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Finals.   This is my least favorite time of the school year.   I can’t wait for it to be over.  This weekend will be one of studying for BabyAm, so I doubt there will be any fun family field trips to tell about.  

Hubby has a major headache tonight, and that sucks because we were all hoping for at least one evening free of school and work distractions.  We really needed a break, but though it’s quiet around here tonight…Hubby rests in bed trying to shake the headache he’s got.  

BabyAm gets the remote for a change, and I am enjoying sitting on the porch blogging.  They boys though have been a bit rowdy today (that’s an understatement) while I was at the Dentist (yet again), and have been doing more than their share of barking (in their newly fenced back yard) at our new neighbors and their dog.   I wonder if that contributed to Hubby’s headache…I locked them inside a few minutes ago so they could chill and let Hubby rest.

I just read a post I had written on this day last year.  BabyAm is in the exact same place (grade wise) as she was, facing the same issues as she was…and since I’m not going to link to it, or repost it, I just want to say again how proud we are of her.   I’ve been struggling with telling you all (all 3 of you-LOL–just kidding there’s more than that) about how well she’s been doing but I know I’ve boasted already to a couple friends and family (as well as here a little) and I just feel guilty.    I’m not doing it to ONE UP anyone, just share a little motherly excitement.   Anyway, I hope I never offend any of you, if I do accidentally slip, or even decide to really brag, regardless.   BabyAm has worked very hard to get where she is today, and the credit really doesn’t go to anyone other than her and God.  He gave her the talents, goals and ambitions she has, not me, that’s for sure.   Anyway…

Off to make a cup of tea…the proper way.  

This is a story about a beautiful, independent and talented Princess.   The Procrastination Princess, to be exact.  

This story will take you through a journey of the King and Queens perspective of how a Princess becomes a Procrastination Princess from a birds-eye view.  Grab a “cuppa” (as my favorite Tea Snob says) and enjoy the fairy truthful-tale.

Once upon a time, in a crazy land, close close to home lives a beautiful Princess who, this week, had two big BIG projects due, two days in a row, in two different elective classes.   Now, because the Princess is so independent, she seems to wait until the VERY last minute to show the King and Queen the very long and detailed instructions/requirements for the project.  The King and Queen consider this independence a talent.

This talent was not discovered instantly, it’s a creatively crafted fine art.   The Princess has been perfecting it for years!   Each time when the project or HUGE assignment is given out, she unconsciously convienently has a memory lapse of how the last project got finished, and decides she can handle this one without the help of her Royal Court hoovering over her every move.  

This is where the story gets fuzzy.   The King and Queen can only speculate that her mental state goes from completely competent to educationally insane.   The independent Princess, however, thinks about how she wants to accomplish her assignment/project without ANY help, and tries to organize it in her head, but then is overcome with emotion about how it’s not going to work exactly as planned and/or how she needs to do this one these ten other important things first, and then she’ll start on the project, after all she still has plenty of time.  This emotional and educational insanity sticks around for several days.

Several days, means until the night before this BIG project is due.   This is when the Royal Family steps in to rescue the aformentioned Princess.   The Queen sits down with the Princess and explains, yet again how important it is that she ask for help prior to the night before her Big Due Date, and what the word ‘procrastination’ means.   The Queen also reminds her of the last project, which jogs her own memories about the many many before, where she was also rescued.  The Princess is so overcome with emotion that her independence changes to dependence and she reluctantly concedes that she indeed needs assistance.  Lots of it!

By this time, the Queen’s motherly instincts take over and she sees the Princess has come by this extremely terrible talent…naturally.   Oh the memories that flow into the Queen’s head, the flood of emotion, and then after the frustration that this happens regularly, the rush of resourceful adrenaline shoots through the Queens veins immediately.

