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Well, Miss Amber has been trying desperately to get her (outstanding) 3.875 GPA up to a “4.0” over the past couple months…and the Identity Book Presentation (Freshman Profile) did it—-she’s over the edge!!!!

As of this morning she’s offically a “4.0” student! Proud you ask? UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!!!! She’s the bomb! We are so proud of her!

The only (teeny tiny) catch is….she must still do well on her EOC’s….(End of Course-Finals) which are this next week…We have faith!!!! YOU GO GIRL! You are amazing!

This Memorial Day weekend, we pretty much just hung out. Friday night, Amber got to go to her first Midnight Movie – Pirates III – which made for a VERY long night for all of us. Drop her off just before 11pm, so she can stand in line with her friends….Midnight the movie starts….2 hours and 45 minutes later, we are waiting outside the theater for her HOWEVER, they waited to watch ALL the credits…after 3pm, she makes it out…

By this time we’re all starving…DEL TACO here we come! LOL – Pathetic. We ended up getting home, eating and then watching (you’re not going to believe this) DRAGNET – from like 1967 or something like that….absolutely nothing else was on! We finally all headed for bed at about 4:30am…the rest of the weekend, really is a complete blur….we did alot of sleeping (mostly to catch up) and eating (because we can). Honestly, our schedules didn’t get back on track until Monday.

Speaking of Monday….yesterday afternoon, I looked outside, and this was what I saw…something that I think must be a new form of Studying. All I can say is at least she had company! They don’t however look like they were helping too much!

Whatever works I suppose…school is almost over! I really miss the complete family time that the summer will bring.


When I read this, it made me think so much of you. And how you truly shaped my Motherhood, good and sometimes bad, but since there is no manual! I’m very proud of my daughter, in every aspect.

Dear Daughter,

If I could wish
one wish for you
this Mother’s Day,
it would be
that you always
know how much
you are loved as a daughter,
admired as a mother,
and cherished
as a wonderful friend.


Sweet huh? :) I thought so! :) Thanks Mommy!

Today, it was 93 degrees (the record for today was 94 last year in 2006)….it’s 10pm and it’s still 71. Nice breeze though now…

I am not one for VERY hot, or VERY cold. I love the in between. I don’t know that I could live in Seattle because of the rain….but I’d be happy with 70 and slightly overcast every day, all year round.

The weather really has been pretty nice, which helped make for a nice weekend last weekend. We had family in town from Seattle…Graham’s Dad and Step-Mom. We mostly hung out at home and just visited. Friday night we were able to stay outside on the deck until very late. And Saturday Doris and I got treated to a nice pedicure at the Spa. It was SO NICE! :) While we were gone, Amber watched the “Boys” and Graham and Jerry went to the store to get the rest of the things we needed for dinner.

We had Red Wine, Rosemary and Garlic Red Roasted Potatoes, a nice salad, sourdough bread and ….Rosemary and Garlic BBQ Lamb Chops! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! We ended our night with a game of Mexican Train Dominos (they play differently (cheat) than we do—-LOL—just kidding) and had a Key Lime Cheeseball from Swiss Colony Occasions with Vanilla Wafers! YUM! :)—–Then no rest for the weary, up early on Sunday morning for breakfast before they headed home. Pretty good weekend. :) The boys really were on their best behavior which was nice, and the girl…well, she was too! EXCEPT for the extra hole she pierced in her ear (the previous Tuesday) and we found out while waiting for our table surrounded by all the Mothers Day breakfast patrons waiting as well…so fortunately for her there was no way for either of us to really beat her! LOL….She lucked out. And I guess we did too…it could be worse!

Uh, Yeah…Happy Mother’s Day Mom…don’t kill me…please…(I think is what she was thinkin)….

Graham’s Mom and Step-Dad will be here the middle of June…I hope she does NOT have any more surprises in store…if she does…the funeral will be the following Friday. Don’t send flowers, just send more earrings!

Well once again, Amber blessed her mom….an Early Mothers Day gift…unknowingly! In several of her classes they have been working on different assignments that will all go together into a “Freshman Profile” …including Poems, Biographies about them (that a classmate wrote about them), and several other things, including a profile about someone in their family that is either interesting or famous. They will all present them the last week in May. My darling daughter wrote her profile about “yours truly”….how sweet. I bawled! Several times! :) She wanted to blog it, who am I to say no! Here it is…enjoy!
Amazing young lady we’ve raised! Thanks BABYAM!
Just in case you didn’t know…Rhododendrons are poisonous to dogs…the leaves are the worst, but the blooms are bad too. We found out via personal experience. Amber saw a commercial for Greenhurst Nursery a couple weekends ago…and wanted to go. No problem. We left there with FOUR beautiful Rhoddys…all in different colors. We planted them and within a couple days had our first bloom on one of them.

The “boys” didn’t seem to bother the plants. YEA! However, when Humphrey saw that first bloom, I think he was dying to taste it! These boys put everything in their mouths! EVERYTHING! Toddlers I tell ya! Anyway, they got the opportunity to be alone in the back yard for “just long enough”…which wasn’t very long at all…and Humphrey managed to eat almost the entire bloom. We didn’t however notice (it was on the back of the plant) until he started throwing up beautiful purple puke. Sick, I know, but necessary to tell you…as it was VERY pretty BEFORE he ate it.

The vet said she’d like to give him the once over, since he’d probably puked out everything already…(seriously like probably 10 times or more)…but that it causes cardiac problems and can mess with the liver and kidney functions…so off to the vet we go. He stayed all day. His ALT levels are up (which so are Tommy’s—we found out when he got fixed last month) which is a red flag for Liver Disease… so they both have appointments in June to get more blood work.

Humphrey seemed to get through it fine, however it’s scary, because you don’t know what that poison is going to do to their little systems and they are still indeed PUPPIES…

We knew that we might have to get rid of them, if Humphrey couldn’t stay away from them, but we decided that we’d watch and make sure they didn’t get into them again. They are almost NEVER unsupervised, as they are little “followers” and follow all of us EVERYWHERE.

But alas…although Humphrey stayed away…little brother didn’t. Tommy set out to potty, managed to get side tracked and when mommy realized (that’s me) that he was AWOL from the living room…I found him swallowing something. My first thought? “The Rhoddys”….sure enough, another New Red Bloom was devoured. I was a wreck. Called the Vet, and by the time she told me to give him a TEASPOON of Hydrogen Peroxide…he’d already started puking…I’ll tell you they make them vomit almost instantly.

So we got about 1/2 a teaspoon down the little guys throat, and within almost a minute, he was going at it again….meanwhile, while Mommy’s cleaning up…Daddy is digging up Rhoddys…so sad! Almost $200 in gorgeous blooming plants…must go! I called my friend Carrie (who doesn’t have any dogs) to come get them…and that they needed to be planted right away…I was bawling…for every reason you could think of.
She jumped in her car, and came right over…Thanks Carrie! They now have a good home.
Needless to say, the boys are doing ok. But please make a MAJOR note that these plants are NOT good to have when you have dogs!

Saw this today on someone elses blog…(Button Fuzz – Who makes me laugh everytime I visit his blog) and if you know me, you know this is soooo my personality. And you also know I would never do it. I’d talk about it, but never do it! :)

I keep forgetting to take a picture of the NEW birds nest, that Miss Robin Redbreast built, and abandoned (we think)…during her torturous smacking of our bay window…I’ll do that in the morning. However if you look to the right (in my recent posts) and click on Repeat Vistor, you can see the video of her that I took -it’s toward the bottom of the post. I finally figured out how to get videos posted! Yea Steph!