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I’ll be bloggin, but only when I can for several days.   This week my uncle is here from AZ, and we’re going through a big tub full of pictures, obituaries, military stuff etc…and I am SCORING!  :)  Can’t wait to tell you all about my treasures.  (One big score, is my Grandpa’s Dog Tags!)  AWESOME!   I think BabyAm has them on right now…as a matter of fact, and his military ID bracelet.  I need to take it to the jeweler and have it cleaned though.

Right now I’m taking a few minutes to relax but wanted to let you know that I’ll do my best to post soon, but can’t make any promises.

Please have patience with me, my friends…Thanks!

The dreaded 20th Reunion weekend has come and gone.  WHEW!  I lived through it.  So did Hubby.   What a trooper.   I am going to have to make this a 3 post deal, because I can NOT write that much tonight.  I’m spent.

We went early to eat at the Pub and Grill, which was nice.  And shortly after people started filing in.  So strange to see all those people.   Some looked exactly the same, and some were so hard to recognize.   It was kind of funny everyone was looking at name-tags.  

“Who are you?” 

“Oh my gosh!!!!!”  

Hubby and I just kind of kicked back for the first hour and visited with people around us.  And then finally worked our way around the crowd.   Here’s a picture of the gals that were buggin me to go.  They are so sweet!   And as you can see, one of them and I were dressed almost identical, down to the manicure and pedicure!   Too dang funny!  However, it was so hot we were all just sweatin up a storm.  You can click on the picture to see it bigger.

And here’s a picture of the crowd, on the lower patio.
(You can click on it to make it bigger too!)

All in all, it was kind of nice to see everyone and visit.   I even had a 15 minute conversation with a girl I didn’t even know in school, and she acted just like she had known me forever.  (Uh oh!)   I told Hubby when she walked away, “Honey, I don’t even know that lady, that was weird!”…..but, I am glad we went.   One neat thing that happened last night was that I got a note, right after we arrived, from Headless Mom (I got it on my phone) wishing me luck.  VERY SWEET!   Thanks HM, I sooo needed it!

From what I understand, there was quite the crowd that closed the place, well after 2:30am (we left about 11pm) and the total in attendance was approximately 225 (out of 551).

I’ll write more on the other two events probably tomorrow.   It’s been so hot the past two days, and we’ve been out in it non-stop really, so I’m just exhausted!

Mrs. Potts said we were close to High Tea…whatever it was, it was tons of fun!   I just had to snap a picture for all of you to see!  Click the picture to see it bigger! 

I have so many things going on inside my head right now that I want to tell you all about.  Where to start? 

Yesterday, I finally got to spend some time with Mrs. Potts, she’s been outta town, as you all know.  We met at a coffeshop and we just talked and talked.  So much fun, and so needed.  Only it wasn’t quite long enough, we needed more time to catch up—so we are having a cuppa, scones and fresh fruit in the morning.  Fun!

Now, I’ll take you back to my birthday…I got a late b-day present from Hubby’s dad and step-mom…it was a great present, and it was something I asked for.  EVERYONE needs one of these!  I absolutely LOVE IT!  Now I just need to save up to buy BabyAm and Hubby one too!  It is so much fun to brush my teeth now! 

This morning, I had my first of 12 appointments (one monthly) at the Spa today for a Pedicure (remember present from Hubby).  Because my toes have to be pretty and pink for the weekend.  I’ll get to “why” shortly.

After my Pedi, I picked up some moolah from a clients office, hit then bank, and headed for the mall!   No, I didn’t spend the money I just picked up and deposited (lol)…I had a gift card from my other In-laws (The Penguins).  I had yet to try JC Penney, in my search for some much needed clothes.  So in I went.   Remodeling, need I say more?  What a mess!  But great sales!   And I needed something new for this weekend….so, I spent all but $4.50 ish, purchasing two pair of cute Worthington capri pants (one pair of white, one of black) both are a bit different.  I also got 3 shirts that will mix and match with them (wish I could show them to you, they are so cute!  but I can’t find them anywhere!).

On my way out, I went to put my sunglasses on, and the arm broke off…so I headed back into the mall to where I purchased them from this time last year (with B-day money).   They told me I have to send them back to the company who will replace them.  NICE.  NOT!  I’ll get them sent off Monday.

This weekend, is the dreaded 20 year reunion.   UGG.  I am kind of excited, but nervous and scared.  Hubby said that he’ll tag along, but doesn’t want me to DITCH him.  OMG, why would I do that?  I’ll have my claws diggin into him like a starving hawk.   The schedule is, tomorrow night (Friday) is drinks and appetizers at a local Pub and Grill.  Saturday a family picnic (at the park, next to the school), and Saturday night is a Hawaiian Dinner and 80’s dance down at a Party Room, at our Fairgrounds.   Sigh.   Thus, I needed new clothes, and cute toes!

