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I got BOO’d!!!!!!!  Thanks Vicki!  She’s a sweetie,
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Hope everyone had a happy and SAFE Halloween out there!
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Hope you all have a very fun and safe Halloween!

Morticia and Gomez

I know I’ve not been on top of bloggin the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d take a few minutes and explain why.  There’s not just ONE reason, theres a good handful.

Scrapbooking – For those of you who don’t know, I do (occasionally) get into the scrapbooking mode.   I’m in that mode right now.   I feel like I’m running out of time to get everything done.   Mrs. Potts explained that I have my whole life to accomplish this, and to just take a deep breath and slow down.  I really am trying to take that advice.   Right now I am trying to get our family album started, and I am doing pretty good doing a few pages here and there.   We (the Bookclub/Breakfast Club girls and a few friends) have started a once a month scrapbooking day and we trade off houses.   It’s pretty fun, low key, laid back.  And helpful.  Additionally, my friend (we’ll call her JoJo) and I have a standing Thursday night date at Archivers and tell our friends they’re all invited too.  You see the problem is, then I spend all day Friday making a mess of my house with scrapbooking stuff…spread into about 4 rooms now, and into the weekend sometimes as well.

Genealogy – Well…that’s an inherited sickness.   My mom (who has been doing this for like 14 years or something like that) has started coming over on Wednesday nights to help me with my bio-family genealogy.   What a mess!   It’s alot of work, and I fight her tooth and nail while doing it, mostly because I know how addicting it is.   When she helped me with starting my Hubby’s family a couple years ago…I didn’t sleep!  (Well, not much anyway)   All these dead people trying to tell me (when I was awake, sleeping, showering etc…) where to look for them, and how to find them, or someone close to them…I swear I start to think I’m Sybil when I’m really working hard on something.    So, she’s been trying to get me to let my guard down, so those skeletons in our closet can come out.  LOL

Secret Project – I have a secret project I’m working on as well, wish I could tell you all about it – BUT I can’t cuz I’ve got family that read my blog…so if you’re curious, and your not family feel free to ask me!

Belt Buckle – This has been such a whirl-wind thing, I can’t begin to explain it.   It’s all good (keeping fingers crossed) and very neat to see.   We met his Mom today, she’s very nice and seems to really be alot like me, which doesn’t hurt.  LOL   I hope things work out for these two kids.   And because they’ve done this by our requirements and have been following the rules so well, BabyAm get’s more freedom than she’s ever had when it comes to leaving with him, etc.   They’ve done tons of stuff together, and they seem to be making a good effort to stay out of the drama and cliques at school, which is great!   I could ramble on and on about the manners this young man has, but just know that Maam, and Sir are very very common words in his vocabulary, and NOT in the Eddie Haskell sort of way.  Gentleman all the way!  So the new relationship is draining the “Mommy” in me, cuz I’m trying to be watchful/careful and also trusting and giving some extra freedom…trying to let her grow up.   *sigh*

Pictures – Because of the above mentioned scrapbooking issue I have…I needed pictures to scrapbook right?   Well – I have pictures dating back to 1986 – BabyAm’s age.   This is pathetic.   So I’m trying to separate (and organize) pictures into 3 main areas… 1) Before BabyAm  2) After BabyAm 3) After I met Hubby.    We’re talking umm 22 years of pictures, give me a break people!!!!!!  And everything after 2001 is all digital (come back here after reading the last paragraph–the number of digital pictures will probably make you hurl), I have not even touched the surface of that disaster!   Remember I said MAIN areas a second ago, yeah.  Main is the key word, because nothing is ever in perfect order, or in the correct place.  I’m finding all sorts of weird pictures in weird piles, stuffed in drawers, being used as bookmarks and probably some as filler for other boxes of stuff.  It’s fun my friends!  FUN!

So, if you don’t see me around, please feel free to email me or leave me a comment.   I may be stuck under a pile of boxes (full of pictures that aren’t labeled etc.) and I might need to be rescued.  I will probably snap a couple pictures of my organizing disaster next time it is deemed “picture worthy”.  (Like I need more pictures!  Right now on our Picture Drive we have 33.4 gigs of pictures…and the amount of pictures taking up that space is…are you ready?  28,032 pictures in 734 different folders!!!!) 

After that number, I really need a drink.

WOW!   Did you notice my new award on my sidebar?  
You didn’t, really?   I’m not shy…Here it is!!!!

It’s Beautiful!   It’s Amazing!  It’s sooooo coool!

Thing is, I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary to get it, but obviously Spoiled Mommy thought differently.   She gave me this award!   Pretty cool huh?