This sweet story doesn’t end here.   The Queen gives the Princess some direction, and they work together to make progress on what looks to be an impossible project. There is some photo printing, paper reducing, and other document finding happening.   Now, the evening was shaping up to be very productive, but the Princess and her very patient mother the Queen realize that this project needs to be bound together.   But how?   The King,  who hasn’t retired for the night, who has sent all his faithful servants home for the evening, offers to make an almost midnight ride in his gas guzzling SUV on his white horse, to pick up the necessary supplies.  He’s not called the King for nothing.   The Princess realizes that the King is also her HERO, once again, and is elated!   After his return, there is still much frustration, and dueling control issues between the Princess and the Queen, all this inbetween hours and hours of cutting, pasting, and question answering happening.   Finally, the project was complete. 

The sun is two hours from coming up over the Castle, which is two hours before the Princess needs to start getting ready for her BIG Due Date, and by now has realized just how thankful she is to her Royal Family for all their love and support of her, regardless of her flaws.  She is very appreciative, graciously and humbly thanks the Queen for all her help, and apologizes for starting to become grouchy.   The Queen is pleased with their progress, and kisses her Princess while pushing her up the stairs to bed.

The King has long retired into his comfortable bed, by this obnoxious hour.  However, the Queen is terrified that everyone will oversleep, and has no idea if the King set his trusty alarm or not.  She tip-toes over to the stove and sets the timer for two hours and 30 minutes, and giggles.  She climbs into her very comfortable bed, and can’t come down from her long night falls fast, fast asleep.

The Queen vaguely remembers the timer on the stove going off, and the once again independent Princess turning it off shortly before the Queen managed to drag herself out of bed joyfully rushed to say goodbye and good-luck to the princess as she walked out the door.   Later in the day the King anxiously casually looked to see if her project had been graded.   He was amazed excited to see that the hard work and effort of the Procrastination Princess and his Queen, who honestly couldn’t have gotten through it without him had earned her an “A” (198/200 points).

The King, Queen and the Procrastination Princess will live happily ever after.  Until next year when this fairy truthful tale, will be told all over again, several times.

The moral of the story:   Do not put off until tomorrow, what you should have done last week because someday your trusty King and Queen will not be as readily available, and you might not have anyone else to rely on at the last minute.   


Side note:  The castle photo above was taken by the Procrastination Princess, during our picture taking frenzy for her Digital Photo project that was due yesterday…if you click on the link it’ll take you to the website for Castle Gardens, a very expensive beautiful place for a fairy tale wedding.

BabyAm had me driving her all over town today to take more pictures for her Digital Photo class.  Big project due tomorrow (Wed), so we spent almost 4 hours out driving around, at almost $4 a gallon.   (That girl needs to get a job! – LOL – But when would she have time to work?)  

Anyway, here is a small SAMPLING of the pics she took…we were North to the foothills, and South to farmland today…  

We’ve had storms the last couple days, and expect them the next couple…so maybe I’ll post some pretty pictures of those tomorrow. Matter of fact we’re getting quite the “lighting show” right now.   Time to go watch!

All I can say is how thankful I am, that there are ONLY seven more days of school left.   Headless Mom mentioned on her blog something very similar and since I read it, it’s all I can think about.   It’s cute, you’ll have to read it for yourself!

I think this year has taken a toll on me because it’s involved so much growing.  Growing for BabyAm, and growing for us as a family.   It’s also involved so many projects.  Not just little ones either, big ones and in several classes no less.  I’ll be glad for it to be over.

And to answer her question…I personally would rather stick a sharp instrument in my eye, than fight through homework for even ONE more day…You’d think I was doing the homework myself.  

JR Simplot passed away this morning.   For those of you who don’t know who he is…this man was the inventor of the FROZEN FRENCH FRY!  

Read the articles noted below to see just how much he impacted us all.  Working for this company (JR Simplot Company) was my most recent job.  I left 7 years ago, and met this man many times.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to this wonderful man’s family. 
He will be greatly missed.  

Local coverage can be found here.  Additionally from from the Associated Press below:

J.R. Simplot, potato and computer chip king, dies

By JOHN MILLER – 5 hours ago

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Billionaire J.R. Simplot, the spud king of America whose wealth also helped create one of the world’s biggest computer chip makers, died Sunday at his Boise home. He was 99.

Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg said Simplot apparently died of natural causes.

