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BabyAm is officially a Resident Evil 4 addict now, just like her dad (he got her hooked)…what is up with them?  When Freckles was here this last time, Dad got him playin too…he was wandering around killing everything he could aim at…but for BabyAm, it’s all about the amount of AMMO that she can find/earn etc. 

Now her gun case is so full of stuff she’s got to leave some of it behind.   *sigh*  What’s a girl to do?  Hand Grenades are a necessity, aren’t they?

Well, I suppose they are getting out some aggression, and having some GREAT family time.   And I’m not complaining because I just finished another book.

Lately I can’t seem to get anything done.   Well ok, I am choosing not to do anything, except this…

READ!!!!!  Click on any of the pictures to read excerpts.

After South of Hell last week (click the link to read a comment the Author left me!), I went back to their first book…and started with the ones I’d not read yet. 

and tonight I just finished this…

What is up with me?  I don’t read!

I’m getting ready to start this one…right after I post this.

and I am waiting for one to come in the mail…
from Ebay!  Which only leaves one more to pick up.

I wonder why I can’t get anything done.   Maybe I’m sick.  LOL

Awhile back I posted a couple places that people have stopped in to visit from…but I wanted to give you all a rundown again.  It’s so amazing to me that people all over the world have found me.  

When building a website for a client, Hubby always tells them it takes about 8 months for people to find them and, to be honest, even though I’ve blogged a little longer than that—8 months is how long I have been blogging regularly!  Companies (and I am sure bloggers too) think that because they have built a website, that tomorrow people will start finding them left and right.   It’s just not so.  It takes some time my friends.

I’ve never been out of the US, so it’s very interesting to me!

In the last couple weeks, I’ve had visitors from:  (Besides my new bloggin friend from Chile)

  • Barcelona, Cataluna Spain
  • Meerbusch, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
  • Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Australia, Cessnock, New South Wales
  • United Kingdom, Derby
  • United Kingdom, Preston, Lancashire
  • United Kingdom, Peterborough
  • United Kingdom, London, City of London
  • United Kingdom, Birmingham
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Spain, Barcelona, Cataluna
  • Germany, Meerbusch, Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Netherlands Ede, Geiderland
  • Poland, Warsaw, Warszawa
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana, Bohinj
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal
  • Canada, Toronto, Ontario
  • Brazil
  • Korea

Please stay long enough to leave a comment next time!  Bloggers LOVE comments!

So tonight, at just after 10pm MST someone from Hewlett Packard ( searched for “hp blog” and visited my blog.   VERY NICE OF THEM.  Thank you, please come again soon…

it’s kind of exciting because I’ve been getting tons and tons of hits, just by Hubby’s guest blog about how HP SUCKS.   Keeping in mind that it’s not the products as much as it is their complete lack of customer service.

Anyway…I would like to know why whoever visited, didn’t stick around.  I’d also like to know why they didn’t comment.  Why they didn’t offer to help, or make things right.  Because they know they suck maybe?

Besides our Boycotting HP products from now on, (Hubby’s helped 3 people in the last week purchase new DELL LAPTOPS-GO DELL!) Hubby did write a letter to the CEO, cc’d the Executive Customer Relations, and also a letter to JD Power and Associates.   As of today, we have only heard back from JD Power.  However it was a form letter, and it had in the middle of it how they were sorry to hear we were not satisfied with automobile or automobile dealer.  

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!   That would be another great example of superior customer service.   Hubby was complaining about the repair and customer service on a LAPTOP.   What is this world coming to?

I am sure we will NOT hear from HP.  And they have 2 days left to reply to our Better Business Bureau complaint.   Which you would think that if a company cared about their reputation, they would have replied much sooner.   We filed the complaint 20 days ago.  

So, if you’ve made it this far because you’ve searched for “HP SUCKS”, “HP BLOG” or something along those lines, please please stay long enough to comment.   Whether you are a consumer, or an employee.   We would love to hear from you.

HP does infact SUCK.  We are happy to spread the word.   I have approximately 20 vistors a day, and it’s growing.   With 4700 vistors since January 1st, 2008.  

