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My post today is different from the usual.  I’ve got so many things going on in my head, that I just need to post about all the random feelings and thoughts I have, most of which can be defined by songs that I love.  So I thought I’d share.

They are in NO particular order, remember I said random…

Voice of Truth is one that I wish I could live by, and remember when I’m feeling defeated.  (Which seems to be alot lately.)  See the awesome video from Facing the Giants!

Does Anybody Hear Her (video) sometimes reminds me of myself growing up, and I deeply hurt for all those who have been there, or who are there now. (Lyrics)

Daily, I want BabyAm to know that she is Never Alone, (hear/see it) —that she is not defined by the Mirror (lyrics) she looks into.   And to continue to not be an Average Girl (video)!  All of those are easier said, than believed.

We all wonder “What If I Stumble“, (hear/see it) and we all want to hear someone Say the Words “I love you” – DC Talk puts those thoughts into lyrics that just hit home! 

No, I don’t listen to just Christian music, I listen to everything…so here’s some others

Unwritten is something that just hits me hard EVERY time I hear it.   It amazes me that people can still write songs about how people think and feel. 

Sick as it may sound, I want this played at my funeral, as Our Farewell (3rd song down for the lyrics).  Click here to hear the song, but don’t watch the video—be warned, they are strange people—and the video is not too flattering, but it’s really a quite beautiful song, and my Hubby and BabyAm know it’s a favorite of mine.  (Forgive the darklyrics link and funky video please).

I’ve seen Fire and I’ve seen Rain…oh how I love listening to this man!   There is nothing that soothes my headaches like a handful of Excedrin and James Taylor.  And to describe myself when I listen to him and clean the house, there is just Something in the Way she Moves – LOL

Hubby plays the trumpet, so I’ve been blessed to be introduced (not in real life) to this man, Wynton Marsalis!  And I must admit I enjoy it.  I wish someone (hint hint) would get to blowin his horn for me! 

And I have really been trying to remember lately that…Big Girls Don’t Cry!  Yea, like that’s working!  LOL

Only Time is somthing that can help me escape reality…Listen, you might escape too!

Thanks for sharing some of me…I needed to share with you!  :) 

No worries about clothes, hair or blemishes…

No worries about make-up, lipgloss or perfume…

No worries about friendships, teachers or grades…


No worries about boys…

No problems!

Remember having the Magic 8 Ball?   I do!   I wish I still had one.  I think this is what it would say if I still did about all these questions….

 8 ball

Was today a good day?  (better not tell you now)

Am I tired? (signs point to YES) 

Do I think I’m getting a cold?  (concentrate and ask again) 

Is my Hubby getting a cold?  (it is certain)

Is my darling BabyAm finally listening, and taking parental advice?  (cannot predict now)  Come on, I need an answer to this one NOW!

Will I sleep tonight.  (you may rely on it)  
Thank you Nyquil!

Was today a good day?  (as I see it, YES) 

Will tomorrow be a good day?  (outlook good)

Will I get a fence tomorrow?  (my sources say no)

Ok, so is it just me, or is it ‘Spring Fever’ and everyone is in a hurry for it to get here?   Maybe it’s more old people driving?   Maybe it’s more young people driving?  Whatever the case, people around here are absolute idiots lately when it comes to driving.  

I previously believed that it was because we have so many transplants (from other warmer states) just didn’t know how to drive in our winter conditions (snow, ice, etc.) but I truly believe now, that they just-don’t-know-how-to-drive-PERIOD.

What is the deal?   Manditory driving tests for ALL?  

Moron Driver Sticker

Or possibly this bumpersticker on these peoples vehicles
To serve as as a warning to us!?

I can’t decide which is better at this point.   Just know that it’s out of control here, and I might just have to start taking valium before I go anywhere, or getting drunk like they are, to be able to avoid them all…honestly, it’s that bad.  