The quintessential Idaho farmer increasingly dominated the state’s business and political landscape for 70 years, and the company that bears his name remains a powerful force today — in Idaho and beyond.

Simplot and his family were ranked at No. 80 on Forbes magazine’s 2006 list of richest Americans, with an estimated wealth of $3.2 billion.

His businesses, still family owned, manufacture agriculture, horticulture and turf fertilizers; animal feed and seeds; food products such as fruits, potatoes and other vegetables; and industrial chemicals and irrigation products.

In 1980, at age 71, Simplot took a gamble on the next generation of businessmen, giving Ward and Joe Parkinson $1 million for 40 percent of what would become computer chip maker Micron Technology Inc. Over the years, he pumped in $20 million more to help Micron build its first manufacturing plant and to stay afloat. Micron went on to become a major producer of DRAM memory chips, which are used to store information in personal computers.

Not a religious man — “I’m a fact man and if it don’t add up, I don’t buy it; I don’t believe in hocus pocus,” he said in a 1999 interview — Simplot credited his longevity to disdain for tobacco and alcohol.

He used to reward workers who quit smoking with $200 and once paid a couple to travel to Idaho schools exhibiting black lungs in bottles.

Born John Richard Simplot in Dubuque, Iowa, he was raised with five siblings on a hardscrabble homestead in Declo in south-central Idaho.

In 1923, he left home at age 14 with four $20 gold coins given to him by his mother. He paid $1 a day for room and board at Declo’s only hotel.

As a shrewd young businessman, Simplot bought interest-bearing scrip paid to teachers who were also boarding there for 50 cents on the dollar. He used it as for collateral on a bank loan to buy 600 hogs at $1 each.

He spent the winter shooting wild horses, selling the hides and boiling the meat with potato scraps to feed the hogs.

When pork prices jumped the next year, he brought some rare fat hogs to market for a whopping $7,500.

That was Simplot’s stake for the potato business. He leased land and from an early partner learned to plant certified seed, not cull potatoes as was common then. Idaho’s dominance in potatoes grew with the innovation.

Simplot bought an early electric potato sorter and by 1940 had bought or built 33 potato warehouses along the rich Snake River plains from Idaho Falls to Vale, Ore.

A chance encounter with a Chicago businessman led Simplot into the onion-drying business in Caldwell in 1941. He made $500,000 the first year and soon was supplying much of the dried potatoes and vegetables consumed by U.S. troops during World War II.

The headstrong young man then started buying ranches, cattle and timberland. Taking notice of the wartime shortage of fertilizer, he bought phosphate reserves and built a fertilizer production plant at Pocatello.

After the war, his food production business expanded into freezing and canning, developing the product that would become the company’s mainstay: the frozen french fry.

Simplot struck a deal with McDonald’s Corp. founder Ray Kroc, and his fry business grew with Americans’ love for fast food.

Late into his life, the former McDonald’s board member drove his white Lincoln Town Car with “Mr. Spud” vanity plates to the fast food chain for hashbrowns or french fries several times a week. More recently, he could be seen driving around Boise in a motorized cart.

In 2004, he donated his former home in the Boise Foothills to the state to be used as Idaho’s new governor’s mansion.

Like many captains of industry, Simplot had scrapes with the law.

In the mid-70s, Simplot was charged with trying to manipulate Maine potato futures. He was barred from commodities trading for six years and paid $50,000 in fines and an undisclosed amount to settle a lawsuit.

In 1977, he and the J.R. Simplot Co. each paid $40,000 in penalties for failing to report income and claiming false deductions.

Looking back on the incident in the late 1990s, he essentially dismissed it, saying, “Basically, I’ve never done anything wrong that I know of.”


We had a beautiful Saturday.  Slept in, hung out, then went to the Outlet Mall to get Hubby some new jeans.  While we were clear across town, we decided to make the trip out to Lucky Peak Dam to see them letting out the water.   They were only letting it out today from 11 to 2, so we hurried out to get a quick peek.  

Beautiful isn’t it?   It’s just an amazing site.