I’m going to have to write more tomorrow.  Hubby didn’t get much sleep last night, his head wouldn’t quit mulling over Communism.  He’d been helping BabyAm all night with History until 2am.   I’m telling you this girl has her hands full.   And that is an understatement.  She’s finally to a point, where she might be able to take the weekend to herself for the most part.  We pray.



As I mentioned earlier, it was time to get ICE CREAM…and Hubby thought it was also time to let BabyAm drive there.   I thought he might have a heartattack though on the way.  Good thing the Hospital was less than a 1/2 a mile away.   We finally made it to Cookies & Cream in one piece.  Thank heaven!

So, I decided on a regular size cup of Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter Chocolate.  Hubby chose a regular size Strawberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Chocolate also in a cup, and lastly…BabyAm’s choice was a regular size sundae (if you can believe this is a REGULAR size) Coffee Almond Fudge with Carmel Sauce and Nuts!

Personally, I think she’s nuts!  But she finished it!

I wish I had time to sit and type all the stuff I wanna say…but right this second I don’t have time.  Hubby thinks it’s time for ICE CREAM…so we’re off to find some!  YUM!

Sunday afternoon was a nice day, and we all spent a couple hours in the back yard playin in the pool.   I wish it was big enough for all of us, but it’s ok, it was fun to watch the boys play! 

Click on the picture to see the rest of the pictures in the set,
they had so much fun!

My whining about the heat!   Welcome to SUMMER my friends!   It’s been in the 90’s most all week, and then today was 100 degrees.   Hello! 

We had quite the windstorm this evening, and thunderstorms are expected sometime tonight.   I completely enjoy the breezy summer nights (like tonight), and the thunderstorms…but the heat.  COME ON!

We stayed inside most all day, and I really am thankful.  For whatever reason, I end up getting a headache when we go from hot to cool, cool to hot, etc. 

The nice thing is, it’s supposed to cool back down for next week!  Wooo Hooo…Mid 80’s.  That I can handle.

I will try not to whine TOO much.   I promise.  (Do crossies count?  LOL)

Last night, Hubby and I were in his office and looked out the front window.   And we saw the cute little neighbor kid (he’s about 2) running around in his t-shirt, and NO BRITCHES!   Just a t-shirt.   He was almost hiding from his dad, as dad would come around the garage and cars, he’d go the other way, when he’d go on the other side, he’d come out…what a cutie!  

This morning…Hubby told me to come in his office again, oh my gosh how adorable is this kid?   This time with mom, and their family dog (a HUGE Doberman) out front.  Same t-shirt, NO BRITCHES, and this cute little boy running on the sidewalk in front of their house, and in the driveway, flapping his arms like a bird.  Mom giggling, Bristol (the Doberman) guarding.  

From where we were standing, it looked like the scene from Seinfeld where Kramer decides he’s not going to wear underwear anymore, and comes to Jerry’s apartment announcing…”I’m out there Jerry!  I’m out there, and LOVIN’ IT!”

Too cute!  Mom finally wrangled the little exibitionist into the house with a big ole smile on her face.   Nothing is boring with kids around.   (Teenagers either)

Finally I’m feeling like my old self again.  Old being the operative word.  Last week I told the Doc I was at a 15 out of 10 on the pain scale, and I’ve been dwendling down.   I’d have to say I’m at a 2 now.  Wooo Hooo!  

Yesterday he gave me the ok to get up and do some stuff, as long as nothing I did irritated my back.  That’s nice.   I made sure that BabyAm heard him (he assured me that she did, with a smile) and I got to skip an appointment today.   I do however go tomorrow.   But hey, that’s better than everday this week!  

I have been surfing my favorite blogs from my blackberry while laying down, but it’s tough to comment, so I am excited to go back and leave some comments on some posts that got my attention, very soon!  

I’m still trying to get through my John Kellerman book, Over the Edge…it’s good, just a tough read (for a non-reader like me) with lots of words that I don’t use, nor has anyone around me ever used.   Most of them are relating to psychosis and medication, but still.   Additionally, my new book (for Book Club in August) arrived today.   Hubby says I should just read it now, since I’m so slow reading this one…but I can’t do it.  I’m 1/2 done.  I’ve made it this far, and I’ve got to prove that I know who “did it”…DWIGHT did it, just for the record, or at least that’s what I believe.