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I keep meaning to blog about this movie, and just don’t get it done.   Just after about 8 weeks of Bible Study (my first Bible Study ever) on the Book of Esther, we all got together and watched One Night with the King, which is based on the book Hadassah, One Night with the King (and of course the Story of Esther from the Bible).   I don’t normally like the “old/ancient” setting type movies, but I absolutely LOVED this movie.   What a sweet love story with such intense issues thrown into the mix.  (I am not a movie critic and I don’t play one on TV, so pardon my layman review of the movie.)

The movie is already out on DVD,
but you can see the trailer for it here.

One Night

I have recommended this movie more times than I even realized.  One of my friends just emailed me last night and said that she got the movie from NetFlix and that she, her husband, daughter and Mother-In-Law all LOVED it as well.  She and her daughter even watched it a 2nd time (and cried!)  I’m so happy they enjoyed it.   It just is so good.

We all noticed though after reading the Book of Esther in the Bible and doing our Bible Study, that the movie added a lot of the “fun” type details, that just really give you an open imagination thinking to yourself “yea, I guess that could have been what it was like”…and I read that it was filmed in India, which tells me why everything was so extremly beautiful.

I wish I knew how to make stars, I would give it 4.5 Stars, out of 5.   Only because nothing is perfect.

Rent it! And then come back and tell me what you thought!  I am going to have to get it so that MY family can watch it too, and I can see it a 2nd time.

I officially started my 3rd book for our Book Club tonight.   It’s the 2nd time I’ve started it.  This time, I truged through the first 3 pages (where I was struggling) and am able to keep reading.   The first couple pages seemed to have a bunch of words that I didn’t know, and I despise looking up words, so I just have to skip them and guess.    It seems to be getting better, I think she was just trying to be OVERLY descriptive.   So now that I stuck with it, finally, my curiousity is peaked.  It is a Christian Mystery/Suspense type novel.   What I know so far is, a woman wakes up in Hawaii, with no idea who she is, or how she got there.  (I’m thinking that might be nice though.)

It’s called Freefall, by Kristen Heitzmann.


I never made it past the first chapter of the 2nd book (bottom of that post) called The Sisterhood of the Queen Mama’s.   I could not get past the fact that there were TWO women talking back and forth through the first chapter (no idea if it continued that way), and I struggled to understand which woman was in italics and which one was not.   Maybe I’ll be able to go back to it.  We’ll see.   The Book Club gals said only part of them actually finished the book, they had a tough time with it too.   I’m thankful I wasn’t the only one.  

The good news is though I did borrow the 2nd of the series (from Mrs. Potts) from our very first book  (Desperate Pastors Wives), the second being called A Matter of Wife & Death.   I read it in 2 days, just like the first one.   I really enjoy that type of read.   Easy I think is the operative word.

Wish me luck.   I still don’t feel like I am a reader.  I need to have it read by the 15th of April.

I think I can speak for BabyAm, Freckles, Hubby and the Boys when I say…we had a great Spring Break.   It really did us all alot of good to hang together as a family.

Easter with the Family – Here’s a picture of our family on Easter. (Without Freckles though).  We had a great time, alot of food and the traditional game of UNO.  

Easter 2008 Family

Freckles Came –  Gosh how he’s grown since the summer.   He was so good for us, and we all really enjoyed his company.   Hubby got him a cell phone (added to our plan) so he can call/text us anytime he wants and throughout the summer, as he’ll be staying/working in a little resort town about 100 miles away.    That’s just between his house and ours.   Sadly his phone doesn’t work where he lives (in the mountains, little town of less than 200 people), but it does work where he goes to school and his grandparents live, so he can call his Mom, and us before he gets on the bus to come home etc., and if there is an emergency.   Here’s a picture of all of us, while he was here.

Four of us

BabyAm’s Sweet Sixteen – I know it wasn’t a big “To Do” but it was enough to put a BIG smile on her face for the day, and put her over the top on a Happy Meter.  

BabyAm’s Last Surprise – I didn’t blog about this, because I just have been so exhausted, and Friday night it hit me like a ton of bricks.   I was officially dead.  Ok, not officially, but definately close.   On Tuesday, before BabyAm’s birthday, I text messaged one of her friends Luchica  (who had to change schools this year) to see if she could spend the night on Friday night, and surprise BabyAm with me.   She was excited, and we planned how we would make it happen, right down to a secret code that would tell me when I could come get her.   I told BabyAm we had errands to run.   It was working like a charm until I had to turn down Luchica’s street.   She started catching on. 

The Girls

Here’s a picture of the monkeys, acting appropriately.  (Yes BabyAm is wearing a SpongeBob shirt) and that is whipcream from their pieces of Sex in a Pan, created into their new boyfriend they call George.   Two giggly girls who haven’t seen each other in months, I am sure most of you can understand their need to be strange.   Additionally, their night didn’t end until 4am when they finally couldn’t keep their eyes (or mouths open) anymore.

