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Headless Mom tagged me for this Meme – 6 Random Things about me.    Ok – I’m cheating a bit.   Originally, I posted this on February 1, 2008, but back then I didn’t have very many bloggy friends, nor visitors…so most of you haven’t seen this post.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you 
  2. Post the rules on your blog 
  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself 
  4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs 
  5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
  6. Let your tagger know when your entry is UP.

I couldn’t stop with just 6…(and I’m sure there are many, many more)

  1. I can’t sleep with socks on, and I have to wear something to bed, so there is no such thing as a birthday suit for me.
  2. I hate having dishes in both sides of the sink, if the dishwasher is full, they MUST be in the side without the disposal (or the right side preferably) until the dishwasher gets unloaded (but that is not my job).
  3. I don’t openly admit that I like baking/cooking because I am not sure I really enjoy it yet.  I’d rather tell you that I’m not a good cook, and get take out.
  4. I like for most things to be even with one another, or have some type of symmetry.  (Pictures, pillows, blinds, etc.)
  5. I always have to have TWO tissues, not just one.  So if ever I ask you for a tissue, I do not want only one, I absolutely NEED two.  I don’t want the chance that any of that guck coming out of my nose will touch my hands.
  6. I tend to pile things (mail, magazines, books, receipts etc.) until I have several large piles, toppling over and then when I finally get around to going through them I seem to end up making one or two smaller piles.
  7. I want the toilet paper to go OVER the top on the roll, or I am over the top.  Just ask my darling daughter.
  8. I take a glass of ice water with me wherever I go (unless it’s morning and then it’s coffee).  But I have to have ice water in the car if we go somewhere, and also every night when I go to bed.  It must have tons of ice.  Tepid water is horrible.
  9. The kitchen must be clean before I go to bed, a habit that I attribute to my darling Hubby who doesn’t prefer waking up to a mess! – I have to admit, it is actually a nice habit.
  10. I really like things done my way.   Anal?  YES…With the dishwasher, I’ll re-load it MY way if I think there is more room in there to be used up (or if it’s not organized properly).  With the laundry, it must be hung up (everything that can be, is!) and folded MY way, thank you…or I’ll re-fold it.   I should be happy that I have help doing those things, I know…but I haven’t quite let go completely yet.

Ok – I’m gonna Tag:


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And like Headless Mom said in her post, if you have not visited these wonderful ladies and their blogs, you must, they are fantastic!


A friend of mine sent me (thanks HM) to HandBag Planet for a chance to win a free handbag!  

I picked this one:

Interested?   Hurry, there are some cute handbags there!  Well really, I want to win, but…this is only fair for me to pass on!  Good Luck!  (But please don’t pick this handbag, cuz I like really want it)

I’ve been using this product for YEARS, rarely do I get a blemish, zit, pimple (whatever you want to call it)…and if I do…washing my face with this does the trick 95% of the time.    That’s great odds!

I love how clean it makes my skin feel!

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The evening in pictures…(until they left)…
Dad set the table, PROPERLY.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to share dance pics…
don’t get your hopes up, I’m sure they were
too busy dancing to take any!

I’m half way through the night…only 1.5 hours left!

Today was Spirit Day!   (It was Homecoming Week)  The blue eyeshadow came out again.  YUCK!   Oh well, I think we’re done with it for awhile. 

So, here’s a couple pictures of BabyAm’s outfit today.  These were taken before she left to meet her friend for the School Carnival (live band you know), and then the Homecoming Game, and the Burning of the Bull (I have no idea what that is/was). 

and then the back side…note just above her butt cheeks is DAD and MOM, we figured if she was going to draw attention to her tush, that those looking would be reminded of her DAD and MOM.  LOL  :)   Sneaky!

That says on the right leg “Yes, it’s a hole” with a smiley face…she has had these pants since her freshman year…they just keep getting added to.  They are her “spirit Pants!   And here is the last pic, she is such a strange girl!

I picked the girls up from the night of excitement.  They met the band, got a shirt signed, took pictures with them, and they giggled all the way home.   I’m glad they had fun.  When we got inside, NayNay (a new friend from school) said she wanted to make dinner tomorrow night.   Um, ok?  Luchia will also be here tomorrow BabyAm went with her to her Homecoming last weekend, so she’s coming here for BabyAm’s this weekend.   Here’s a cute picture of them LAST weekend.  

So, where was I?   Oh yeah, they’ll all be getting ready for the Homecoming dance (they are all going together w/out dates)…and NayNay wants to cook.   Um, ok?   Sure, we were going to order Panda.  But this is just fine!  (Wait!  Am I going to have to clean up?)

Anyway, I got changed into my jammies…tossed a load of laundry in the dryer and when I came out, Hubby said, “they want to go to the store”…so because I was jammied up already…he got the JOY of taking two giggly girls to the store.  (It was just about 10:40pm at this point)

Well, I guess on the way, he forgot who he was, where he was going, etc.  So he ended up at Wal-Mart, instead of the other grocery store he was going to.   Now you’re probably wondering why he forgot who he was…I wonder if it could be if the girls ganged up on him (because he’s a softy) and asked if 3 guys (that don’t have dates) come over to our house for dinner tomorrow night too!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?   Does ANYONE in this house actually KNOW me?   I am guessing not.   He caved.   CAVED I tell you.   Made the executive decision to agree to this insane idea.

No, I’m not drunk yet.  But I thought about it after I heard the news…

Right now they are still at the store.  (They’ve been gone for an hour already)  Hubby’s been giving me updates, they have gotten stuff for dinner, they have been looking at hair stuff, shoes and strapless bras…Yes, my husband is a saint.     I did tell him to make sure they knew that I am not as much of a sucker as he is…he laughed and said “oh, they do”…He’s going to need some serious Valium by the time he gets home, but he seems to be holding up fairly well. 