Tonight I have discovered what’s really important in life.    (Pictures will NOT be forthcoming)

A long, hot, quiet, relaxing, rewarding, much needed, time alone…SHOWER!   The kind of shower where you aren’t in a hurry, where you have time to actually completely and slowly shave your legs.  The kind of shower where you can’t wait to feel the tiny sandpaper granules of the facial scrub grate against your face, knowing all the while that it’s been days since you had time to even pick up the tube, let alone squeeze any out.   The kind of shower where you can let the conditioner sit in your hair, so it does it’s job while you just stand there and relish how the fantastic hot water feels as it is beating on your shoulders, neck and face.  The kind of shower that whispers to you that you should just continue to enjoy it’s warmth until the water heater sqeaks out the last drops of hot water from it’s bowels, and you know you’ll be pruny when you get out…

I have to say, tonight there was NOTHING better than that Perfect Shower, and that my friends is what is REALLY important.

(Early Post – 12:26 am Monday Morning – Can’t Sleep, too much going on in my head…So I was making a Monday “To Do List” by cell phone light (because the boys are all sound asleep and snoring), however I had to get up and type it out instead, because I ran out of room on the envelope I was writing on.  I think for now, I am finished with the list.  Think.Doubt.Whatever.) 

Anyway, here’s Monday’s post.  Not that it will be the only one, but at least it’s something…and ties in with the “I should be sleeping” theme, somewhat.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture.   It was Sunday morning, I woke up around 9am and opened my eyes to this oh so sweet site, it was definately something to smile about.    Humphrey even has the big brother love goin’ on…with his paw right over Tommy’s shoulder.  (if you look closely you can see the scanner too, right above Tommy’s head!)  Click the picture to see it bigger. 

 My Boys

From Left to Right – Hubby, Tommy Lee & Humphrey Bogart.

Are they all not just the cutest things????

Guess it’s time to catch you up!  

Friday you might remember I was making muffins for the District Debate tournament on Saturday, going to make Cards with my friend, and then make cupcakes…Well, I got the muffins done and headed off to make cards.   I have to admit, I was having alot of fun.   I cut 3 big 12×12 pieces of paper up into smaller pieces (about 60 I think), decided how I wanted each of them to look and then got the paper all attached to the card-stock.  We had just started stamping the “Thank You”, and “Thinking of You” when my phone rang.

Hubby called, said “I need you home”…he never says that!   He told me one of our dogs (Humphrey Bogart) had just had a seizure.   OMG!   I was freaked out.   I dropped everything (I left my mess), and hurried home.  By that time Hubby was on the phone with the Vet.   We took him right to the Vet’s office, so they could monitor him.  Poor guy.   By the time I got home he had come to, and was back almost to his normal self.   I don’t think we won any awards for Parents of the Year though, how rude to go through such a traumatic experience, then be taken to the doctor to get poked, prodded and locked in a cage for a couple hours.    He was not happy with us, but dang it…those boys are like our kids too.   They want him to have an ultrasound within the next couple weeks, and to just not leave him alone for awhile so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again…Hubby took it the worst, he said he was so scared, and that he was happy that I wasn’t home.   I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have handled it well, not with how bad Hubby took it.   Sad.    Both Humphrey and Hubby seem to be doing better now…but we’ll keep a good eye on all the boys for awhile.  :)

I did manage to get the cupcakes done though, thankfully.     

 Sneaking One

Here’s a picture of one of the students sneaking one.  :)  They were yummy! 

So yummy in fact that Hubby asked for Chocolate Cupcakes that he wouldn’t have to share.   I just finished making those.  And I think they are even better than the Funfetti ones!

Lets see…other pictures.  Here’s one of BabyAm…I am not sure however why she felt it necessary to wear a paperclip as a fashion accessory.  It does not do her new outfit justice.  

BabyAm Cupcake

I don’t have pictures YET of the cards, obviously.   I hope to get them finished up this week, just have to see when my friend wants to ditch the housework again for fun.  :)  And as soon as I get them finished, I’ll take a couple pics…

And then the last thing I can think of right now is that today we registered BabyAm for classes next year (on-line thru her HS).   We spent some serious time on it.   And we all as a family made a decision that she would not take Debate, OR Competitive Speech either.  (I am sure she’s not excited to tell her Coach though)  I know it is contrary to what I mentioned last night but she really has other interests to be quite honest, and her choices are going to give her a full plate.   A seemingly fun plate though (if you like these kinds of things).   I’ll share them with you, she’ll be a junior.