After snapping a few pictures, we decided to walk down to the water at the park, and we were able to step down into it…still VERY cold, and though today was beautiful, it was definately not hot enough to play in the water. 

The dogs did take a quick dip though.  Aren’t they cute?

They were so tired from their walk through the park and from playin in the cold water that they slept pretty much the whole way home. 

But once back in the confinement of their own FENCED back yard…they were at it again, playing like there was no tomorrow.   I love watching them.   They are just like little toddlers, playing until they fall asleep in the middle of the floor due to being completely exhausted.  

Here they are shortly before crashing hard…

Daddy found BabyAm’s old soccer ball, and there was just enough air out of it that they both could get ahold of it and run it back across the yard.

Another fun day!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday!  And a three day weekend no less!   Wonderful!

I spent the morning at the dentist, I have some extensive dental work being done.  I hate the dentist, though she’s nice…it’s just not pleasant.  This was my second trip this week, and I go again next Friday.   YUCK!

We are getting new neighbors on the East side of us, the builder of the home is moving in.   We heard they are nice people, but that’s all we know, other than 2 moving trucks arrived today, and it looks like they’re spending the night tonight.  I just pray there are no teenage boys moving in.  LOL 

Tonight was such a nice evening that Hubby mowed the lawn, and the boys played for probably 3 hours again.  They love being able to just go, go, go!   Now they are both crashed, one above my head (on the loveseat cushion) and the other just at my knees curled up.   Such Mommas’ boys.   BabyAm is crashed in my chair too.   I think we had a long week, because I took an hour nap myself about 4pm this afternoon, and so did Hubby…wow, I told you we were ready for the weekend.

I made an appointment to get my hair done, on the 3rd of June…and I really want something fun, and different.   My stylist was excited to hear that I am NOT going to cut it all off.   She said she’d start thinking about what to do with it, and I guess I’d better get to looking myself.  

I’ve always wanted to go funky, like Sharon Osborn purple…
but I don’t know that I’ll do that this time. 

Any suggestions? 
Does anyone have any great hairstyle/color websites for me to check out?  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

Part of me wants to tell you about last night’s banquet…and the other part says, what’s done is done.  My last function, project, and headache for Debate, permanently.   I think I’m going to go with the later.  I’m very excited to have my personal time back.  

Yesterday morning I went to Book Club, the last one until August.   Funny how even though they know I don’t read much, all the ladies all still let me invade their fun.   Instead of the usual restaurant, or coffee shop we met at one of the lady’s house yesterday morning and she had a beautiful table set for all of us, and wonderful food prepared.   We had sort of a brunch, with Tea (prepared and served correctly) and out of Bone China Tea Cups (with saucers) no less.  I felt so special to be in attendance.   No one liked the book at all (glad I didn’t finish it), but everyone enjoyed the company.  I think that’s all that matters. 

Tomorrow is our last Bible Study too, we’re taking a summer break, and we’re having another get-together at another lady’s house.  I just love hangin with these gals, they are a riot.   I think I’m the youngest one, but it’s nice because I can see how much I still have to learn about life, parenting, friendships etc. 

What a blessing that Mrs. Potts was put into my life, as I have had the opportunity to share so many things with her the past 8 months, things I would have not gone out of my comfort zone to be a part of.


Tonight was our Foreniscs (Competitive Speech and Debate) End of the Year Banquet…how nice it was to hug my friend (and partner in crime) at the end of the banquet, and walk out of a clean school cafeteria, feeling like we accomplished a “job well done”.   I have a couple pictures, but I am just exhausted.   I will post more tomorrow.   Freedom feels nice.

And the backyard theater presents….The Natives Are No Longer Restless, with special credit and thanks to The Fence Guys! 

Humphrey Bogart (left) and Tommy Lee (right)
Look at those smiles!

Look Mama!  Toys!   We’ll bring them to you!

Humphrey – Look at his HAPPY eyes!!!!

Tommy – Let’s play fetch!!!

All that fetch made me tired!

And we let BabyAm off her leash to play in the backyard too…
But she just wanted to blog!

And just as I was posting this, I had to take these two!


 See…EVERYONE is happy!
They are STILL playing!