Because if you like a product you tell ten of your friends.  If you hate a product you tell everyone!   Next week I will be featuring DELL as my WOM Monday!

I know that my friend Kelly is having a couple HTML issues with her blog (if anyone can help her, please shoot her a note), anyway she has been doing a Word of Mouth Carnival on Mondays, so I’m just doing my part to try to remember keep up with her idea (cuz it’s a great one).

Here goes, it’s a short one…cuz it’s making me hungry already, just thinkin about the post!  I just got these about 2 weeks ago.  I have a boat-load of rice that needs used made (seriously) and we need to eat some good veggies.  Hubby won’t eat broccoli if it’s too soft, so I don’t make it.   And they both made what I was cooking, PERFECTLY. 

Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus
Perfect rice every time-right in your microwave! Unique double-lid design prevents boil over so your microwave stays clean. Perfect for a quick stir-fry or to put a fresh spin on leftovers! Our exclusive color will not stain. 3-quart capacity. Dishwasher safe.


Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker
Customized for microwave cooking — melt butter, heat soups or cook vegetables. Vented lid doubles as strainer. Includes built-in pour spouts. Dual handles; 2-quart capacity.

If you have either of these products and have good recipes…please tell me!   I’m so excited to use them again!

No, not my life – though sometimes it does feel like someone has fenced me in, and I am surrounded by a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds…Just kidding!  Ok, I’m not.

Anyway, tonight was such a BEAUTIFUL evening we (Freckles, BabyAm, Hubby and Me) all went to the “County Fair” – Sounds all Blue Ribbon, but it’s not.  It’s not anything like Disneyland, and it’s nothing like some hole in the wall chili cookoff, hot dog eating contest, cake walk type either.   I would say it’s in between.

We go for the food (my favorite part)…and of course my second favorite…The Petting Zoo.   To be quite honest, I never went in the Petting Zoo that I can remember…until last year.  My mom might tell you different, but I do not remember ever going in, or wanting to for that matter.   Weird that it can be such a treat for me…to let weird animals lick grain off of my hand.   I just love it!

Here’s some pictures.   Not of us eating, because we really ate ALOT.  But of my new friends.

This is a Longhorn.  He has a very light touch…

and a Watusi, I have no idea what that is though,
but his horns are HUGE!

Hubby got one of all of us feeding the Sheep!
You’d think they hadn’t eaten all day…

This is one BIG cow!   We got to brush her, she was sweet!
And believe it or not…NOT hungry!

And I’m telling you, I was the ONLY brave one in our bunch…

But because I did such a SUPER job, I got one of these…

Great family time, SERIOUSLY.

I wish we could have taken pictures of everything we did tonight to share with you…not that any of it was a big deal, but it really was nice just hangin out, being stupid, eating like pigs and people watching.   All of us were surprised (ok, not so much) at all the very interesting ways people were dressed.  None of them must have mirrors in their homes.  :)

I feel like a Kabob Snob!   I am telling you, delish!

Originally Headless Mom posted a 5 Ingredient Dinner, and then Mrs. Potts at Confessions of a Tea Snob made them…she made a few minor changes (ok, so ONLY one–the actual brand name of the meatballs), and told me about how yummy they were.   Of course, since it doesn’t REALLY involve cooking anything (Hubby BBQ’s) then I knew I could probably handle it.    (If you guys know me…you know that I really don’t LOVE to cook.)

We made them for a BBQ with the Family a couple weekends ago, and since Hubby went to pick up Freckles from the Tooley Bushes this afternoon, I figured I’d make an easy dinner.   BabyAm and I got it all ready…here’s what it looks like…


Additionally, some veggies to steam in my NEW Pampered Chef Microwaveable Steamer (oooh I should do this for Monday’s WOM  Carnival over at Kelly’s Place)…what an awesome invention!  

However, when I asked if Freckles liked cauliflower, he said he’d “rather lick armpits”.  Hummm…guess we’ll be eatin his cauliflower.  Oh yes we will!