American Character English
American Character History
Anatomy/Microbiology/Genetics (an Elective she wants)
Psychology (It’ll help her learn about herself—which is very much needed)
Spanish III  (She loves it!)
American Sign Language (1st year)
Dance (She needs the PE Credit)

Scary load if you ask me.   One of her alternative choices is Physics.   She just eats this weird stuff up.  Maybe she will have such a full plate, that she won’t have time for the dreaded “B” word (Boys), which will lead her down this road…the road to NOWHERE.


Enough for now…I’ll be back tomorrow.  Unless I decide to run away. 

Just a quick post tonight as we’re getting ready to wind down tonight and watch American Gangster…but I wanted to just post that the gals think they did OK tonight at Districts, (possibly 3 wins out of 6 debates) but they did not make it to State.   I have to say, as a mom though I wanted to see them win, I am glad that DEBATE tournaments are over for BabyAm this year.  

She was going to take it next year, but I think she is going to switch to Competitve Speech instead.   Still the same team, just a different niche.   Her recent Debate partner also enjoys the speech part, she is the one that is going to VEGAS in June for Nationals (in Speech)…we still aren’t sure if she’s going to stay in Debate or Switch either…tough choices for them all around.   But they are both great young ladies and they enjoy the competition, and experience so…whatever works!

BabyAm gave a oral presentation in Biology the other day and said that no one wanted to go first, so she jumped up.   It just doesn’t bother her anymore…which is nice. 

Tonight, one of the girls on the team who debates Lincoln Douglas (form of debating) is going to State.  Two Policy teams one team of two girls, and the other team of two guys  (who won 6 debates out of 6 today) are also going to State (they are the two that are going also to Nationals in VEGAS!) .   We’re all really excited for them. 

Tomorrow:  Humphrey’s Seizure (he’s one of our Boston Boys) the poor guy, Card Making Day and whatever else I am forgetting…maybe some pictures.  :)   (this is a reminder to me…because I’m getting old, and forgetful)

I’m not a big Martha fan really, probably because my priorities don’t include crafts or cooking.   Today however, there’s a little Martha in me.  I need a hobby, I need a passion, I need something to keep me occupied with that I enjoy.   I don’t ususually enjoy cooking but today I’m making Banana Muffins again for the Debate Team.  Districts are tomorrow, and there are only 12 of them going.  I have to admit, 12 kids just sounds easier than 25-30, I think in ANY book!  :)  So I am kind of excited to spoil 12.  

After my morning muffin making mess, I will head over to a friends house and ATTEMPT to play the Crafty Martha role by making “cards”.   Attempt is the key word there.   I got a few things together here, to help me in my adventure and from what BabyAm said, I’m headed into a scrapbookers/stampers heaven.   So I’m looking forward to doing something different, and something with some new friends.   I hope they don’t kick me out when they realize I am missing the CRAFTING gene.  (I might have to post pictures later, or tomorrow…if they turn out, because it might be the only craft you see on my blog, and we’ll all want to relish in it’s presence.)

My afternoon is looking exciting too.  I actually WANT to make cupcakes (FunFetti) for the Teams afternoon snack. 


The frosting has sprinkles!   I like sprinkles.   And besides, as the cupcake chef extraordinaire, I will get to taste them for quality assurance.  Right?

Now, my only small complaint today is….it’s snowing again.   Does God not realize we’ve had our fair share of snow, and maybe just maybe he could give us a break and send it to my step-sister in Florida for a change?   I just think spring should be sprung already!

Hubby took BabyAm to school this morning.   I was sitting on the couch doing my Bible Study this morning while he was gone (a little late in getting it done) and I felt like I was spinning.   I was sure I was crazy because I had just read a Blog 365 friend’s (Breigh) post last night about her having Vertigo, she lives in the Neitherlands.   So I figured I just was “feeling for her” because I too, have had Vertigo before and it’s NOT fun.

Hubby got back home about 5 minutes later, and I told him “I think I have a little case of Vertigo today, it isn’t good.  Kind of felt like an earthquake”.   He mentioned something about seeing how I feel, and possibly not going this morning to my Bible Study group.    (He didn’t want me to be driving.)

Because he secretly reads and watches the news (and has a TV Monitor hanging on his wall, so he can watch CNN all day while he works) he called me in his office, showed me this article, and told me that lo-and-behold….what I felt was INDEED an Earthquake (6.3 magnitude)!    Then our local news came on…everyone was feeling it here too, I am not crazy!!!!   WOAH!!!!!!!  Really freaky!

More to come!