had a casino night intertwined.   Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and Texas Hold’em to name a few, dealers, chips and all!   In the years past I’ve never played, just watched. Until that night!   We each got $500 to start off with.  I carried mine around like I was “all that”!  Because I really wanted to be.


I started off by sittin next to JoJo and watching…trying to find the nerve.


Then I finally sat down and cautiously started playin $5 hands, then up to $25, who knew that really…I was becoming brave!  Here’s me and JoJo starting off our winning streaks!


I had several really good hands…I took pictures!  Just so I could blog them.   The dealer thought I was off my rocker.  Maybe I am!  LOL 




JoJo mentioned how she couldn’t wait to get a purple chip.   I didn’t know a purple chip was $500!!!  Fun!  

By the last few hands of the night I was playin 3 hands at $100 a pop.   I knew my night was coming to an end, but I was having a blast, just hangin with my friend, spending someone elses money and giggling with an 80 year old dealer.   What was a few hundred (fake) dollars compared to all that?   Really!

And here’s one other chip, I didn’t know they had…I had to trade the dealer some of my $25 chips for one of these….guess i had a good chunk of his much needed change…but seriously, isn’t it pretty?  It’s really almost a gold color!


On the very last deal….I had placed on one spot $510, one $500 and one $1000.   I lost one, pushed one and got a black jack on another.  I  think I walked away with the same amount I started with on that last deal.   Very cool!   JoJo however left the table with a few hundred dollars more than me.   But I’m not jealous, nah…(she just better watch out next year!)

Do I see bigtime gambling in my future?    Vegas maybe? 

I don’t think so…I am honestly a chicken.    But on the bright side, I did manage to win us a poker set!  So now I can get even better!  Maybe even learn Texas Hold’em (that’s where Hubby was most of the night…I won’t tell you about how he did…)  LOL.   We’ve got a Texas Hold’em game that we’ve never gotten out.   Guess it’s time for some extra practice!

And lastly here’s a picture of me and one of the bosses wives, just as the party was coming to a close.  She’s a sweetheart.