Do you think this is enough food for FOUR of us.  LOL – I just can’t cook for a few, when I cook, I have to cook for MANY!  I don’t get it!  Oh well…

Now, if the boys would just get home!  I’m starvin!

So yesterday after I dropped of BabyAm for her 2 English Finals, I decided to go to the Youth Ranch to see if they had any books by one of my favorite authors.   They did, however the two they had were ones I had already read, and own.   So reluctantly I took a little detour home, and stopped by a local bookstore to see if they had one I hadn’t read.  


Only one though, South of Hell, a new one that came out on July 29th.   I’m not too far behind!  Yeah!  

So I brought it home and didn’t get a chance to start it until later in the afternoon.   I wish I could tell you about what time, I would have to say around 4ish though.

I couldn’t put it down.   Seriously.   We ran a couple errands, got dinner and came home, which was about 7:45 I guess.   (We came home to a wonderful smell…)  After dinner while BabyAm and Hubby played Resident Evil 4, (losers) because some sucker bought it (me)…I read…and read, and read.   When it was finally time to go to bed (I have no idea what time that was)…I had about 40 more pages left…I couldn’t sleep now!  I absolutely HAD to finish it!

At 2:30 am, I was officially finished.   I am a slow reader, but I don’t care.   Even though I can’t seem to get through Book Club Books very easily, I can sure set my mind on finishing these.  

I sent an email to a used bookstore in town to see if they had any of the 4 that I haven’t read.  I can’t wait to hear back!  Maybe I’ll make some calls today…I think I need another FIX!

If you’re interested at all, you can click on the picture above and read an excerpt.

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies…there is nothing like that smell enveloping your whole house, after leaving your “Little Baker” at home by herself.   WOW!  

Last night, Hubby and I left about 5:30 to run a couple errands and then pick up dinner.  When we returned home the house smelled wonderful, the house was picked up and the kitchen was spotless.   There were probably 4 dozen fresh cookies on the cooling rack, and a sweet face staring at us.  

What a doll!

We told her how awesome it was that she made cookies, and thenasked why she hadn’t just made a dozen from the freezer (flash frozen from the last batch she made) and then she proceeded to say…

“Because my brother is coming tomorrow and a dozen just won’t be enough!”

Our hearts melted…

*  The “Little Baker” probably gets the gene from her Great Uncle and Great Grandpa, as they were both professional bakers…additionally she makes the BEST cookies, banana bread and brownies EVER!

Hubby has a real bone to pick, so I thought I’d let him share it here.   Customer Service sure ain’t what it used to be!    

Dear HP,


I just wanted to write you this thank you note for helping me, as an IT consultant, have no reservations whatsoever to recommend to my clients that they NEVER buy one of your notebook computer products.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think you generally make a decent product.  I just happened to get three notebook computers from you that had some issues.  Now I know that computers, especially mass produced ones, will have issues from time to time, even catastrophic failures and that, I can accept to.  BUT… (There’s always a “but”, isn’t there).


I purchased 3 notebooks, DV2000 series, all of which were under warranty when the below happened…

When the FIRST one went down, I sent it in for repair, and 30 days later you sent it back to me, not repaired, so I sent it back to you for another 20 days and you finally gave in and decided to replace it for me.  Thanks!


When the SECOND one went down, I had to send it in too… Thinking I would get lucky this time, I decided to get my hopes up and…once again, you graciously (as you told me) replaced that computer after 62 days of having it in the repair center.  But not before telling me “that’s what you get when you buy a cheap notebook” ($1200.00).


Now…  The THIRD one has been sent in and returned to me 47 days later, put together shabbily and missing some of the memory that it left here with.  You have also made sure to tell me, in your own words, that I am a stupid 5 year old and don’t deserve anything more from you and I should fix it myself and you don’t care!


So…  With all that said;


Thank you HP for making sure that I have no question in my mind as to tell everyone I know that HP sucks, not necessarily your products, but YOUR PEOPLE! (And yes, I have taken this to the corporate level and you guys don’t care either!) 

See also HP Sucks – Still