Then it was time to take Freckles 1/2 way home.  We all were sad to see him go, but hopefully we’ll see him soon!  Here’s a picture of the little Resort town I talked about earlier.   Can you belive it’s almost April and they still have this much snow!   OH MY!   The houses we passed (not condos) you could barely see the roof tops, and their driveways looked like a bull dozer dug them out.   Icicles 7 feet long on some of the condos.  A sight to see I’m tellin ya.


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy change.   Things like changing the living room around (we did that!), changing hair styles and colors (I want that!), just miscellaneous change is fun  and exciting to me.   Today I needed a blog change, probably because I have been looking at everyone elses pretty new SPRING time themes. 

BabyAm Beach

So I changed mine too.   But only I opted for a more summer time look!  I am sick of the snow, rain, wind and chill in the air.   I know it is wishful thinking to think of warm days on the beach (wish we had a beach), relaxing, listening to the waves crashing…so sue me.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Just couldn’t post tonight…too exhausted.

I survived the “Sweet 16”!   BabyAm did too.   Our day went like this:

We told her last night that she needed to get up early (rude, on her birthday, I know) but we didn’t tell her why.    She got up great, and came downstairs to a decorated house, and PRESENTS!   But that would have to wait until later, I know she was just dying to open them all.   (I know, doesn’t look like many…but sometimes big things come in small packages)


So, because we had things to do (we didn’t get up early for nothing) we left the house about 8am, and I took her to breakfast (we have a little breakfast place we like to go called The Chef’s Hut).   She thought that was pretty fun.   After we ate, we had a little time to kill so I took her to an empty lot to let her drive for a little while (not long, this was just filler) and then we headed off to our main morning destination (to get her hair done).  She was so excited.   (I, however, was envious both before and after!)

Here is a picture before…


Here is the beautiful girl AFTER!  What a cutie!
That’s Lola with her, she’s a cutie too!


We stopped at Tulley’s on the way home and got coffee.  Ok, so I got coffee, she got a Cookies and Cream milkshake.  YUM!

The Birthday Girl had one of her friends over today for a few minutes and he totally killed her at Guitar Hero III…oh my can he play!

Lean into it

Her choice of dinner was Spaghetti (she picked out Classico Spinach and Cheese sauce), with our new favorite bagged salad (it’s a Spinach salad with sweet honey mustard dressing and we add Bleu Cheese crumbles to it), little baguettes and spinach dip and lastly Italian bread with garlic and butter.    It was really a great dinner.

BabyAm decided that she did not want cake this year, she wanted another desert that we love, which is called “Sex in a Pan”.   Just imagine, Oreo crust, then a layer of cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar, a layer of whip cream, a layer of chocolate pudding, and then more whip cream…chocolate shavings on top for added beauty. 


We had all our family over after dinner for dessert and present opening!  Very exciting.  I can’t believe all the stuff she got, and I don’t think she asked for much. 

I have so much more to say about the day, but I’ll leave on this note because I’m exhausted.   The gold necklace she’s wearing (which says her name) brought her to tears…I’ve had it in our safe for about 8 years, waiting for her to turn 16 when she could really appreciate it.   She definitely does, and it was so neat to see her emotions burst when she realized what it was.   Patience is a virtue really, and trust me it’s been tough not to give it to her sooner!

Necklace Small

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Daughter, I am proud of you!

Birthday Girl

You amaze me, daily…keep up the good work sweetie!

At this time, 16 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed…cranky and impatient.  Sadly (and somewhat thankfully), I don’t have any pictures to prove the attitude.   Why?  Because my ex-husband SWORE he had film in the camera.   I don’t think I need say anymore.

I can tell you though, that I was cranky because I didn’t originally want any drugs, but all that instant pain caused me to want them ALL – and quickly!   The first one they gave me made me sick…NICE, as if I wasn’t already uncomfortable enough, it soon became something even more wicked like; wretched pain, then throwing up, wretched pain, then throwing up…that lasted for a couple hours.   I think I was entitled to be cranky. 

My attitude finally became VERY pleasant when the nice Anesthesiologist came in and shot medicine up my back, that part wasn’t the pleasnt part…it was the after effect (being numb from the waist down) that was pleasant.

Impatient?  What woman is not impatient when it comes to the last few months, hours, minutes, seconds just before literally popping out their most prized possession; to snuggle with, hug and kiss and call YOURS forever?  I was ready to get that THING outta me!

This is what I looked like a couple days before walking into the hospital…(Caution BabyAm Inside)

 Any Day Now

Please don’t make fun of the hair, glasses, or the extra weight gain…I was NOT feeling like a hottie at that point, and I can tell you that looking back on it, brings back all the “OMG I feel like a HOUSE” moments I had. 

Tomorrow, officially I will be the mother of a 16 year old.   Ready I am NOT.  But to be honest, Hubby and I wouldn’t trade her for the world, she’s a doll!  Tune in to see if I make it through tomorrow. 