Funny thing is, I’ll be gone for a good portion of the morning and early afternoon…I think he’s going to need something stronger than Valium when he’s here alone with all 3 of the girls tomorrow!  If you pray, would you pray for all of us?  This is our first weekend with a house full of teenagers…I’ll keep you posted. 

So when I say Dad = Softy, I am dead serious!

Really adorable…mix of Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper.

Oh and those eyes…Blue Eyeshadow is banned from our house,
except when it’s borrowed for 80’s day.

BabyAm has been getting numerous calls the past few days from strange places.   Not many people have her new phone number, just a select few.   I personally suspected she had a RAT in the pack at school that she gave it to.  One of the messages she got (she’s only gotten two and one you couldn’t understand) was a young guy (I’m guessin about 18 or 19) who said he was calling about “the apartment” and was looking for Kaitlyn.   I just kept thinking that it was her ex-boyfriend and somehow was trying to get her to call him back.   So I did.  I told him he had the wrong number.

We gave the number to Hubby, he called it and found out that the guy got the number from an ad on craigslist for an “apartment”.  GREAT!   I started looking through the recent apartment ads on craigslist.  Tons of them!  I was afraid I’d be on the computer all night…But BabyAm was much more on the ball and (like any computer savvy my-dad’s-a-computer-geek girl would do) she googled her phone number, LESS one number at the end (by chance guessing they dialed wrong).  SCORE!

No wonder she had so many strange calls…what guy wouldn’t want to live here?  This is the ad:

I have a four bedroom two bath house with a yard!!!!!! There is a bar downstairs for your party needs. You can do what you want bring who you want you pay rent so there are no rules!!!!!!!!!!!The only thing I would ask is respect.  Looking to move in October 1st if i can find two guy room-mates.  There are already two girls so I need to guys.  We are 18 and 21 please nobody older than 24 thank you.

give me a call my name is kaitlyn at (XXX-XXX-XXXX )
hurry limited time only
by the way I am a 18 year old female with experience of living on her own

So, BabyAm changed her message to say she couldn’t come to the phone, and as a side note she does NOT have an “apartment” for rent, that they need to check the number again.  LOL   Pretty smart of her.  Unlike the (I’m sure) proper young ladies that posted this ad.  Or the overly excited young men calling who don’t know the difference between a house and an apartment. 

Please Lord, do NOT let my daughter, or any of her friends EVER post an ad like this, ANYWHERE.  I am begging you!   Amen.

Nothing good can come of that ad…*deep sigh*

*Updated to include WOM Monday – The Tuesday Edition*

When you’re done reading here, head on over to Kelly’s for this weeks WOM!   And consider posting your own WOM Monday Carnival post…it’s nice to see what products everyone else likes!  :) 


I decided to try another crock-pot recipe from Stephanie @ A Year of Crockpotting.  (doesn’t she have a great name?  he he he)


Anyway, it was Taco Soup


This is “her picture” (I hope it’s ok that I stole borrowed it), but if you click on it, it will link you directly to the recipe on her site.   It’s a must try!



Talk about seriously easy recipe.   I can’t believe it was so simple.  I did everything the night before, put it in the crock, then the fridge…and in the morning, dropped it into the crock-pot thing…and presto!


We ate it just as it said, *almost* and with some tortilla chips….yum!  Even BabyAm who hates ALL beans even ate it, and liked it.   DELISH!  


*We did add black beans though.  And I used all dried beans, let me know if you want to do it that way and I’ll tell you what I did.  


I froze the rest last night, to dump in the crock-pot another day!  Plus I took a big container to my parents house…my Mama is sick.  Poor thing!   This should fix her right up! 

Halloween, I can NOT wait!   It’s coming!  I think it’s my most favorite Holiday to decorate for!   Partially because my BabyAm is not a baby anymore and I don’t have to decorate with cute Casper the Friendly Ghost door hangings and happy smiling pumpkins adorning our front walk.  

Nope!  Not anymore!   I get to (ok, WE get to) decorate with scary creatures, headstones, bones, creepy music, voices and screams coming from our house, and blood dripping down the windows, eyes peering out everwhere (like you’re being watched)…statues that talk, FOG spraying all over the walkway…oh, and mushy eyeballs and body parts that look and feel real that the kids can touch…

This is last year’s pic (at our old house).  

Oh, the sickness!  It’s coming my friends!   We already bought some more decorations last weekend, to add to our collection and I’m pretty sure theres still room for even more.  Yep!  I know there is.   I really wanted this lady…but she’s $150 at Lowes, and now all our local Lowes are out of them!  I’ll keep looking, she’s sooo coool!

  • Lifesize (Her name is Gemmy)
  • Eyes light up as she stirs her cauldron
  • Speaks in a creepy witch voice
  • Mouth moves as she speaks and sways
  • Cauldron functions as a mister
  • Realistically detailed
  • Sound and motion activated
  • Includes AC adapter and wireless microphone

I don’t know how many little kids we have in the neighborhood, but i don’t think i care too much if we get very many trick-or-treaters…because, selfishly, I think I decorate for me!   But I absolutely love it when the little kids come up and want to touch the eyeballs and stuff though, and aren’t scared, cuz we really don’t act scary.

Hubby’s considering making me something special for this Halloween though, and OH man am I excited about that!  It’s a secret right now, but if he does make it, you’ll all be the first to know AND you’ll get to see it in the making!  

Anyone else have this sickness?  MIL Penguin, are you afraid to come now?  *giggles*

Local Corn Maze…for the last 10 years they’ve done cool stuff like this…
someone has a ton of time on their hands, huh?

We are definitely going this year!