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Cup of Tea and Spill

Sometimes when you have a rough day, does it help you to clean?   It does me.   Today, I tackled my OFFICE (slash Bonus Room).   I really needed to get in there and put stuff away (still had boxes in here from the move)…but have not had the motivation.   Today, I just decided it was time and I was irritated, so I spent several hours unpacking boxes, shredding stuff, re-organizing, going through old/new bills and just plain “diggin in”.   I am still not done, but I made a huge dent.   I’m really hoping I’ll be able to relax enough now to get some decent sleep.  

The things that have made my day rough, are the usual lately…Debate and Snow.   I wish ONE of them would let up, but the future’s not lookin too bright about either.   I decided today that with Debate, I need to give it a few days to hopefully work itself out, and if not…I guess I’ll have to step in.   I hate confrontation.  I don’t handle it well at all.  Does anyone?

Usually with my personality, if I don’t make the effort to “shut my trap” purposely, all sorts of nasty crap spews from it (my trap that is).   I don’t want that at all really, I just want to understand why things are being done/handled the way they are with a handful of things, all of which could be easily solved with a little organization.   Why can’t everyone see things exactly as I do, life would be much more simple that way.  :)

So before I go ranting, which is not my intention…I think I’ll find some duck tape (for my mouth-to help keep my trap shut), and some mittens for my fingers (so I can’t type anything I’ll regret).    Let’s hope for a better, less irritating tomorrow.  

…WITHOUT SNOW!!!!!!   Yeah right.  *sigh*

 Grouchy by nature

Thankfully all the school districts have managed to make the same decision.  FINALLY.   Both main school districs made their decsions this morning at 5 am.   I am not sure what made them decide, but I would like to think that it’s because our children are important.   So I will just stick with that answer.

It’ll be nice to have BabyAm home today.  Maybe we can make cookies!

Again with the snow…and someone out there is campaigning about Global Warming.  Stupid!  The roads are really bad, and though there isn’t too much snow, they are considering a SNOW DAY for tomorrow.   Every other school district around us has already made the decision but for some reason the two main ones are dragging their feet.   Hubby called tonight, the transportation department to remind them that while they are making this decision to remember that a lady with 6 kids (and 35 weeks pregnant) died tonight during the commute home time, by swerving to miss another wreck.  She hit a semi-truck head on with her Cadillac SUV.    She was taken to the hospital where her baby was delivered by emergency C-Section, and she later died from her injuries.  SEVEN children are now without a mother…what is their holdup.  These kids are our future, and they have so nicely packed 5 days into the school calendar for Snow Days…are our children not as important as getting to school?   I don’t get it.   Please pray (those of you who do) for this family who just lost their mother, wife, sister, daughter etc…how very sad.

My PapaFred

Eerie similarity, huh?   Talk about handsome guys!  

In 1997 BabyAm was anticipating Rihanna’s hit; Under My Umbrella.   I think Rihanna was a few years late, because she would have had the perfect “album” cover. 

 BabyAm Umbrella

What a babe!

Now you’re going to think I’m a liar!   Either for this post or yesterdays.    I did start reading last night around midnight.  I read 4 chapters.  :)   Didn’t really want to put it down.

After taking BabyAm to her tournament this morning, Hubby decided to nap (it was a very early morning) and I grabbed my book.  

I just finished it, about 1:00pm this afternoon!  :)   I guess I knew if I put it off, it might not get read…and it was so quiet this morning, I just couldn’t put it down.  I think I read for 4 hours this morning….cool beans.

I had to call Lesa! – She laughed!   Said she might have to email the group!   I haven’t read a whole book (or picked one up since July-when I got back from San Jose)…it was fun!  

Can’t wait to start the next one…

I have a book addiction.   My family says I need a support group.   Do they have such a thing for what I’m about to explain?

If you know me you’ll know that what I am about to tell you is true.   It’s sad, but true.   I love books.   I love to pick them up, look at them, read the back and get excited!   I really get excited when I find a book that I want to read.  SO.I.BUY.IT.    Lots of them!  If I go to a bookstore, several books leave with me.  If I go to a seminar, several books leave with me.  If I go to a 2nd hand store, yep…several leave with me!

The beautiful book(s) that I am so excited to buy end up staying in that brand new perfect UNREAD condition.   They usually make it to the bookshelf, where they sit…lonely, for (probably)…eternity.

A few years ago, BabyAm saw me reading a book and said, “Mom, I didn’t know you could read!”

Ultimate shock!

I can read, I do enjoy it, but I don’t ever do it.   I think if I found “Books on PC”, you know like books on tape…I might read them.   I read blogs.   I read articles.  I read things…but I guess when you don’t have your nose to a book, and your kid usually does…they assume you can’t read.

Last week I was invited to be in a book club.   I laughed.  Then I had to tell these ladies about my addiction.   When they finally caught their breath, they told me that I could still come!   And now the book club is for anyone who loves to read, and those who just love to read the covers too!

We’re reading (and I plan to start it tonight…) Desperate Pastors’ Wives (Secrets from LuLu’s Cafe) and I’m pretty excited.  I have until the 17th of February to read it.   I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!

Desperate Pastors’ Wives

If I don’t get it read, or in my case opened…they said I could come anyway, and find out all about it!   They don’t discriminate, thankfully!

Wrong Tube

Ever have one of these days…today was mine.   YUCK!

