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Last night, we filled up, the Expedition.  And the gas light was on…


Can you believe this is what we paid?


Wow!  It was really $1.71, but we got a .10 discount at FM

That’s why I am wondering if I need glasses…State average is $1.82.

Yep!  It’s another Griswald Holiday Nightmare around here…first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and now Christmas!  We are out of control!


To see more pictures of the outside, just click here.  Before we put up the fat snowman in the middle of the yard, the neighbor lady – laughingly said “if you put up one more thing in that yard, we’re movin!”…of course she was kidding.  She loves it!

We haven’t finished decorating the inside just yet, I can only do so much!  And laundry was more important today…I know, why does everyone think they need clean clothes to start the week???  I don’t get it either!

Well, I’m just as tired tonight as I was last night, but I have more pictures to share, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes to post them.   This is not going to be in date order, because they are all starting to run together, but at least you’ll know what we’ve been doing.

A couple Saturdays ago (I meant to post this long before now) on our quest for time together as a family we ran a couple errands and stopped for lunch.  Wendy’s.   We haven’t really ever had any problems at Wendy’s before, so I am sure you can see where I’m going with this…Do you see a problem here?  Seriously.  This is a Wendy’s Double.


And this is what they advertise it looking like…


I know they never look like the pictures do, but come on…did you see that lettuce piece.  It was really no bigger than a quarter!!! – You bet they made all 3 of our hamburgers again!

We have been using the cheezy 3 leg tables, with the glass over them (you know the ones) for years, as end-tables.   They were and have been for a VERY long time, on their last leg-so to speak…and we’ve not been able to find anything to match our living room, that was sturdy, built well and in our price range, until the other night.

Here’s a picture of what we had:


And here’s a picture of what we NOW have:  YAY!!!!


I also took a picture last week of what the kitchen table looks like when I’m trying to organize my scrapbooking stuff, so I can get memoribillia and pictures together for my Thursday nights with JoJo.   This is a mild day, but there is about 2 days and about 5 stops of our vacation to Seattle, on that table.  I’m still not even 1/2 done with the ONE week trip.   *sigh*


More to come…
Man I have to quit waiting so long to blog!

I promised several of you that I’d post what’s been going on around here lately…so I’ll start with preprations for Thanksgiving….

The night before, I made rolls (like my Grandma used to make) and I also made a dessert that is tradition, one Grandma also used to make for my Uncle and me.   Raspberry Fluff.   However, this time I made a Blackberry Fluff…which we all seemed to like very well.   My Uncle’s birthday is the 23rd of November, so usually my Grandma would make him his very own, and also one for us to all share.   He prefers Cherry, so that’s what he gets.   Since my Grandma passed away, it has been passed on to me.  I still always make two.   I was planning on taking pictures while making it, HOWEVER, I took the first one, and forgot to take any after that.   Here’s the ingredients.  (There is NOT ONE good-for-you ingredient in the whole recipe.)


Thursday – Thanksgiving Day!
We woke up Thanksgiving morning, picked up a little, and got ready.  Army Mom texted me this picture, she was so happy she got to talk to (briefly) and get this picture of her cute Boot Camp Beauty, she is on the left.  I was excited to get it too…I am having sympathy pains for Army Mom…is that possible?


The it was time to head to my Uncle’s and Auntie G’s.  They bought a new house this summer and offered to have it at their house.  Who are any of us to say no.  They did such a great job, I nominated them to do Thanksgiving at their house every year.  And I will do Christmas, unless my mom (CJ) wants to sometimes.  Here’s “part” of dinner…it all wouldnt’ fit on the table YUM!


That night BabyAm went to hang out with Belt Buckle, and Hubby and I got about a 2 hour nap.   We knew we were in for a long night.  You see it’s become a traditon for Hubby and I to leave in the middle of the night (for Black Friday) and drive around, looking at places like Best Buy with all the tents out, and the freezing people, then heading to breakfast before doing some un-necessary shopping!   We love it, it’s a special kind of date really.