So she happened on my blog one day, (which I’m so thankful for), and left me some sweet coments and we began emailing.   She had some questions about blogging (and she still does, as do I still have some)…and I just did what any of you out there would have done (right?)…I answered her questions as best I could and gave her some encouragement!  That’s all!    I didn’t think I was being nice, I thought I was just being me.

Now, she encourages me!  She always has a smile in her words, her font, and her pictures.  I love that!   So, to my amazing new bloggy friend, Melissa….THANK YOU!   This award is totally cool!

Since there are no rules…(that we know of)…I’m just going to hang on to it, hold it, look at it until I’m cross-eyed, and then someday I’ll pass it on to some unsuspecting bloggy buddy! 

Until then…I guess Nice Matters My Friend!

Well, the electric (pumpkin carving) knife that BabyAm bought while she and Belt Buckle picked out pumpkins this afternoon said “For Adult Use Only”…but they used it anyway, and other huge knives!

She always has to be the “rebel”. 

Eeeewwww!  Guts!

And may I introduce Tommy Lee,
The Supervisor!

That was hard work!  Down the Dew!

Four funny faces!

Ooooh!  Those are some scary pumpkins!  LOL
And he even brought home-made dessert…it was HEAVEN!

My sweet friend Leslie, from a kajillion miles away (Got Kids, Need Valium), bestowed this great award on me the other day, and I couldn’t be more excited!   We could totally be friends IRL – Ok, well even though we’ve never met, she’s the bomb!   Thank you so much Les!  :)  I will wear it with pride!   




But along with it, I am to name 6 things that make me happy, and then pass it along (that’s what I needed to really think about).   Finally here are those things (in random order): 

  1. Holding a baby, and rocking him/her to sleep
  2. Sleeping in
  3. Spending quality time with my family
  4. Seeing my husband and daughter smile/laugh
  5. A clean house, and no laundry to do
  6. When money’s coming in, and the bills are paid!

And I am going to share this totally cool award with my friend Spoiled Mommy of My Life, My Story.  She’s a new blogger (but she can’t have that title much longer, cuz she’s doing so great fittin in).   She always makes me smile, and I have enjoyed reading her blog very much.


She’s real, and she’s funny.   And I only wish I could explain things the way she does…I always feel like I’m right there with her!   Enjoy, my Spoiled Mommy Friend!   Now hurry, go see what she’s up to today, and give her some comment love!

I’ve been so happy for BabyAm the past 36 hours that I have been rolling over and over in my head how to explain each and every event that’s happened.  Because I so want to share with all of you.   But I have thought alot about it and have decided that less is more in this case. 

In order to really help you all understand why we’ve let the events of the last two days happen, you’d have to honestly live in our house, in the midst of dysfunction, and in the hell we’re climing out of…surrounding one boy.  Yes, Liar Liar.   The thing is, to be fair, we really think he’s got more wrong with him (mentally) than meets the eye…things he might not even be aware of.   So in addition to being angry at him for watching him mentally batter our daughter, we all feel sorry for him because he just seems to not know any better. *sigh*

So, we have been telling BabyAm that until she closes the door (obviously) to him, no one will be able to walk in and show her what it should be like.   She closed the door (obviously) this last week.   And lo, and behold…out of nowhere entered Belt Buckle.   She didn’t know him.  Never had met him.  He is a friend of a friend and they were introduced.  

Now we have our suspicions, we think he might have noticed her long before this week…but whatever the case is.   He entered.  This helps take BabyAm’s mind off Liar Liar.  That is a good thing.  Nothing has been able to do that for months.  So this is a blessing, to us anyway.

If you know BabyAm, you know that she attracts drama like flypaper attracts flies.  There has been no real drama for about 10 days.   It’s been wonderful!  We’ve had one or two rough days, but mostly because Liar Liar has found a way to get to her, and she didn’t know what to do with it, so she was very angry (at everyone).   She doesn’t want to hear about him, see him, or have anything to do with him…not everyone gets that yet.

She has spent alot of time with Belt Buckle in the past 2 days.  Some of it (time) with friends, some of it his family, some of it with us, and very little time alone with him.  But she is very deserving of the freedom she was given.  And trust is earned, she’s trying to earn her trust back. 

I have not seen BabyAm this happy in MONTHS.   And she has been herself 100%, because she didn’t have to be someone she’s not…he didn’t know her before, so he’s getting nothing but BabyAm.  

  • Is he her knight in shining armour?  I don’t know.  I do know you have to kiss alot of frogs to find your prince charming though, right?  I say white horses and castles sound fun!
  • Is this all happening too quickly?   It’s highschool, nothing would surprise me.  
  • Are we crazy for letting her do this?   Absolutely not, this is a friendship that is growing, it seems to be growing correctly, honestly and with our permission.  Those three things make all the difference in the world, in our book. 
  • Is she falling for this guy hard?  No, I don’t think so…I think she is just excited to see what it’s like to have someone be a gentleman, to have someone respect her space, to have a conversation with a guy (other than her Dad) and be able to believe EVERY.SINGLE.WORD that is coming out of his mouth.  