So maybe last night I was a little harsh.   Maybe.   I guess in all my irritation, I just would love to have coffee/dinner with everyone, without all the worry about who is a doctor, or who is a millionaire, or who didn’t make it past the starting line.   It is nice to know where people have been, and where they are now…but not in the aspect of “keeping up with the Jones”…my goodness, we’re all people.   We all had different goals and aspirations for our lives, and I just don’t think any anyone should have to feel “not good enough” to share.  Because it should be “all good”.  

Guess this all stems from my frustration of judgemental people.  Hypocritical people.  And my recent experiences with Narcisistic people (Narcisistic, wow big word for you Steph! – LOL)…it just drives me crazy.   Teaching a teenager how to deal with this kind of stuff is very draining.   Especially because as an adult, we don’t always deal with it as well as we should, so how do you help a teenager go through it.  You know they go through this crap daily…hourly even.    Wanting to be something special (or have something special), so that everyone will like them.   I think this is one of the hardest lessons for me as a parent to teach—(that you are special and that friends should like you for who you are, if not…they’re NOT friends!)  *sigh*

Steph 18 years old

Here’s another blast from my past!  Just after Graduation, 18 years old.
(and once again, I could only wish I was this thin again)

On a more pleasant note, what I didn’t mention yesterday is that I have recently come in contact with several friends, mostly through Class Report, where unlike Classmates, you can post your email address, your web address, and all your info for free.  Its nice really.   I have not emailed anyone (though I’ve thought about it) directly FIRST from that site, but I have gotten several emails, this week alone, from old friends, and it is soooo nice to hear from them (I just got one today!).   So you ask…am I still worried about all the above garbage with those who have emailed me?  NOPE.  Why?  Because they have most likely already looked at all my info (websites/pictures) and still chosen to write and say hello.   Even though, I don’t have fancy cars, houses, boats, extra money to toss around, etc….so I don’t feel judged by any of them.  Strange.  

Life is nothing 20 years later, like I thought it would be looking ahead.   It’s better.  So, friends, if you’re reading this…if my tattoo doesn’t “scare you off”, if you don’t judge me, and you wanna see how I am, in all my raw, honest glory…Email me!   Let’s have coffee!  😀

Ten Year Reunion – I managed to make the family picinic.   Didn’t see anyone I used to hang with…and was bored to tears, all I really remember of it was that the same stuck up people were there that I didn’t really care for in High School…and that the “true love of my life” (I was an idiot) was there with his wife and son…and it was hard to have a conversation with them because we didn’t have anything in common at all, so the small talk sucked. 

Twenty Year Reunion – Headed my way…OMG I am old.  Sigh.   Do I go?  Do I not go?   I’m too many pounds heavier now to count (actually I just don’t want to say), I kicked my career to the curb for SAHM duties (lol – what career?  I had a job, not a career…and I am overjoyed to finally get to stay home and raise BabyAm).   Which brings me to the fact that I don’t feel I have anything to ‘show off’ in that aspect or area of my life either, cuz after all isn’t that what you do at reunions…share your “look at what i’ve made of myself” stories?   

To be quite honest…most of the people that I really wanted to stay in contact with, I either did, or have gotten in contact with over the past couple years…why would I want to go?   My only reason really:  idk my bff Karen?   😀

Seriously…I need some help on the PRO side of going!   Anyone?  Anyone?  Buhler?

In searching through my class roster… so far I’ve seen:

  • several stay at home moms…alot with 4 and 5 kids (I can’t imagine…I would need to work!)
  • several people out of the country doing various things—some sound interesting…
  • one guy owns 4 business’s in town…(some software type firm, a bar, a pizza joint…and something else)
  • one guy is a pilot (I guess I could try and worm a flight to to somewhere with NO SNOW for Hubby and me)
  • one a chiropractor (I just wish I could find one who isn’t psyco, who doesn’t hurt me….oh, to be cracked!)
  • one girl is a model/actress/adult toy sales rep…(not sure what this all means)
  • several have died in drug related ways…(devistating!)
  • handful of people have found Jesus…(Amen!  Honestly!)
  • another handful of people are in prison or jail off and on…(drugs, dui’s, battery etc…Come on really now, isn’t it time to grow up?)
  • one gal that was in the class ahead of me, was a surrogate mom for her adult film star sister, and they all hang out with Hugh…and about 100 other stars…(I saw the pics!)

What makes people want to go to these things?  Is it the cliques…they all go together, so they don’t feel alone?   Should I be worried that we own our own small business with NO employees, and that we have the “just about standard” family…and that the 125 pound flirty girl is now (well let’s just say…not anymore) and that none of those people impress me so much that I want to jump up and down at the thought of going….but I wouldn’t change my awesome life for anything?   How do you express that at a Reunion?

Steph Graduation

I soooo do not look like this now.  Sigh. 

Guess I have a couple more months to dwell on this idea.   I’ll just continue to wonder why so many people who still live in the area (and who’s parents do too) are on the MISSING list…and why when someone is LOCATED that for some reason they don’t list anything about themselves…sad really.   There are a few of my old friends I’d love to check in on…but of course, I have no idea where they are, just that they are “located”…extremely helpful information if I do say so myself.

If you are reading this, please comment.   I love comments, and even though I get a couple hits a day (yes, only a couple)…I’d also love to know who you are!