I sent this out to our friends and family, so I decided since you are all my friends as well, you needed to know too.   These little BOYS of ours, are just like our kids (since Hubby and I can’t have our own…these are them!) and we just love each of them, just like real little toddlers.  They both have their own personalities, and their own special needs…we love them, and would be lost without them.    So when they have any issues…we’re just heartbroken.   Hopefully we have a handle on most of them.   

Here’s where you can find the background on Humphrey and what’s been going on with him.   And below the picture is the update as of today.

HB 1st Day Home

9-30-06  His first day home…cutie huh?

Humphrey had his ultrasound today.  They called me today shortly after starting to get the authorization to sedate him (Valium and something else) because he was very upset and wiggly (which means to us, he was outta control).   I picked him up shortly after 3pm, and they were not able to give me any information because they had to wait for the Ultrasound Doctor to write up her report.   We were all really sad, and Humphrey was really disoriented (the 5mgs of Valium I’m sure), and lost his balance a couple times.    

Tonight, during dinner, Dr. Ames (one of our sweet vets) called, she said she KNEW how anxious we were to hear what happened, and she had just seen it come across the fax machine, so she wanted to call us right away.   (I love that about her!)   So, the good news is, they ruled out a liver shunt, which is really good.   They also didn’t see any OBVIOUS signs of liver disease.  If there is any liver disease, it’s only going to be detected with a biopsy.   Dr. Ames said that at this point we can go either way…we can get the biopsy done, which might turn out negative anyway…or her suggestion is to watch him for the next 3 weeks.   If he has ANY more seizures, we need to call them and let them know.  Since they haven’t gotten worse with each one, that is a good sign.   The frequency isn’t good though, but she is pretty sure that it’s probably epilepsy.   If he does have any within the 3 week period, she’ll put him on medication.    

Now, with that…the medication they give them for epilepsy is really hard on the LIVER, which is what we already have some issues with (his enzyme levels are higher than they should be) so she just wants to see how he does for a couple weeks before putting him on it.   Almost prolonging the inevitable…but that’s ok…she says it makes them “not themselves” and we really like him “the way he is”….so we’ll just keep praying for NO MORE SEIZURES!  J   I just wish there was something obvious, but not serious…and inexpensive to fix, so that he would feel better soon.   I guess epilepsy is that answer?  I’m just not sure.

You’re prayers are always helpful!  Keep them coming, we all appreciate them.

Freckles arrived this morning!   I decided that is what his nick-name is gonna be.   Oh my how he’s grown!   He’s taller than BabyAm (I’d say by about 2 or 3 inches!) and he surely looks older than 12.  WOW!

It’s so nice to see his sweet smiling face again.   He’s such a great kid.   He lives in the mountains (really) with his mom and her Hubby and his kids.   And we don’t get to see him as often as we’d like.  

Hubby took him to Wally World to spend some Christmas money, and get a new game for his PSP (funkly little contraption).   They discussed a Wii.  LOL  Hubby came home and proceeded to make probably 8 or 10 calls trying to find one in stock anywhere in town.  No real luck.  He did make a call to one of our old neighbors (and friends) for any insight of where to find one… He is a real GAMER type guy his name is Errorik (and no, I don’t understand a WORD on his blog-LOL).   He was VERY KIND and offered to let us borrow his Wii for the week to see if we like it, and all of his MILLIONS of games.   Does he know he is our HERO?   Fun!  Hubby did say though, that Erroriks’ little ones were NOT happy to see their Wii walking out the door.   And they are so adorable, I’m glad I didn’t go pick it up…I probably would have cried. 

I’ve yet to play anything on it though, as I have been feeling a little yucky today, but it was pretty fun to watch the kids (Hubby included) playing and having a blast.  Guitar Hero III is the favorite I think.  Too funny, why am I NOT suprised?  

We don’t  have any “fun” stuff like this because our family has such addictive personalities anyway, we don’t need another vice, so to speak…however, after watching Hubby and BabyAm today (just one day with it), I’m not sure I’ll get off as lucky (as I have been thus far) after this Spring Break with Errorik’s Wii.  *sigh* 

Here’s a couple pictures of the KIDS!

Freckles and BabyAm

Cute aren’t they?

Face Off

Serious stuff I’m guessin!

The Biggest Kid

This is going to be my biggest PROBLEM CHILD.
I can just TELL…someone better start saving!

Last night, we colored a few eggs (we don’t need that many) as a family.   It was pretty fun.  Hubby spent a lot of time on the Purple one.  BabyAm colored a ton of them “funky” though the picture doesn’t show them.   She wanted them color coordinated in the carton.  Anal much?

Easter Eggs

And here is our favorite creation of the weekend so far.  It’s a Pampered Chef – Sunshine Cake.   Made in the microwave, in my new fluted stone.  It’s the Best Jerry!  The Best!   And not to mention pretty too!

Sunshine Cake

Hope you all had a wonderful day.  We did.