She is taking the opportunity to get to know someone OUTSIDE of her circle (that she’s been trying to get out of).  He doesn’t even know any of her girlfriends.  They don’t have any classes together.  He appeared out of nowhere.  

We are happy for her.  We like Belt Buckle.  We will help her to take it slow, and enjoy the moment.Life is too short, to not live in the moment.  We parent so differently than alot of others do.   But we’ve never been parents before, so we do what works best for our family.   Sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants and pray.

Crazy title huh?   It’s been a crazy day! 

First off, I would like to introduce you to Belt Buckle.  Hubby and I just met him today, however we have heard of him MULTIPLE times.  We think that seriously God was looking down on us this morning thinking to himself, “those wack-jobs” need a great day today.  All 3 of us had one!   *Thank you!*

Anyway, I’ll describe Belt Buckle to you later…but I had to tell you all that right this very minute, our little tiny baby girl…BabyAm, is out with a new friend, yes – a guy friend.  I can’t believe it!   We are so happy that it is not the Liar Liar, I have been wanting to strangle for the past several months!  So, to be honest, we are just thrilled that she is being treated exactly how she should be treated, and she’s experiencing tonight, what her senior year SHOULD be like, with a gentleman! 

For those of you that may be concerned that we just let our precious princess loose, rest assured…her leash is pretty tight.  She’s been nonchalantly texting me their whereabouts, their plans and the best bit of assurance that we are thankful for…she is also with his entire family. 

Oh, I have so much to say!   However my mind is going too fast for my fingers…I’ll update you all tomorrow (or later if I can’t sleep!)

OMG, did I just write that I’m happy about our baby…DATING?????  
No, you’re right, I couldn’t have.  Whew!

But on a more serious note, please don’t think I’m off my rocker…I had to put the picture there for effect.   Our real excitement is that is a great self-esteem boost that BabyAm so desperately needed.   That AND that is not the aforementioned Liar Liar.   (aforementioned, thats a big word for me!)

As much as I hate to say it…we are officially the Griswald’s.  They should do a movie about us.   We are one of the VERY few to decorate on our block…and we have really out done ourselves this year!   I promised more pics…so here you go.  

What you don’t see/hear are things like the fog machine (that will come out on Halloween night), the Witch that not only says several different things when you walk by her, but she also moves her hips…stirs her caldron, and a colored bit of smoke (like steam) comes out of her caldron as well.   She also has a microphone that you can put her in a certain mode, and you can talk into the microphone and it comes out of her.   Her eyes also freakishly glow and flash!

Other things are the Butler, has freaky eyes as well, he says several different things via motion detection, and we’ve put gooey eyballs, livers, hearts and lungs on his platter for all to FEEL and play with.   He also has a bloody knife on it too.

The guy hanging upside down has a motion sensor in him too…but he wriggles and jiggles and screams things like “let me out”  “let me down” and gives you the creeps to be honest.  

The small skeleton behind the coffin is 6 feet long, but the skeleton on the roof is 12 feet long…yeah.  Can you say Losers?

We also play a cd of scary sounds, it has chainsaws…water dripping, people screaming as they fall down off what sounds like a very tall place, dogs tearing something apart, you know…fun stuff! 

Next year I will get the coffin lined with padding and red velvet…and maybe I’ll get in it and scare the little children!  Just kidding, only the stupid teenagers who should NOT be out trick or treating, and heavens if they are going to do it…at least dress up!   Anyway, where was I?   Oh yea…lots of you have asked if I’m going to get in it…not this year, but seriously maybe next! 

And I failed to mention…GUMMY BODY PARTS and BONES, Spiders and Skeleton Suckers will be amongst the chocolate candy…Stop by!   I’ll make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and we can count together, the 5 trick or treaters we’re going to get because we’re so wacked out!

If you want to see more of the pictures of the coffin being built, and other miscellaneous halloween pics of the yard that I didn’t post here, you can see them all in this set on our flickr account.

I know you all have been patiently waiting (thank you so much) for me to post a picture of what Hubby made for me, and I finally have a few minutes to get it posted!  I have asked for this (beautiful piece of furniture) for several years, but other things have been a priority.  But this year when I asked I also mentioned the words “extra storage”…that must have done the trick.  

Hubby worked on it all day Saturday (the 11th), then he and BabyAm painted it Saturday night and we finished it up on Sunday.

Ready?  Remember, I’m a lunitic.

I just love Halloween!  
I’ll post more pictures of our decorations…soon!