Black Friday Morning – 12:30am
We headed out.   We started by returning some cheezy lawn ornaments back to Wal-M*art, and looked around a bit there.   Nothing exciting was happening there yet.   Then it was off to breakfast where we stuffed ourselves, drank strong coffee and looked through the ads.  We weren’t dying for anything, but we decided to start with JCP*nnys, they were having a great sale on towels.   Do you know that we have been using the same towels for 8 or 9 years?   Not all of them are that old, but some are…and they needed replaced.  They opened at 4am.  Here’s a couple pictures, just after they let us into the mall.  And just after I blogged from my phone.


Yes, that is a BOLD…crackberry junkies I tell ya,
but that story is for another day!

This is Hubby’s new shopping buddy!
Seriously though, he’s a trooper huh?


Funny how that was RIGHT by where we were walking in!
I couldn’t help myself…taking the picture of it!
No, I didn’t pull out any money!

We got 8 bath towels, 8 hand towels, and 8 washcloths along with 2 nice rugs for the cold tile bathroom floor.   Super deals, and we didn’t even have to go with the cheapest towels either – they are nice!

And then…off to the Craft Store, they opened at 6pm.  Little did I know that they were open the night before for 3 hours and what I was waiting in line for, had ALMOST sold out.   There were two of them.  TWO.   We didn’t know that until they opened the door, asked each person in line (I was like 5th in) if they were there for one…and ONE guy (yeah, guy) was 2 people in front of me…he got the first Post-it Note with a #1 on it, and I…got the LAST Post-it Note with the #2 on it!!!!!!!!!

It is my early x-mas present from my Hubby, and does this kind of stuff…I am one jacked scrapbookin girl!!


And it did all that in less than about 5 to 10 minutes!   

I’m going to have to finish updating you tomorrow inbetween laundry, inside the house Christmas decorating (cuz the outside is done) and other miscellaneous cleaning.   I still have tons to say, so don’t go away! 

This cute little guy…has become a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!

The BIG 13!!!


Happy Birthday Freckles!
We all love you so much!
Can’t wait to see you again at Christmas!!!!!

At the mall 3:45am waiting for the doors to open! Black Friday here we come!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

I’m a little late, but I was busy making rolls this morning…so finally I’m resting for a few minutes and I wanted to wish you all a special day!  :)

We went to my Uncles house (and Auntie G’s) it was wonderful!  So, we told them it’s the new tradition to have Thanksgiving at his house…and Christmas at ours.   :)  I think that’s fair, don’t you?


We played Uno, and ate until we were bloated.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?    I came home, took a couple rolaids chews (I really like them) and now we’re taking time to look through the Black Friday ads.   Even if we don’t need anything, Hubby and I enjoy driving around at 4 to 5am and watch people standing in line.  We get coffee and breakfast and just spend time screwing off. 

Wish you a ton of good sales, and all the treasures you want…and that you get them!  Without a fight!

I was excited when the gas prices started falling (11-7-08), and then they fell even lower (11-12-08).   Today (11-25-08), I’m just in complete awe!   Ready for the latest at Fred Meyer–Costco probably is a couple cents lower, and Sam’s probably a couple more…but this is awesome!!!!!


Do you think it’ll get lower than this???? 
Oh how I hope so!

Anyone else wanna share prices where they are?

Today was a beautiful day…but now the storm is moving in.  
My favorite weather!


Off to get ready, tonight is scrapbooking night with JoJo! 
Hope I can accomplish something tonight! 
And I really hope it doesn’t snow.

BabyAm takes after her Great Uncle, and her Great Grandpa…both bakers!  I am guessing that the gene skipped a generation…

And she’s the best cookie/brownie maker in the house!   These were pictures I took of her making “Get Well” cookies for Belt Buckle (before she got sick), because he’s been sick too!




That is the look that says “Will you quit taking my picture PLEASE?”
So I quit.